It’s spring time, which means there are flowers blooming, the weather is getting nicer (for some parts of the U.S., anyway), and it means we’re closer to an Apple announcement. We know that’s the case because the rumor mill is starting to churn out new reports about Apple’s unannounced device, or devices if you believe the rumors. As we’ve heard in the past, on more than one occasion, it sounds like Apple is gearing up to rock the boat a little bit. Granted, it’s their own boat, and it’s in their own personal pool, but it’s still a boat and it’s still being rocked.

That has to count for something, right?

I’m talking about the most recent report from The Wall Street Journal, at least directly. As our own Alex Wagner reported, it’s believed that Apple is getting ready to produce the next iPhone, the iPhone 5S, in the second quarter of this year, which leads many to believe that it could debut sooner rather than later. How soon? Well, this summer, actually. That would mean it’d debut before the iPhone 5 made its presence known, and even before the iPhone 4S was unveiled.

I saw a few people suggest that Apple could be racing to get the new iPhone on shelves due to competition. With the BlackBerry Z10 on shelves, the BlackBerry Q10 right around the corner, and both flagship devices from HTC and Samsung set to be launched right around the corner, Apple would apparently be wise to pull the trigger and get their new iPhone out of the gate as soon as possible.

That makes a bit of sense. The mobile landscape has changed quite a bit since last year, and especially compared to two years ago. And it’s never been more apparent to me that Apple is now consciously aware of what the competition is doing, and paying attention to it, since the unveiling of iOS 5. So would it be a good move for Apple to limit the time between the release of Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 and their iPhone 5S? Maybe.

I don’t think it would matter much if Apple made sure the iPhone 5S was worth having. Even if the device looks like the iPhone 5, their next iPhone has to sell itself. Samsung has confirmed what Apple’s been proving every other year since the launch of the iPhone 3GS: As long as the features are there, then the physical design can be a marginal upgrade from the previous iteration. Or, no upgrade at all when it comes to aesthetic qualities.

Historically, I’ve always owned a different phone when an iPhone has launched. More than that, I’ve never clamored to get my hands on the next big, or minor, version of the device announced. When the iPhone 5 was unveiled, I wasn’t all that interested in picking it up. I don’t even remember which device I was using at the time, but I was comfortable enough with it. But then I picked up an iPhone 5, and I buckled. And now I can’t switch from the platform because the applications are just better for my personal needs.

But with the report from The Wall Street Journal basically telling me that the only real change to the iPhone 5S will be its camera, I can’t help but wonder if I’m going to have that same feeling when I put my hands on an iPhone 5S. Will I succumb to its industrial wiles? Or will Apple finally do what has seemed so impossible for them: Revolutionize iOS.

It’s true that I’ve ever immediately upgraded to a new iPhone, but it’s also true that I’ve never not picked one up. It’s also true that, other than a few random BlackBerry-branded devices of old, and webOS-powered handsets, it’s the device I’ve carried for the longest at any given moment. So now that we’re nearing the inexorable unveiling of a new iPhone, I can’t help but wonder what, exactly, Apple will shove into it to make me not only want it, but pull the trigger on buying it.

Especially when there are so many other options to choose from this time around.

I’m going to try and hold fast this time around, though. I’m not going to sit here and resign myself to buying the new iPhone before it even gets announced. I just won’t do it. There are other options out there, ones honestly worth having and using every day. So, if the iPhone 5S does indeed only have an upgraded camera, it is going to have to be breathtaking for me to seriously consider getting rid of the iPhone 5 for the new device.

Will you consider switching to the iPhone 5S if it doesn’t have any major, revolutionary changes to iOS, and if it really does only have a better camera?

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"Would you be willing to upgrade to the new iPhone if its biggest improvement is just to the camera?"

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Danny Medina
Danny Medina Fucken dumb ass Apple Fanboy
Marlon Milligan
Marlon Milligan Htc one
Elijah David Kleehammer
Elijah David Kleehammer No, I want something with actual change. The S IV isn't much of an upgrade from the S III and the iPhone 5 isn't much from the 4S. I'm waiting until I see a phone that actually has something I feel that I need. For now, I'll stick with my S II because it does all that I need it to do.
Charles Hu
Charles Hu i wont get GS4 then its just a new camera
Anthony V Cannata
Anthony V Cannata Nope I want the Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Saurabh Bisht
Saurabh Bisht apple is now history man..
Jeremy Mahon
Jeremy Mahon Unlimited Talk, Text & Web only $35/month! Can use any tmobile or any unlocked phone, and can keep your same number! unlocked phones including the iphone are available.
Micca Koster
Micca Koster The only they improve is the camera why bother. Apple sucks
Mihail Bebrovski
Mihail Bebrovski note 3
Charles W. Y. Wong
Charles W. Y. Wong My iphone is still sitting in the closet collecting dust because it sucks... Note II beat it up!
Bryce Jordan
Bryce Jordan iphone sucks. apple sucks.
James Norwood
James Norwood Good luck apple you'll need it when the S4 comes out and mugs your iPhone like a hoodlum on the street.
Marcus Edwards
Marcus Edwards No
Haldi Kuniqi
Haldi Kuniqi my nokia 3310 still works
Gareth Ridout
Gareth Ridout No! Only way I'm upgrading to another iPhone is if they increase the screen size...comparable to a Samsung S4 or HTC one.
Andy Huynh
Andy Huynh Hahaha.....same as the 4 to the 4S huh? Trying to pull the same old tricks for their devoted fans. They should call this one the 5C....C meaning the "camera"
Dre Desvignes
Dre Desvignes A few years ago if iphones got a bigger screen, I might hv considered one but now its like .......'Iphone , naaaaaa'
Veronica Thibodeau Tomlinson
Veronica Thibodeau Tomlinson It needs a wider screen!
Christopher Stowe
Christopher Stowe Yes.
Michael Hercliff
Michael Hercliff I already have the iPhone 5, so absolutely not! I want to see an HD screen, multiple color options, 802.11ac WiFi, NFC, and a larger screen!
Jozef Sakac
Jozef Sakac Nope getting the Galaxy S4 instead
Jessica Rodriguez
Jessica Rodriguez No I wouldn't I want a new phone possibly the future note 3
Chris Graham
Chris Graham I've been an iPhone fan since the original launches and owned every model. However I would not purchase another without some major improvements. Namely a much larger screen and a better battery.
Jerry Sanderlin
Jerry Sanderlin Nope not this go around
Andrew Blake
Andrew Blake ios is old and boring, apple better come with a hole new redesign of the os to match bb os , windows 8 and android 4.2. ios only has legacy apps that keep it in play
Camar Green
Camar Green Lol it's going to sell no matter what
Jason Ramos
Jason Ramos I wouldn't sleep on Apple yet. They are sneaky bastards. But then again once they get into their comfort zone, that's it. If OS X is any indication you're not gonna much change on iOS 7. Nothing drastic anyway
Nick Petrizzio
Nick Petrizzio Show me a iPhone with features that were not borrowed and overhyped
Randy Walker Sr.
Randy Walker Sr. I wouldn't be willing to upgrade to an iPhone if the dang thing was given to me.
Bradley Jackson
Bradley Jackson I'll stick with my Lumia 920. Windows Phone 8 rocks, & the app store is growing fast.
Dayan Inclán
Dayan Inclán I can't see ever owning an iPhone, period.
Ken Hoey
Ken Hoey I have cellphones that are older than the original iPhone and they still work WTF does that mean??
EiDj Callejonrecords
EiDj Callejonrecords This new iphone the only thing new on it its gonna be the S
Andrew F Sheehan
Andrew F Sheehan I think Apple should worry about more important things then just a camera. The camera on a phone is just a convience thing. I don't buy a phone just for the camera. If you want a good camera buy one. They are not that expensive for a descent digital camera.
Clifford Sugisawa
Clifford Sugisawa Might as well just buy an actual digital camera with the money
Ali Raja
Ali Raja Yeah! that will be a big NO!! from me.
Ray Evans
Ray Evans I 86d my Galaxy S3 for a iPhone 5. Best decision (regarding a phone) I've ever made.
Raul Weisser
Raul Weisser No
Travis Ridenour
Travis Ridenour iPhone 4s.
Reese Woodson
Reese Woodson I'm dumping my iPhone 5 for the Galaxy S4. iOS is boring/ stale, and I'm sick of having a tiny "4" screen. Apple needs to revamp iOS and make a bigger screen at least "4.3" if anything. The iPhone 5S doesn't sound too exciting to me........
Joel Anderson
Joel Anderson You know I'm a long time iPhone user but think I'm done.
Marques Young
Marques Young Apple better come up with something different an fast
Cesario Brito Jr.
Cesario Brito Jr. No. Now stop it with these stupid questions.
Jason Vargas
Jason Vargas @Eric That ad pays bills. Don't like it go to endgadget. The PhoneDog website doesn't revolve around you
James Hampsten
James Hampsten if that's it I may seriously switch from the iPhone to a Galaxy phone
Manuel Comparan
Manuel Comparan I'm waiting for the 6!!
Jason Vargas
Jason Vargas No but knowing Apple they'll have something else. Like Siri for the 4s
Eric Hook
Eric Hook No. Adam. No PhoneDog. Get over this iPhone thing. (Please get rid of that floating gorilla glass ad. It gas got me going to Engadget more)
Nestor Florent
Nestor Florent Absolutely not
Brandon Beamon
Brandon Beamon Heck no I wouldn't! I would rather wait for a whole new revamped device.
Anthony Evans Jr
Anthony Evans Jr Isheep will
Mars Ray
Mars Ray Haha yeah right. Same old apple, trying to milk as much as possible out of their fanboys
Wilmer Barreto
Wilmer Barreto Are you being sarcastic? O_o
Neno Cami
Neno Cami Definitely yes, everything Apple produces is the best!
Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando Gonzalez Allan has to be trolling. Nobody can be that stupid.
Dalton Davis
Dalton Davis Apple is just gonna make the iPhone longer again .
Michal Polak
Michal Polak I probably would, since I already have a person to sell my iPhone 5. Plus I exchange the iPhone regularly each year to keep the update investments as low as possible.
Amy Klatch
Amy Klatch I won't. my iPhone 5 is only like 6 months old!
Alex Balanovic
Alex Balanovic You're joking right?
Jerry Goldbaum
Jerry Goldbaum It won't be just a camera. Whatever it is I'm upgrading and giving my wife the 5. I have AppleCare on it so she'll be covered.
Allan Jesus Hernandez
Allan Jesus Hernandez Of course! Apple is the greatest, and you never have problems with them. I still have my original iPhone and it works wonders. I'm still within my contract but I don't mind paying however much I need to to upgrade from my iPhone 5 to this next masterpiece for an upgraded camera! You'd be dumb not to. Soon these mobile phones will become better than DSLRs (to which I hope my iPhone will replace soon).
Jesse Robert Bochek
Jesse Robert Bochek lol, still happens.
Matthew Swanson
Matthew Swanson No
Jeff Griffith
Jeff Griffith Although my 4s is starting to chug a little more with these newer apps due to its measly 512mb of ram and A5 processor. If it weren't bogging down a bit, I wouldn't give upgrading a second thought.
Jeff Griffith
Jeff Griffith Nope.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis No.. I'll be dumping them for the note 3.

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