The men and women in magenta are closer than ever from cutting unsuspecting consumers free from conniving two-year commitments. With T-Mobile's recent announcement as the Uncarrier, the facade of your impenetrable commitment is nearing to an end, or so T-Mobile hopes, with the ditching of contracts entirely for all T-Mobile customers. T-Mobile CEO John Leger wants you to believe it's a simple choice when switching to his carrier, but in reality it's not.

T-Mobile has lacked long-term vision for quite a while. You could attribute it to the shoddy coverage in suburban areas, or the expansion of 4G LTE by the other carriers and T-Mobile's slow roll-out. However you cut it, they've been failing to garner the attention of customers bound to AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon.

T-Mobile has always been the disruptive upstart carrier in the States which is not a fresh approach at all, but they now have some unique firepower to counteract the competition. It's long overdue, if you ask me. In the past year, they've managed to rebrand themselves as edgier thanks to a leather-clad Carly Foulkes, the once sweet T-Mobile girl now turned bad. Their portfolio of devices is now one of the most diverse with offerings from all the major mobile operating systems including Windows Phone, the sole OS Sprint has failed to offer for a little over a year. They offer the Google Nexus 4. They will sell the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4 at significantly lower prices than the competition. There will be no contractual commitment in the traditional sense of the two-year agreement on other carriers. They're even experimenting with an "anytime upgrade club" as outlined by my colleague, Anna

In essence, T-Mobile is finally starting to disrupt the status quo. And I should reiterate on my previous statement; it's long overdue, and extremely admirable.

Between top-tier devices like the HTC Windows Phone 8X and the Samsung Galaxy S 3, BlackBerry Z10, and iPhone 5 all coming in at lower initial down payments than the competition, T-Mobile is well on their way to gathering attention. 

But the Uncarrier's approach to contracts (or lack thereof) can only be as effective as its pricing. Based on the information provided by WhistleOut a "100% independent" startup aimed at "improving the decision making process in challenging product areas," T-Mobile significantly undermines AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon's contractual pricing. Pair T-Mobile's black and white $50, $60, and $70 unlimited talk and text with competitive data pricing, and it's a compelling alternative.

I know what you're thinking. Data coverage. It's a valid argument, but the choice is simple if you are in a T-Mobile covered area. You can find T-Mobile's most current coverage map here. For quite a while, I have questioned the viability of my carrier's download speeds. Whether at home or on the road, they have been less than desirable. Coverage, on the other hand, has been acceptable. The one problem with supreme coverage is the fact that I hardly use my smartphone to make phone calls. However ridiculous it may sound, I have learned the hard way with Sprint that data speeds are much more important to me than coverage. As the turn of 40Mbps download speeds have told us, call quality is only half the battle. This is a battle T-Mobile is fully embracing, and rightly so. To put it simply, T-Mobile has never been in a better position to market against the grain, and their HSPA+ network is finally coming to fruition. 

Inevitably, T-Mobile has managed to attract just as much negative publicity as it has optimism since their T-Mobile Unleashed marketing ploy. Skeptics will remain skeptics. These are the same people who continue to justify constant coverage of Verizon's service while they remain stationary in their permanent abode. The same people who live in suburban areas that only offer 2G coverage. The same people who prefer to have consistent download speeds at all times, instead of realizing data connectivity is only as valuable as what you pay for it. The best part about the Uncarrier is the lack of commitment required, and the long-term promise that could be. It's a risk that you have very little vested interest in. As Leger says, "If we suck. Drop us."

Yet, as a smartphone user (and abuser), there is a certain lack of avail to T-Mobile's recent uprising with their inexperienced CEO John Leger at the wheel. Where we are going, he might not even know, but where he and his company could end up with a successful no-contract mentality is an enticing alternative, to say the least. It's radical. T-Mobile claims to cover 200 million people by the end of 2014. To top it off, their fallback data speeds nearly rival 4G LTE in some markets, so it's essentially a win-win scenario if you are ready to be a part of the company's $4 billion network upgrade.

It's been a long while since I've considered switching carriers, but T-Mobile may be onto something with their new endeavor as the Uncarrier. You can argue all you want as to why you won't test it out, but the truth of the matter is you are never expected to commit to them. If you have an unlocked GSM smartphone lying around, you have every reason to give the magenta carrier a try.

In essence, T-Mobile is the summer fling of the mobile carriers. They're wild and crazy and damn near wreckless compared to the competition, but with no commitment required, why not check her out?

Can the new T-Mobile make it in 2013?

Images via TheFullSignal and WhistleOut.

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"Can T-Mobile upset the likes of AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon in 2013?"

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Nigel Clarke Verizon is seen as a big player for the affluent, but if you been keeping up with them, they've had three major network outages in the last 9 months. Three. Tmo had one in the last year. Vouch for Verizon's vaunted network if you want to, but they can't even talk and surf on lte at the same time, and that's a damn shame for a company that big to not be able to do that after all this time
Nigel Clarke Sprint is trash, they can't even by themselves right now, Softbank is buying them. Tmo was able to recoup, recover and invest heavily into its network modernization, which is why in several markets now you can have 3g service on tmo using an att phone. Plus the addition of VoLTE services with the backup being hspa+42, tmos network will grow into one of the best, if not the best. Just because you have a larger footprint doesn't mean your service quality will be better. I've been in telecommunications and data management long enough to know that
Nigel Clarke I'm sorry...my credit is far from bad, I'm pretty well off and do good for myself. Tmobile is a company seen as for hoodrats and ghetto people? When the same tmobile won the JD powers and associates to award for best customer service seven years in a row? Ten years, and I have yet to have a dropped call. My mother had had att for the same amount of time and DESPISES them. My data speeds are super fast, even reaching lte speeds at hspa+ 42. I've gotten speeds in excess of 30mbps in the metro Atlanta area. I don't know where your friend went but I've never had any issues. The only thing that put tmobile in the toilet is that stupid ass deal that att tried to pull, and messed up tmos credit.
Randy Walker Sr. I don't even have to worry T-mobile isn't in my area. I wouldn't go back to them if they gave me a free flagship device every six months.
Yahya Ghanem T-MOBILE FTW
Thomas Boehnlein I'm pretty excited about T-Mobile now.
Anthony Bailey Speak for yourself. I have a friend who was always up Tmobiles butcrack, talking just like you. How funny when he moved only 15 minutes up the road, and he went from having flawless service with Tmo to absolutely NO service whatsoever! Guess where he wanted to come to??? AT&T. But, he can't afford it. Tmobile sucks donkey balls in their coverage, and that's why they will always be small potatoes among the big four.
Anthony Bailey If T-Mobile has a chance of overtaking AT&T, then Verizon is going down as well. Clearly you are blissfully ignorant. Verizon only has a few million more subscribers than AT&T... both of which have over 100 million subscribers. Keep dreaming. VZW is overpriced and their customer service leaves little to be desired. The only thing Verizon has had that's keep them going is the perception of a better voice and data network. The voice network thing still reigns true for the most part, but it's diminished greatly... but their data network is no better than AT&T or Tmobile. In fact, in many many tests done, AT&T has had the faster data network and even Tmo in certain markets.
Anthony Bailey T-Mobile will never get on the ranks of AT&T and Verizon, when Sprint has generally been considered the much better company that Tmo, and they still have less than half the subscribers of AT&T or Verizon. Tmo is seen as a company for ghetto hoodrats with little to bad credit with no other options. Tmo is never getting the tree hugging, progressive, affluent, sadiddy types that are on the big two networks, I don't care how great their plans are, and especially not if their network continues to be so shitty.
Kenneth Cypret Had T-Mobile for 10 years. In that time their customer service went from being the best in the biz to absolute crap. I switched to Sprint last year and haven't looked back
Felix Tran Pointless debate. Coverage varies from area to area. Tmobile coverage is excellent where I live but it may be spotty somewhere else. Choose what's best for you. End of story.
Nigel Clarke I've been a ton of places and I never lost service, even on roaming, it just striving to another network, so I'm always good, they all have roaming agreements
Nigel Clarke @chris keeley tmobile service is terrible? It's still better than ATT as we speak and Sprint still sucks. Just because you have a larger footprint doesn't mean you have better service quality
Nigel Clarke Verizon has money but when people realize that the contract they sign and the discount of the phone that get is actually shafting then hundreds of dollars every year, we'll see how many stay.
Nigel Clarke Voice I meant.
Nigel Clarke Sprints 4g lte is spotty at best and their 3g fallback service is gutter trash. I've experienced it first hand. Tmos hspa + 42 blows that out of the water, it's as fast as lte in some areas, and tmo is using VoLTE which means you can talk and surf at the same time. Verizon still can't do that even being the number one carrier in the US. I've had great service with tmo everywhere I've been, for choice and data
Christopher Keeley @michael, you're kidding right? Verizon and At&t pockets are too deep and t-mobile and sprint both have terrible coverage. Verizon and At&t will remain top dogs!
Brett Embury They can if they start deploing their 3G and hspa+ network more. I would love to switch right now and I could because I'm not on contract but their data coverage is like US cellular only in city's. if they do what Verizon has I would switch in a heart beat with 3G coverage every where with LTE in every major city.
Christopher Wesley Yeah they'll pass sprint easily. I hate my sprint service right now and cant wait to jump ship back to tmobile. But no way to upset Verizon
Sam Rick Sprint data speed is a joke and has been for a while.I expect t-mo to take sprint spot and be number 3
Michael Katz Once Sprint's deal with Softbank is done, Sprint will upset them all. But I still have my eye on T-Mobile. In the next three years Sprint and T-Mobile will be on top and AT&T and Verizon will be on the bottom.
Darren Penix They'll always be the ankle biters of the industry
Mitchell Wendt At&t? I think so. Sprint? Well when looking at price maybe. Verizon? Not likely
Kurtis R Mende T mobile will upset sprint
Rogelio Esquivel At&t all the way
Angie Chung Hahaha Thanks for the laughs, not enough cell towers can cover the region when it comes to TMO. I'm quite happy with Sprint.
Josh Allen I like Boost. It works for me.
Lonell Riddick I like sprint so I don't think sprint either. Sorry to the people above, T-mobile ain't going No Where! lol They will remain below the top 3.
Mithil Doshi https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mithils-Photography/127487804020607
Matthew Swanson Sprint maybe, Verizon and AT&T not a chance. Nobody that I've know who has T-Mobile is happy with the quality of the network. They usually are only in it for the cheap factor.
Anthony Charles Boyd yes we taking over one carrier at a time
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Tmoblie will definitely upset sprint..

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