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The new iPhone rumor mill has started churning once again. A new report from The Wall Street Journal claims that Apple will begin production of a new model iPhone that is "similar in size and shape" to the iPhone 5 in the second quarter of this year. The publication suggests that that could lead to a summer launch for the new iPhone, which could mean that the next iPhone will debut earlier in the year than the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, which were introduced in October and September, respectively.

This isn't the first time that we've heard rumblings that the next iPhone will be similar to the iPhone 5, as a report from earlier this year claimed that the next model will look fairly similar to the iPhone 5 that we've got now. Apple's previous device releases also suggest that we'll be getting an iPhone with a design similar to the iPhone 5, as we saw Apple follow the iPhone 3G with the iPhone 3GS and then introduced the iPhone 4S after the iPhone 4. One feature that is rumored to be upgraded in this new iPhone 5S is its rear camera, which may feature a 13-megapixel sensor (iPhone 5 is 8-megapixel) and larger flash.

In addition to its claims about the new iPhone's production, the WSJ says that Apple is still working with Asian manufacturers on a less expensive iPhone model. That device is said to feature a 4-inch display and a different casing from the iPhone that we're accustomed to. Apple is also said to be considering different colored shells for the device, but its plans on that subject are still up in the air. The sources of today's report say that the more affordable iPhone could arrive as soon as the second half of 2013.

Rumors of a less-expensive iPhone have been flowing quite a bit so far in 2013, with previous reports claiming that the phone could ditch the iPhone 5's aluminum body and instead sport a polycarbonate chassis. The 4-inch Retina display of the iPhone 5 would likely stick around, though, which would help Apple to worry less about making 3.5-inch iPhone models and would push developers to optimize their apps for the taller 4-inch screen. A less-expensive iPhone could also be appealing to consumers around the globe that are interested in iOS but can't afford the high-end iPhone 5. 

UPDATE: The WSJ has updated its story with a new tidbit of information. The publication claims to have been told by other tipsters that Apple is planning to release the next major version of iOS around the middle of 2013. In recent years, Apple has introduced a new iOS version around mid-year and then shipped it in the latter part of the year. However, if the company does indeed launch its new iPhone during the summer months, it would need to ship the new iOS earlier than in previous years.

Via The Wall Street Journal

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Zach Brito
Zach Brito I'm so glad people finally woke up and realize that Apple is garbage tech.
Sean Mc
Sean Mc My SGS (original) runs the latest jellybean 4.2, the lack of updates is due to the carriers, not the OS/hardware. Also, you will note on that about 50% of android devices are on ICS and newer. Not 95%.
Steve Swiger
Steve Swiger Android OS.
Enes Nadir Çomoglu
Enes Nadir Çomoglu No more iPhone for me. Steve Jobs is dead, therefore I don't expect any innovations from Apple. They'll just release the exact same device with "better specs" and with no new noteworthy features.
Sam Rick
Sam Rick Yawn!
James Norwood
James Norwood I predict Samsung will win and Apple will LOSE like always.
Alex De La Cruz
Alex De La Cruz Basil you don't understand that most Android based phones can be upgraded to custom ICS. hell my friend G2 is running ICS, just cause the actual manufacturer did not ship out the update does not mean you are stuck in in the past we have more liberty to do what we want with our devices you are just stuck with apple unless you jailbreak which is only good to pirate and steal software.
Amsal Issa
Amsal Issa Js you lost. Lol
Amsal Issa
Amsal Issa 2.3 is better then the next 5 iPhone generations
Basil Mahmud
Basil Mahmud Also there are 95% of the Android user base who don't buy the latest and greatest and are still on 2.3 and there are phones still shipping with 2.3.
Amsal Issa
Amsal Issa go back and read my post. Basil
Basil Mahmud
Basil Mahmud lol the Nexus is the only device to stay up to date. The DNA is already EOL, GS2 owners barely got ICS, The GS3 will be lucky to get one more update. The GS4 is the first time a device actually is shipping with the latest OS. Only took 4 tries to get it.
William Tang
William Tang Just an fm radio
Douglas Mckelvey
Douglas Mckelvey AppLESS
Lawrence Lepes
Lawrence Lepes No. I can think of at least 4 phones that are already better than that. The Inferior Phone is horrible.
Gary Bollinger
Gary Bollinger Download music without a computer.....
Paul Davis
Paul Davis 4.5 inch screen and andriod 4.2
Joe Romain
Joe Romain So I iPhone going to make a bigger screen this time or are they going to keep the same screen. Hey apple just let you know your getting beat by Samsung, just to let you know
Gordon Christie
Gordon Christie Android an S pen and Samsung written on it
Dino Dimakopoulos
Dino Dimakopoulos it would have to have the ability to turn into an S4 or a Note 2
Charlie Ebner
Charlie Ebner Phonedog, stop asking these questions. I know you all want smart and reasonable answers, but all you get are people talking smack about Apple. That, or just "if Apple switches to Android, I might consider it" type of answers. Ugh! Boring! Get a clue, and stop asking these sorts of questions.
Santiago Conde Jr.
Santiago Conde Jr. NFC GD. I Hate Having To Request New NFC Stickers With My CC Info To Stick On Every New Case I Get.!
Shane Joe Lazar
Shane Joe Lazar Android
Faddy Oraha
Faddy Oraha basil go to bed, android is more updated check the nexus and galaxy devices
Jarrod Ferrell
Jarrod Ferrell Nfc more customization bigger screen like 5 inch screen
Jesse Ling
Jesse Ling Not being made by apple.
Donnie Ross Oneill
Donnie Ross Oneill Garbage!
Veronica Thibodeau Tomlinson
Veronica Thibodeau Tomlinson A bigger screen!!!
Mark J F Makinika
Mark J F Makinika Nice screen and redesigned os. If its good il switch to it. If not htc one. I hate my S3 now.
Richard Halm
Richard Halm apple and all its products are junk
Lew Sing Wan
Lew Sing Wan A frog in a well
Herwin Torres
Herwin Torres Running android os would help ;-)
Dave Morgan
Dave Morgan 4.5-5.0 inch display, quad core processor, Android OS, 12mp camera, Google stuff, no fruit logo
CeeGii Borels
CeeGii Borels because thats what you wanted, thats not what theyre making
CeeGii Borels
CeeGii Borels YAHOO the 2011 Desgined iPhone 5S/6 is coming!!!
Matthew Swanson
Matthew Swanson 4.5 in screen
Andrew Bissel
Andrew Bissel IOS redesign and open source. Of course that's not happening
Andre Roberts
Andre Roberts Bigger screen & to be able to share music & movies with who I want to
David Venton
David Venton better os and ui and a sd card slot and nfc
Wei Ern
Wei Ern Support porn movie.
George Cruz
George Cruz Tele transportation!
Kristen Barnard
Kristen Barnard Everything.
Thomas Chung
Thomas Chung NFC, larger screen, cheaper than Galaxy S devices, widgets, interactive wallpaper a ton more control over how your home screen can look like and so much more...that's why I switched to Android, proud owner of Galaxy S3.
Karol Szyski
Karol Szyski Being BlackBerry
Jay Lazz
Jay Lazz Did you really just ask that?
Amsal Issa
Amsal Issa What? Go home Basil you are drunk.... You must be a very bad user with technology cuz i could pop out a aokp unoffical or cm10 unoffical in like two seconds...
Syedul Islam
Syedul Islam 4k resolution !! :D 1million mp camera and a 84 inch screen, that would definitely be bigger than the galaxy and the note range ..
Wei Ern
Wei Ern Dual SIM card. Can watch satellite tv. Eyes gestures. Move recognition. Dual quad core. 500 storage. 60 inch.
Darryl Hicks
Darryl Hicks It would have to have something actually original instead of Apple just stealing other people's innovations and then suing over them.
Basil Mahmud
Basil Mahmud Why so you can have an old OS that never gets updated?
Nick Sanford
Nick Sanford ive never been interested in iphone, but lets hope verizon will get something that intrigues me with the htc one not coming, and I have 0 interest in the s4
Arturo Cifuentes
Arturo Cifuentes 5 inch screen and front speakers with SD card and removable battery
Wei Ern
Wei Ern 500GB storage. 48 inch screen.
Kristoff Lewandowski
Kristoff Lewandowski It will be 5s and it will come with smartwatch as " another oh so great revolution " AMEN>
Armando Aranda
Armando Aranda Better screen quality to watch porn.
Evan Naumcheff
Evan Naumcheff None.
Jesus E. Garcia
Jesus E. Garcia Run on Android and bigger sceen at least 4.5 or 4.7
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis 5 inch screen.. totaly redesigned
Alex De La Cruz
Alex De La Cruz Android, iOS is garbage.
Eric Hook
Eric Hook To have the Android OS running it and be say the least
Amsal Issa
Amsal Issa It would need to run android.
Samantha Brown
Samantha Brown People who Drink Alcohol are SCUM
Gil Batzri
Gil Batzri It would need to run Android.
Vonda Newton
Vonda Newton nothing...there is no way i would switch to apple

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