Facebook Home screenshots surface ahead of April 4 event

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: April 3, 2013

Facbeook Home app list screenshot leak

At this rate, Facebook won't have much left to show at its "New Home on Android" event tomorrow. Hot on the heels of some new images of HTC's "first" Facebook phone, some new images have been posted by evleaks on 9to5Google that claim to show off the new Facebook Home software that's expected to officially be announced at the social network's April 4 event.

The first in the trio of leaked renders shows a list of apps, and unsurprisingly, Facebook's own app, Facebook Messenger and Instagram are all present alongside standard Android apps like Chrome and the Play Store. Up above the app list are buttons to create a status update, upload a photo or check in to a location, which makes sense considering that the aim of Facebook Home is to make it easier and quicker to use Facebook features.

The second screenshot shows a photo that was likely uploaded to Facebook by a user's friend along with a feed of notifications, such as a message from a friend and a missed call alert. There's also an image of a person that's likely the owner of the account at the bottom of the display where an Android phone's app launcher would normally sit. A third screenshot (which can be found by hitting up the link at the bottom of this post) shows a standard-looking Android Gallery app with its Share menu exposed, complete with Facebook apps in its list of compatible apps.

While details on Facebook Home have been fairly light so far, this new leak seems to line up with the information that has surfaced. We can see what looks to be a new home screen, complete with a user's Facebook feed, as well as Facebook apps that are likely preinstalled on the device. The software shown off in this latest leak actually has a decent look to it, although the heavy focus on Facebook means that it'll likely only appeal to users that are really hooked into the social network. Of course, we'll have to wait until Facebook spills all of the details of its new Home software before making any final judgments. Good thing that we only have around 24 hours left to wait until that happens.

Facebook Home news feed screenshot leak

Via 9to5Google