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Yahoo! already provides the financial and weather information that comes preloaded on all of Apple's iPhone models, but according to a new report, the two companies are currently in talks to forge an even deeper partnership. According to sources speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Apple and Yahoo! are currently discussing new deals that could see even more Yahoo! data preloaded onto iPhones or available through Siri, including info from Yahoo! Sports and Yahoo! News. However, even though negotiations are reportedly taking place, the tipsters suggest that no new deal between Apple and Yahoo! is imminent.

New Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer has been working to increase her company's presence on mobile hardware, and getting more of Yahoo!'s data onto iPhones would certainly be a good way to do that. We've also watched Apple distance itself from Google a bit recently, giving the axe to both the YouTube and Google Maps apps that used to come preinstalled on its iOS devices. Considering all of that, a new deal between Apple and Yahoo! that includes more of Yahoo!'s data being accessed by iPhone users makes some sense for both companies. It'll certainly be interesting to see what kind of agreement (if any) the two companies could strike, but by the sound of things, we might be waiting a while. How often do you use Yahoo! services to get information on news and sports? Would you iOS users like to see more Yahoo! data integrated into your devices?

Via The Wall Street Journal

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"How often do you use Yahoo! for news, sports information or some other type of content?"

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Mark Manson Increased content with Apple and yahoo = increased ads.
Samantha Brown I only use Yahoo for Emails & thats that
Nick Sanford google for search... for basebball.. for football.. I think you get the trend
Marti Ruiz nigerian scammers use yahoo
Rai Escalona emails and news since 2003!
Felix Tran I'm still using Yahoo Messenger, and my yahoo accounts are only for spam mail.
Mathieu Omoregie Never! It's all on Google now the second it pops up... Right along with everything else i need before I need it lol
Mauka Side Never. They were the king of virus world when everyone used AOL.
Rick Jackson Pretty much NEVER! Yahoo is just a waste!
Mark E I'll answer the first sentence with one word PhoneDog, NEVER!
Eric Huxtable Google is like the automatic go to search engine for me
Chris Rodriguez Yahoo is my go to site for sports
Chris Graham You couldn't pay me to use yahoo.
Tyler Frodl Actually everyday:P
Randy B Hoopes Why they suck?
Ladd Davies I only use yahoo for fantasy football /baseball. Great interface there. Don't like anything else about Yahoo.
Roger Schubert DeOliveira what next? AOL?.....YOUVE GOT MAIL, coming out of peoples pockets
Anthony Bailey I really can't stand Yahoo. It's so generic and the UI seems like it's from two decades ago. I Google everything.
Robert Salender Yahoo? The one sending me spammy SMSes? Nothx.
Adam Rieder quite a lot actually. Their iPad/tablet site is really intuitive, and they tend to have a lot of unique stories covering a wide range of topics. It's not as in depth as something like Google News, but it's presented in an easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing way. I go there when I only have a few minutes or am trying to kill some time.
Collin Hoylman what's yahoo?
Danny Medina yahoo whos that ? lol
William Smith It will be cheap! Trying to make Yahoo relevant again!
Hazher S Yahya in my browser it show up when i type the word Y coz i want to open youtube
Dave Jeudy because yahoo is the only major search engine without a phone to compete with apple lol
Seokjun Han back to the 90s
CeeGii Borels Yahoo still around?

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