Expert Spotlight Keaton Keller - 3-29-13

The PhoneDog
Mascot from  Charleston, SC
| March 29, 2013

Spring has sprung!  Well maybe the weather in your area is not reflecting that yet, but it's here and along with it, new smartphone announcements.  Unfortunately we won't see most of the big guys in the States for a couple months, but the HTC One (global) is available in select markets, and people love it.  This week it found itself on top of both sides of the Official Smartphone Rankings.  So in honor of the HTC One topping both charts, we spotlight an expert that also selected it number one, Keaton Keller of Techsmartt.

Keaton Keller - Founder of  Follow him on twitter @Keaton & @TechSmartt

The HTC One is the best phone I've ever used. Where do I start? The hardware give you the solid aluminum feel, followed by the cold touch in the morning if left in a cold atmosphere. HTC Sense 5 is great, and it works. It is hip, cool, and BlinkFeed is quite neat although you cannot remove it. The camera is great, and this is definitely a competitor to the Galaxy S IV. 

The Galaxy S III is a great phone even with its predecessor out. It will always be a good phone, and the screen size is still pretty modern as some OEM's have not caught on to the 5-inch display is the next big thing. Android is still quite snappy, and just works. These components are not in every phone.

The Galaxy Note II's battery life continued to be a saver this week. If Samsung sold a case that extended the life of the Galaxy S IV's battery life, it would sell. No questions asked. The phone is continually working properly. 

The Google Nexus 4 was great as we compared it to potential Nexus 5 rumors with the alleged manufacturer being LG. I'm a huge a fan of Google-sold devices as the latest software updates his those phones first. 

The BlackBerry Z10's OS is what caught me this week. I do not know if it was commercials they kept me going back to the phone, or just the simplicity. It is as simple as Windows Phone, but much more complex. The hardware is pretty solid, and can pull its own wait.