There have been numerous talks, comparisons, and even some reviews out for the HTC One already from mobile users around the world. Without a doubt it's one of the more highly anticipated devices to hit the market this year. The HTC One seems like a winner of a device with its sleek aluminum body, front-facing speakers, and introduction of Sense 5. However, while it seems that there's a lot of focus on the device is going on here in the mobile industry from within our own communities and websites, who else really knows about the HTC One? Advertisements have been mum from the parent company, if any at all, and it's starting to reflect when I talk to my friends who aren't always in the up and up when it comes to all things mobile.

I guess this conclusion really came up while I was visiting family over the weekend. My relatives like discussing new phones, although they're not really big in the industry. Every once in a while they catch a glimpse of some advertisement or billboard somewhere and ask me what I think of this phone or that phone. The Galaxy S 4 was inevitably mentioned, but when I was finished talking about what I thought about the Galaxy S 4 I made mention of the HTC One. However, their response wasn’t "I've never heard of that device," it was more like "But that device is kind of outdated now, isn't it?" Oh. They thought I was talking about the HTC One X.

So now we've got two problems with this scenario: the common consumer who relies on others to help them find a mobile device knows next to nothing about the HTC One, and the name is so similar to another HTC device that people think that it's an older model of phone. Not that great of a start.

For a while I thought maybe I had just been living under a rock; maybe I was just missing said advertisements. I watch a lot of YouTube reviews and videos and not once have I seen a commercial for the HTC One. No billboards, no TV commercials, nothing. When doing a little more research, it turns out that the campaign for the HTC One actually started today, when the phone is due to release on April 19th. That's two weeks of advertising for a phone that deserves a lot more recognition in my opinion. It's worth mentioning that I've been browsing videos all day and still have yet to come across an HTC One ad.

I read that the advertisements will be aimed at people interested in TV, film, and music - which makes sense because watching movies or TV on a 4.7-inch screen, or listening to music on clear cut front-facing speakers that incorporate Beats Audio is what the phone is made for. The problem is so many people would rather watch movies on their phone or on the computer instead of in theatres or even on actual television sets that the advertisements are going unseen. HTC seemed to have put a lot of time and effort into the device itself but neglected to realize that advertising is just as important as making a good, reliable product. This is something I had hoped they would realize after seeing the hype surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S 4, which had crazy amounts of in-your-face advertising.

It's not that HTC is unaware either. To be honest I don’t know where they’re coming from this go around. If you take a look back at 2010, the HTC EVO 4G had a great deal of advertisement. Maybe it was because it was the first 4G device on the market and the start of a revolution, but there's nothing that the Samsung Galaxy S 4 has over the HTC One that makes one worth more hype than the other - both have interesting features that are easily played up. But it seems that Samsung played their cards right this round, and even though the One is supposed to be in direct competition with the Galaxy S 4, if this campaign doesn't flow like HTC wants it to I'm afraid it's going to be the end of the end for HTC.

The HTC One looks like a beautifully designed device, and it shows that HTC put a lot of effort into making it. However, if enough people don't know about it I'm just not sure I have a lot of faith in seeing it end up anywhere special in the near future. We've already forgotten about the HTC EVO 4G LTE, and even the One X series for the most part. But here we are, still talking about just about every iPhone ever made and the Samsung Galaxy line of devices. I hope the HTC One doesn't get tossed aside in just a few short months as well.

Readers, what are your predictions with the HTC One? Do you think that the campaign plus word-of-mouth will win people over, or do you feel like this is the end of the line for HTC?

Image via Bloomberg, Digitaltrends

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"With advertisements surprisingly mum, what are your predictions on the outcome of the HTC One?"

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Sam Ledger
Sam Ledger I just want to put this I'm in the uk and I had this phone 3 days and had to send it back it ran perfect for 2 days then stopped on the 3rd and when you read reviews about the battery lasting 10 hours wot a load of crap it last 4 ours max and that's only checking Facebook and the odd video on YouTube I had to charge this phone 3 times a day
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey Thanks for confirming what the world knows. Samsung... the #1 mobile phone manufacturer in the world, who has consistently outsold the iPhone for the last two years with their Galaxy product line. I have a theme song for you... http://youtu.be/nauLgZISozs
Sasa Markovic
Sasa Markovic Right.Galaxy is so cooool...c'mon...
Sasa Markovic
Sasa Markovic And not just that.From 2014,almost all phones will be without sd slot.What will complain than sammys I ask myself...
Saad Khan
Saad Khan Thanks Sasa.........atleast there's someone on fb who agree with me.
Sasa Markovic
Sasa Markovic That is almost scientific review on anandtech,and proves that One is the best phone now...
T Louis Michael
T Louis Michael HTC Ulitmate s/b the name.
Marlon Milligan
Marlon Milligan Htc says the marketing campaign will start soon. Its already sold out on T-mobile websites, so word of mouth is pretty good so far. But yea they need more marketing... Its a great device. I played with it in person yesterday & I was impressed
Rich Field
Rich Field HTC doesn't have the marketing budget of Apple or Samsung. Your not likely to see a ton of advertising.
Danny Medina
Danny Medina 300 Mah?more battery Is superior battery? HTC has a 6000mah battery extended that you can buy smh
Danny Medina
Danny Medina Plus if the battery starts going out then just call HTC they have a year warranty on all devices duhhhhhh
Clive Gorman
Clive Gorman Looks like a great phone (just like the Nokia 920) but it'll get buried in terms of market share compared to the S4 and iPhone 5/5s. Samsung out spent Apple last year and HTC need to the same to be a contender
Mark Belkowski
Mark Belkowski seems to be selling well but i still think the s4 will crush it.
Saad Khan
Saad Khan Yeah i have seen that and it doesn't bother me coz i don' like to repair my handsets and therefore have never repaured any handset i have used so far!!!
Jose Angel Santiago
Jose Angel Santiago People complain about the embedded battery and no SD slot. Apple sells so many devices and they are in the same boat. Who really uses 32g anyways? I would rather own a great device that works than one that you can remove the battery and add storage space that doesn't.... Just saying.
Syedul Islam
Syedul Islam definitely a different name...
Sagar Samtani
Sagar Samtani 574 dollars for this awesome phone in 32Gb ..I mean come on!! What else do you want? I am definitely gonna buy it!
Huey Liggins
Huey Liggins Expandable memory? With what phones can do now why not have it? It's good to have options. Removable battery? Everyone's phone dies once in a while. Especially if your away from home for a while. Scenario? Staying at a friends house where everyone has iphone but you. But overall, even if it's not needed at least with other phones, they give you that option. And at the same price point
Romi Max
Romi Max April 19th is the release date!? You can go and grab one right now in the UK.
Saurabh Bisht
Saurabh Bisht have u seen its ifixit repairability score? 1 out of 10..
Kenneth Li
Kenneth Li who holds more than a few movies on phone? it gets bored watching the same porn everytime! that build-in 16gb/32gb fills up fast with photos, music, home video, and porn!
Shabbir Ahmed
Shabbir Ahmed Htc one will do better business and may even beat s4
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Fail
Nichson Tiang
Nichson Tiang I agree with no removable battery its a epic fail for a modern phone. Battery typically starts to degrade its ability to retain charge after 3 months of usage and this degrade will become worst in 1 year. Of course all techies will change their phone every 6 months which most manufacturers want it that way. That's why HTC save cost on advertising since this current model probably last only 3 months...when butterfly2 is launched. So dun waste efforts...let the users and reviewers be their marketing tool.
Kenneth Maneeley
Kenneth Maneeley This would be the ultimate EVO 4GLTE IF THEY put a bigger battery. A kickstand a micro sd card. A dedicated camera button. And wirless charging and have Keyline pie installed. Unlocked for all carriers! HTC would have a big hit on there hands then!
Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts Do I see an iwhore in our presence ????
Travis St John
Travis St John Well just to let you know. There were already hundreds of thousands per orders for the One. It may not seem like a lot but its a start.
Eric Quach
Eric Quach Its all in Marketing, this phone is great but it will fail to Samsung and Apple if HTC doesn't market. I honestly think this is better than the S4.
Eric Quach
Eric Quach Who the holds more than a couple movies on a phone... wtf
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey The S4 has all of that INCLUDING expandable battery, an 84GB model, a removable battery, and a superior battery.
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey The EVO 4G brought something significantly new and superior to the table. The EVO 4G was the hottest phone for an entire year. Something not seen since. The One is bringing nothing new to the table except another wannabe iPhone with slightly better specs.
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey It will be an epic flop like every other HTC device since the HTC EVO 3D. And the "One" is the most absurd name. So stupid with no real brand/marketing potential.
Sheck Welle
Sheck Welle No expandable memory, who said that is DOPE, 32 or 64 GB is good enough for a phone even 16 GB is enough for most of us, and don't forget there is 2gb of RAM.
Joey Cheng Federer
Joey Cheng Federer Name it as "HTC the brand new ONE"
Kedar Wright
Kedar Wright this phone will definitely sell
Phil Ofthefuture
Phil Ofthefuture Non removable battery is an issue to me, not because of wanting to carry around extra batteries, but for the fact that batteries aren't made to last forever. What if you need to replace it with a new one? If it stops holding a full charge. It'll be such a hassle to replace. You'll have to open the phone, risking damage. And i like expandable memory because some games and movies can be huge files, like half a gig to a couple gigs for some movies. You'll run out of room quick if you download lots of games and put a couple movies on there. I want the option of knowing i have more memory if need be.
Patrick Pacheco
Patrick Pacheco Pogi Mo
Saad Khan
Saad Khan Those people who are saying HTC One is not a good device,the camera is not good etc etc need to check this review out: http://www.anandtech.com/show/6747/htc-one-review this is by far the most detailed review of HTC One........everything from build quality to screen to camera to audio quality etc has been discussed in detail therefore i advise you to check this review out and then pass a statement whether this device will be a success or a fail.
Steve Moua
Steve Moua I talk to all my friends who are upgrading... Not one of them knows about this phone. I love it and want it! I think it will fail. I think they fixed their battery issues in this phone, work only one phone, they should be able to timely update it, but marketing! HTC builds amazing phones but never learn from their mistakes. Whatever you would have lost in marketing world have possibly been made up in sales.... It's a gamble but one they should have taken. I think in the end they fail, I hope I can get one before they they flop.
Brandon Holley
Brandon Holley Non removable batteries are basically a non issue. Unless you feel you HAVE to carry around 3 batteries for next to no reason because you're constantly connected on 4G connections for seemingly no reason at all. Expandable memory? it's coming in 32GB and 64GB variants. If that's not enough space for you then you're probably doing too much on just a phone.
Phil Ofthefuture
Phil Ofthefuture Yes. The only thing this HTC has that's better, is overall body design. As far as hardware and specs go, the S4 wins hands down.
James Norwood
James Norwood Will the Galaxy S4 beat this HTC mercilessly?
Nick Stone
Nick Stone Mum? They dont shut up about it on their facebook page
Devin Vosburgh
Devin Vosburgh Ooookay...besides the various fanboy orgy going on here... They need to broaden the ad campiegn. Those outside of the tech world, geeks that love this stuff, are not even aware a buzz exists. They need to hammer away at commercials and visual stimulants. IPhone does that. Android never really has. Samsung does a good job, but HTC has always come up lacking.
John Kennedy
John Kennedy HTC has no marketing strategy....it will fail
Ernest Marvin Esteban
Ernest Marvin Esteban The only buzz I can hear is from tech websites. So I think this phone will fail big time
Ken Reil
Ken Reil Fail.
Kelly Tanaka
Kelly Tanaka I preordered mine, but that's because I did my own research, its like HTC assumes everyone else will do their advertising for them. They build a great device and all the industry websites will promote for them, word of mouth. Whoever is in charge should be replaced.
Phil Ofthefuture
Phil Ofthefuture Camera not as great as they claim, no expandable memory, non removable battery. PASS.
Jose Angel Santiago
Jose Angel Santiago Work for sprint and had the honor to play with it alittle bit. Well built and ran smoothly with no hiccups. Unlike the galaxy s3 that i currently own.
Philip Kumai
Philip Kumai There seems to be a lot of buzz out there and people are talking about it. But if it fails, I wonder if this is the end for HTC?
Jose Angel Santiago
Jose Angel Santiago Great device
Justcallme Ren
Justcallme Ren I think it'll revolutionize just like the Evo 4g when it came out.
Patrick Pacheco
Patrick Pacheco No you crap Vicente!
Vicente Reyes
Vicente Reyes Its crap. Same as samy
Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts well PhoneDog is promoting quite a lot so there's half of the Marketing

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