AT&T HTC One pre-order information leak

Are you AT&T customers eager to claim an HTC One of your very own after that recent promo video revealed the big blue carrier's exclusivity on the 64GB model? According to a leaked image that was just posted by Engadget, you won't have to wait much longer, as AT&T is expected to begin accepting pre-orders for the HTC One at its retail stores on April 5. Online pre-sales will reportedly kick off on April 4.

When it comes to pricing, the 32GB model will be available in either silver or black for a price of $249.99 with a two-year contract. Unfortunately for those of you interested in the AT&T-exclusive 64GB flavor, it's said that that version won't be available at the same time as the 32GB variant. Once the 64GB model does hit land in AT&T stores, though, the it's expected to be priced at $299.99 on contract.

As I noted with the Sprint HTC One leak that we saw earlier, $199.99 had seemingly become the normal price for a new flagship smartphone at launch. AT&T seems to be switching things up a bit, though, as it recently announced that it will be selling the Samsung Galaxy S 4 for $249.99 with a two-year commitment, and now it looks like it'll be offering the HTC One for the same price. Of course, this information is still a rumor until AT&T officially spills the beans on its launch plans for the One. If you were planning on picking up HTC's new flagship from AT&T, though, it may not be a bad idea to make sure that you've saved up enough to cover the One's potential $249.99/$299.99 pricing.

Via Engadget

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"Do you think that $249.99 is a fair price for a new flagship smartphone?"

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Marlon Milligan Yea why not... I'll get it no matter what it cost
Lawrence Lepes Yes! That is how much I paid for my Note 2.
Viktor Oh That better be the cost of the phone off contract. HTC is unreliable when it comes to updates, the One is great right now but then 2-3months later bam!
Dan Bittner It's an amazing phone but that's a rediculous price
Dayan Inclán Nope. Won't pay that.
Jeff Jones No. That's the funny thing carriers act like they're doing us a favor by subsidizing the cost over the life of a contract. Yet if we buy a device outright (while still being on a plan with them), we still pay the same price of the plan. So they're not giving us anything basically. And the subsidized prices are too expensive anyways. No phone should cost more than $50-100, RETAIL. Phones should not cost more than laptops or desktops...
Leonard Chung $199 is the magic number
Neil Quigley am i missing something. i do not see any mention of $250 in the picture just the article. also be warry of any "leaked" info on april fools day
Eric Magana I wouldn't pay 250 for glossy plastic
Kevin Lampron $250.00 is too much, they are getting greedy. I would rather buy on older phone for less money.
Timothy Tinay wow that's cheap
Alberto Garcia Flores Yes, I bought my Verizon S3 32GB for 249.99 plus tax and came out to 270, so if it's for a device higher than 16GB then yes.
Ed Plnia Whoever pay $249.99 for any 16GB phone don't know what to do with the money!!! We can't be paying that price to any company for 16GB smartphone, that's the same price I paid for my SGSIII 32GB last year
Charlie Ebner Nope. $199.99 max. $99.99 is better.
Lauren Ashley Coleman isn't it coming out as a 64gb model?
Kenneth Maneeley Only if Otis the 64gig model
Abram Wenevermet Dennis I think the $199 days are over.
Jeff Hammond Can you say price drop in a month?
David Cipollone If Sprint drops it at $199.99 like they typically do with these types of phones, I think they'll give AT&T a run for their money. Especially with their unlimited plans.
Mike Orf Well I payed $300 for the Note 2, so I believe it's justified.
Kimmy Bobbett The s4 will be the same price.
Wesley D. Hale That's with or without contract without contract hell yeah put me down for 1
Andrew Bissel What happened to 199?
Kimmy Bobbett Because Verizon sucks? Lol.
Mark Fisher Jr. 135.99 is better.
George Cruz No. $150 and its a deal
Mason Morrison Not with a 2 year commitment.
Nick Sanford I still dont understand why its not coming to verizon
Kyle Cordiano Nope. $199
Gary Bollinger That's a fair price for a bad ass phone
Virg Prekazis Yes and No. Come to New Zealand our phones are $1000 plus without contract and $149 up front on contract, with a payment of $159 per month for two years. See how much we get ripped off?
Rani Hinnawi No, it sounds like an April Fools joke
Michael Wong Nope..all these phones do basically the same thing now...I stopped playing the upgrade game a couple phones ago...
Basil Mahmud Its an Android phone, it'll be EOL in 3 months.
Peter Blanco It is beautiful, but when the nexus 4 is 300 out the door I'm disappointed.
Sheila Ellis Not when you've seen it for $199! I could do something else with that $50
Romi Max with Nexus 4 starting from $299 without a contract? How about no
CeeGii Borels fair for Tmo to get a ton of new customers

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