Nokia Lumia 521 leak provides another look at T-Mobile's upcoming Windows Phone 8 handset

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: March 28, 2013


Nokia Lumia 521 T-Mobile leak

Around a month ago, T-Mobile officially announced its plans to launch the Nokia Lumia 521, and it even provided an image of the device so that we'd know just what it looked like. Unfortunately, that image was kind of small. Today we're getting a better look at T-Mobile's Lumia 521, though, thanks to a post from @evleaks on Twitter. The new set of images shows off the  front, back and sides of the Lumia 521, and as was expected, the device pretty much looks like a Lumia 520 but with a T-Mobile logo at the bottom of its face. 

As a quick refresher, the Nokia Lumia 520 (and 521) features a 4-inch 800x480 touchscreen, 5-megapixel rear shooter, 1GHz dual-core processor, 8GB storage, microSD slot, 512MB RAM and the Windows Phone 8 operating system. T-Mobile hasn't yet said exactly when it intends to begin selling the Lumia 521 or how much it'll charge for the new device, but with a spec list like that, it's unlikely that T-Mo's price tag will force buyers' wallets to cry tears of pain. We'll be sure to update you once T-Mobile gives us the 411 on the 521. Until then, go ahead and shift your eyes back up to that white polycarbonate slab up there.

Via @evleaks

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