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Ah, yes. Google Glass - the epitome of our future. It's the best of both worlds; you take a mobile device, miraculously make it completely hands-free, and what do you have? Google Glass. But just how great is this revolutionary device? Do we really know what we're getting ourselves into when say we'd love to use this new and futuristic device? I, for one, don’t think the hype will last.

First of all the campaign has already gotten off to a rocky start. The first step towards releasing this new and exciting product was to hold a contest called #ifihadglass, which sounds exactly like it reads - consumers interested in Google Glass could submit an application to Google stating what they would do with Google Glass if they were able to obtain a pair for beta testing. Sounds simple enough, but the plan backfired on Google for the most part. As it turns out, Google decided to randomize the winners and unfortunately pulled some bad eggs out of the basket. Winners included people who wanted to make a more meaningful impact on the world by throwing Google Glass at your face, and another who would use it to "cut" someone. I'm not sure if this was a case of bad decision-making on Google's part or maybe they just had too much faith in humanity, but either way I'm sure they'll have a good time digging themselves out of that one.

But that's beside the point. Just because a campaign goes bad doesn't necessarily mean that the product is bad. And I admit, it's not the product that's bad - it's the design. It is new, revolutionary, and intriguing, but I have to ask just how practical it is in terms of everyday usage.

When I went to the Google Glass homepage, I decided to first read what it was all about. Some of the features that Google Glass exhibits include recording video hands-free (cool); sharing what you see live with other (alright, I can dig it); directions right in front of your face (sketchy, but okay…); and answers without having to ask (pushing it a little far but alright, we'll roll with it). Honestly, all these features seem… somewhat useful in theory but not necessarily all that safe in some cases.

I'm iffy about the whole 'directions in front of your face' thing. Maybe it's just me, but when I focus my vision on something it gets about 80% of my attention. The other 20% are devoted to my surroundings. I'm pretty sure the rules of driving clearly state that you need to pay 100% of attention to the road and your surroundings at all times, and Google Glass makes this pretty hard when you have a lovely road map right there in your face. Whatever happened to the good old days and pulling off on the side of the road to read the map? I mean, who doesn't like a good road map read n' find game? "I've got a quarter to whoever can find the correct exit to Chatanooga first!"

Alright, so now I know what Google Glass does, but how does it work? Well, thankfully Google shows us exactly what it's like to wear Google Glass before you even think about purchasing a pair. Good move, Google. I actually really appreciate this demo from Google because if the $1500 price tag didn't turn me off, the translucent box that was constantly animated with text and images in the corner did. As hard as I tried to focus on the images in front of me, I kept diverting my attention back to that box to see what it was doing - and I didn't want to. I couldn't help it. It just happened. And I know that if that was me doing any of the activities that were being performed in the video that I would be too distracted to give my full attention to what was really going on in real life.

Maybe it's because of my aloof mentality that I'm not able to fully focus on one thing when two things are going on simultaneously in front of my face, but I really think this is just messing with human nature at this point. I understand that it would be really cool to share all of your first-person perspective movies and photos with all your friends straight from a pair of freakin’ glasses, but realistically I think it would have been more convenient (not to mention cheaper) to just nix the translucent display altogether and have the camera, mic, and earpiece attached to the band and just have everything sent to your phone. When you have time to get to your phone then you share the images and videos with your friends, family, and seven cats.

I like the idea, and I think it's really cool to use in certain situations. I think what I'm more afraid of is the danger and distraction aspect of Google Glass that people seem to ignore. I'm really hoping that "How It Feels" video exaggerates how large the display is in the upper-right hand corner, kind of like how I hope that the price tag on the beta Google Glass exaggerates how much they really want to sell those things for.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Readers, how do you feel about Google Glass? Do you think it's innovative? Dangerous? Maybe a little bit of both - dangervative? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Ok Glass, I’m done.

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James Jeffers
James Jeffers Absolutely but then again I ride a motorcycle.
James Norwood
James Norwood Google has been watching too many science fiction movies.
Will Rose
Will Rose doesn't interest me at all.
Ken Rowe
Ken Rowe Hell no. Not interested. Those things will get you beat down.
Andrew Bissel
Andrew Bissel Hell yes!
Joel Diaz
Joel Diaz Nah son
Nick Kathrein
Nick Kathrein Heck yes. Wheres my implant
Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones Not really. Same thing with the Smart Watches. I already have a cell phone and a tablet. Plus I wear regular glasses, so something like this probably wouldn't work that well for me.
Frank Porter
Frank Porter yes
Abigail F McElroy
Abigail F McElroy No.
George Millhouse
George Millhouse Yes yes yes. Wave of the future
Ivet Ludena
Ivet Ludena interested...Of course. But price is too expensive.
Paul David Panganiban
Paul David Panganiban I'm very curious about it but it's actually a useless product. Unless there's hand interaction or something else. Otherwise, it's boring.
Lance Tomlinson
Lance Tomlinson Power level is over 9000
Kristen Barnard
Kristen Barnard No not really
Anthony Charles Boyd
Anthony Charles Boyd yes but only to try not worth buying
Lonell Riddick
Lonell Riddick Not sure
Dwayne Cook
Dwayne Cook Yeah... If they weren't that expensive. That's some awesome technology though.
Vicente Reyes
Vicente Reyes Slightly yes. But would be better to have the contacts with displays.
Anfrey Cheng
Anfrey Cheng I wouldn't be allowed to wear it where i work...
Idris Hussain
Idris Hussain I would, it's called innovation and it's perfectly acceptable and it's evolution of phones
Jason Vargas
Jason Vargas YES PLEASE
Javier Delgado
Javier Delgado yess...thats the future...
Josh Billingsley
Josh Billingsley Why not.....
Virg Prekazis
Virg Prekazis no
Amer Ahmed
Amer Ahmed They need to perfect voice commands first
EJ Wilkes
EJ Wilkes Oh yeah
Kennii PrIv LeGu Kalonji
Kennii PrIv LeGu Kalonji it would be rough at first.. but if it could ever reach the level it is in the demo videos.. we'll begin to wonder how we lived without it
Matt Pankey
Matt Pankey Not really.
Jonathan Steele
Jonathan Steele I have doubt on future Google services like Reader
Matt Penner
Matt Penner Yes. I will have my scouter as soon as possible. The saiyans are coming.
Cody Nathaniel Arrington
Cody Nathaniel Arrington Yes
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Not enough 2 buy them.
Brandon Graham
Brandon Graham People would use it if it was iGlass instead. #IdBetMoney
Calvin JW
Calvin JW Duh.

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