Yo, Samsung: What's up with all the phones?

Anna Scantlin
Contributing Editor from Kansas City, MO
Published: April 11, 2013

Alright, so the Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 and 6.3 are actual things now – we can now throw out that those are just a rumor. It’s April and so far we have three big name Galaxy brand devices from Samsung, not to mention one more that’s supposedly on the way in the form of a Galaxy Note 3. Is it just me, or does anybody else feel like we’re getting bombarded with the same phone that comes in different sizes? There's so many Galaxies out there that I can’t keep track of which is what sometimes (maybe that’s the point of the brand name? Millions of galaxies in the universe = millions of Galaxy phones? ALL THE GALAXIES!)

Either way, I'm all for options and all but yo, Samsung… dawg. Chill. Two phones a year are plenty.

I mean, we literally just had an event for the Galaxy S 4 last month. The phone hasn’t even come out yet and we're confirming not one, but two more Samsung Galaxy devices. And these things are no joke. They’re huge. Both of them are bigger than Samsung’s biggest phone yet, the Galaxy Note II. So if the Galaxy Mega 5.8 is bigger than the Note II, and the Galaxy Mega 6.3 is even bigger than that, then exactly how big do you plan on making the Samsung Galaxy Note 3? 6.5? 6.6? Why not push the limits to the max and make it 6.9? That would make it small enough to fall in the smartphone category, big enough to confuse the baboozles out of people. (I imagine it won’t get that big, but it seems like you never really know with Samsung anymore.)

It looks to me like Samsung is taking this “phablet” fad and just beating it to a pulp with a stick. “You like phablets? We’ve got phablets! We have all kinds of phablets!” Yes, yes you do. But the issue with the Samsung Galaxy Mega line is that it only provides half of the hype that their previous phablet line, the Galaxy Note line, generated. People don't like phablets just because they’re big. People also like them because they have good specs, good battery life, and offer the unique factor that it includes a stylus and a dock which many phones don’t offer anymore. While the Galaxy Mega 6.3 packs in more features, I feel like the 5.8 is really selling the whole point of a phablet short – phablets might be big, but phones are only getting bigger so they can take care of the issues smaller phones are having problems compensating for. It looks to me like the only point of the Samsung Mega 5.8 is just to provide a bigger screen as the specs are less than stellar to say the least.

I might be overthinking this whole thing, but it’s really starting to seem that Samsung is its own main competition. Maybe that’s a good business tactic - either way you’re reaping in the rewards, right? I mean, how many highly anticipated HTC phones do we anticipate? One (ha). What about Apple devices? One! (presumably). BlackBerry? Two. Even if you single out just one Samsung device to compare to the rest, the majority of the phones you’ll be comparing it to comes from Samsung.

I don't know about you guys, but as much as I like options I also like variety. While the specs might differ from phone to phone, the body of the phone primarily looks the same. At the very least I feel like Samsung could have made a conscious effort for the phones to have a unique identity in the way it looks, but I guess when you’re too busy pumping out “the next big phone” you don’t have time to deal with petty things like design.

The most notable thing about the Samsung Galaxy Mega line is already included in the name – it's mega-sized. It’s big. It's huge. It doesn’t get any bigger than this. Other than that, everything’s already been done before. I think if it were up to me, I would have stuck with the Galaxy Note name and just released a smaller, more affordable version alongside the Galaxy Note 3 instead of releasing two completely different Galaxy models that don't have a whole lot to offer other than size anyway.

Readers, what do you think of the Samsung Galaxy Mega line? Is it something you’re interested in, or do you think Samsung might be pushing the envelope with the release of so many devices in one year? Share your thoughts with me in the comments!

Image via Geek.com