Google Nexus 4 given some small design changes, including new nubs on its rear

Alex Wagner
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Published: March 28, 2013

Google Nexus 4 rubber nubs

Google has officially been selling the Nexus 4 to consumers since early November 2012, but it appears that the company recently decided to give its smartphone a couple of small (literally) design tweaks. As noted by both MobiFlip and Android Central, new Nexus 4 models (on the bottom in the image above) appear to sport a couple of tiny rubber nubs on its backside, near the very bottom of the phone. Android Central says that the nubs are present on two Nexus 4 units that it received from Google this past Wednesday. The small nubs can help to lift the back of the Nexus 4 off of a surface ever so slightly, allowing more sound to flow out of its rear speaker, and can also aid in protecting the N4's glass backside from scratches.

In addition to the small nubs, this redesigned Nexus 4 units also seem to have a new rear camera housing that exposes less of the camera's lens. It's not yet known exactly how this change could affect the camera's performance, if it does at all, but the smaller opening is definitely noticeable when compared to an older Nexus 4.

Google has yet to officially comment on these Nexus 4 design changes. However, it certainly appears as though the company has made some tweaks to its flagship handset, and it's good to see El Goog continue to pay close attention to the Nexus 4 and show it some love like this several months after launch.. While the alterations may sound minor, they do seem like they'll help to make for a better Nexus 4, and it's kind of a bummer that current N4 owners won't get to enjoy them. It looks like anyone that's held off on a Nexus 4 until now will receive a new, nubbified version if they do finally pull the trigger, though. Both the 8GB and 16GB models of the Nexus 4 are currently in stock on Google's Play Store, with new orders expected to be delivered in three to five business days.

Google Nexus 4 new camera housing

Via MobiFlip, Android Central

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