Alright, so the Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 and 6.3 are actual things now – we can now throw out that those are just a rumor. It’s April and so far we have three big name Galaxy brand devices from Samsung, not to mention one more that’s supposedly on the way in the form of a Galaxy Note 3. Is it just me, or does anybody else feel like we’re getting bombarded with the same phone that comes in different sizes? There's so many Galaxies out there that I can’t keep track of which is what sometimes (maybe that’s the point of the brand name? Millions of galaxies in the universe = millions of Galaxy phones? ALL THE GALAXIES!)

Either way, I'm all for options and all but yo, Samsung… dawg. Chill. Two phones a year are plenty.

I mean, we literally just had an event for the Galaxy S 4 last month. The phone hasn’t even come out yet and we're confirming not one, but two more Samsung Galaxy devices. And these things are no joke. They’re huge. Both of them are bigger than Samsung’s biggest phone yet, the Galaxy Note II. So if the Galaxy Mega 5.8 is bigger than the Note II, and the Galaxy Mega 6.3 is even bigger than that, then exactly how big do you plan on making the Samsung Galaxy Note 3? 6.5? 6.6? Why not push the limits to the max and make it 6.9? That would make it small enough to fall in the smartphone category, big enough to confuse the baboozles out of people. (I imagine it won’t get that big, but it seems like you never really know with Samsung anymore.)

It looks to me like Samsung is taking this “phablet” fad and just beating it to a pulp with a stick. “You like phablets? We’ve got phablets! We have all kinds of phablets!” Yes, yes you do. But the issue with the Samsung Galaxy Mega line is that it only provides half of the hype that their previous phablet line, the Galaxy Note line, generated. People don't like phablets just because they’re big. People also like them because they have good specs, good battery life, and offer the unique factor that it includes a stylus and a dock which many phones don’t offer anymore. While the Galaxy Mega 6.3 packs in more features, I feel like the 5.8 is really selling the whole point of a phablet short – phablets might be big, but phones are only getting bigger so they can take care of the issues smaller phones are having problems compensating for. It looks to me like the only point of the Samsung Mega 5.8 is just to provide a bigger screen as the specs are less than stellar to say the least.

I might be overthinking this whole thing, but it’s really starting to seem that Samsung is its own main competition. Maybe that’s a good business tactic - either way you’re reaping in the rewards, right? I mean, how many highly anticipated HTC phones do we anticipate? One (ha). What about Apple devices? One! (presumably). BlackBerry? Two. Even if you single out just one Samsung device to compare to the rest, the majority of the phones you’ll be comparing it to comes from Samsung.

I don't know about you guys, but as much as I like options I also like variety. While the specs might differ from phone to phone, the body of the phone primarily looks the same. At the very least I feel like Samsung could have made a conscious effort for the phones to have a unique identity in the way it looks, but I guess when you’re too busy pumping out “the next big phone” you don’t have time to deal with petty things like design.

The most notable thing about the Samsung Galaxy Mega line is already included in the name – it's mega-sized. It’s big. It's huge. It doesn’t get any bigger than this. Other than that, everything’s already been done before. I think if it were up to me, I would have stuck with the Galaxy Note name and just released a smaller, more affordable version alongside the Galaxy Note 3 instead of releasing two completely different Galaxy models that don't have a whole lot to offer other than size anyway.

Readers, what do you think of the Samsung Galaxy Mega line? Is it something you’re interested in, or do you think Samsung might be pushing the envelope with the release of so many devices in one year? Share your thoughts with me in the comments!

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Sayed Hassan Ebrahim Samsung gone crazy and drag people with it.
Anonymous they all are pretty much the same device...
R.j. ONeill That's fine, as long as ALL of them will have a FULL UPDATE SCHEDULE being committed to without fail for the next 2 years...
Arvind Katiyar No they are in a diffrent price range not everyone can afford a S4 or a Note2
Kenneth Li dont be a dumb ass! why carry tablet *and* phone when you can just carry 1 device (NoteII) and do both!
Paolo Zorilla More choices for consumers. We should be happy!!
Stefan Sutter take a look at Sony. they have a phone with every letter of the alphabet since 2011. many doubles at low & medium price point available at the same time. each combining different weak points...
Miguel Hernandez They've gone crazy with the screen sizes. I hope future flagship phones from other manufacturers will stay at 5" or below...
Audrey O'Donnell Yes. Fast phones = crappy phones.
Matt Peters I can't imagine pocketing anything larger than the Note II.
Sam Ledger Just like the htc one go on there forum quite a few people on there have had 3 device each upto now same as most phones these day problem after problem remember the Nokia 5110 a bomb wunt stop that working lol
Justin Charles Reback No. They just know how to make money.
Mike Infinger I don't care how fast they pump them out, but they have to keep up on the quality!
Shawn Gergler Cause you all would enjoy driving the same car?
Jason Charles Yea its a lil to fast
Brendan Breakdown Keep em coming, people want choices.
Brendan Breakdown No. I think other companies should be pumping out devices like them..listening to their audience and meeting customer needs.
Debbie Kains-Coupal No, everyone has different tastes and needs when it comes to their device. Samsung is meeting people's needs.
Sam Rick cheap plastic and crappy/ugly design .so doesn't cost or take much to produce.
Kenneth Li don't he stupid! did they force you to buy all of them? that is like saying MacDonald should only sell 1 item!
Christopher Manic Johnson Samsung is becoming the new 'HTC'. If only Nokia considered using Android. Elop, please get out of Microsoft's panties!!! Even though I'm getting a 920 to be my One X's poly-brethren.
Don Cunningham I think it would make more sense for them to push 1 set of specs in multiple size variants. Some people want bigger screens, so give it to them, but not at a loss of functionality.
Lanh Nguyen And how many phones have they put out this year so far? Not that many by my count.
Paul Armendarez Yes, they should only make 3 phones galaxy mini , galaxy s4 and galaxy note
Prdwayne Taylor yes, i think they should work on pumping out updates to their older phones we know that the older phones can handle the updates because if we are able to root these phones and put new software on it then they need to focus on that, dont get me wrong new hardware is wonderful to have,i have alot of them and i have rooted them all and put the newer software on it
Juwon Donte Way to many dam phones which all look the Same if your going to push out so many phones please don't have them all look like the s3 with crappy ass specs and the same cheap plastic feel..if they release a new phone they should just call it the galaxy plastic
Tim Bunting You'd look like a complete tit holding one of those up to your head. Keep it smaller, if you want larger get a tablet. Fuckwits
Paul Keefe YUP YUP YUP
Shabbir Ahmed Even though they dump so many devices, no one is going to buy devices other than galaxy and note
Marcus Samual Winchester To many devices, they need to stick with the 3 main flagship devices, the S4, Note 3 and S4 Mini as the next lineup, and then 2 mid tier phones, one at 5 inches and the other 4 inches, and then a few very low end phones.
Gian Carlo Mirasol Its like there's no exclusivity..
Demetria Brown there really isnt a big difference between the galaxy s3 and the galaxy s4. if youre gonna keep putting out new samsung phones atleast let it be worth the upgrade.
Alan Holmes I'm on my 3rd Samsung Mobile USA device. My s3 is 4 months old and is now starting to randomly reboot itself. My Note had problems with the charging port. Samsung USA may send me right to HTC.
Ransom OShields Yes I love samsung, but it has gotten so ridiculous that I pretty much have no desire to read anything Samsung related other then the 1/20 phones they are shelling out
Randy B Hoopes Garbage plastic
Hector Alvarado All ugly lookin phones
Myron Black samsung sucks i had 12 replaced in 1 yr
Kizito Nestor it's working for them...
Matthew Swanson Yes and it shows through the lack of creativity or innovation among each new device they launch...
Devin Martinez It costs them like 30cents to make them
Mark Fisher Jr. I'd rather have a droid razr maxx
Kyle Giffen No, I want the s4!
Micca Koster They are worse then HTC. Need to focus more on quality and better software
Nick Guerrero G In a way they are, can't keep up but I still love my Samsung phones!
Brandon Holley Saturating the market, advertise like crazy, ???, profit. Samsung Mobile USA for ya.
Kevin Kaufman nopeas long as they work it gives users choices
James Bean Definitely too many with a push for quantity over quality...I left Samsung for LG for exactly that reason...
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Ran with the money
James Norwood Nah, they kick everyone's ass anyway.
Fabian Toti Mehhhh
Carl Dale no, i prefer more phones to make my company large and stable then a company like HTC with less phones and sinking slowely
Kevin Bowles Does anyone know if there will be a release anywhere globally of a a dual sim variant of the Galaxy S4 (not the speculated mini)?
Dalton Davis No! Can't wait for the GS4
Dale Swanson What's wrong with having a choice? The more the merrier! PS. It's not Samsung's fault if you choose to sign a 2yr contract.
Lawrence Lepes I think so. I got my Galaxy Note 2 last month. I just hope they stay with the Super AMOLED HD Display.
Radney Aaron Alquiza yes. almost every other company actually.
Eric Mitchell Starting to be like HTC was in the past.
Fark Mukerberg i am really curious what the S4 is like and how much it is different to the S3 and if they fixed some stuff. the way I know Samsung I am certain they didn't. I somewhat don't trust that company and I prefer HTC even though I've got an iphone and I used to be a Galaxy S owner.
Bill Ellis I remember last year when everyone was. It was at the point where each month some new phone that was just slightly better than lasts months would come out
John Whyteowle Humes Overkill, market share, quantity vs quality,
Rodney Smith Yes, but I've been saying this months ago. This is just gravy.
Tavonte G Drakeford Yes they dont give phones time to shine
Adam Spaulding I guess it's ok when apple does it
Ken Reil Awesome. Never enough.
Dayan Inclán Love my S3, but yes
Amy Castro Yes quality over quantity. Its a over kill for sure!
Mathur There are just too many look alikes.. Frankly.. i wonder if even samsung could differentiate between them..!
Dale Junior Yes. They don't even have current updates for most of their devices. They just want to get more market share. There's a saying, Growing too big too fast can create a problem! Sammie has done so. Too many phones they don't continue to update yet people get locked into 2 year contracts with these devices and don't get updates for nearly have that time. Int ime they will pay for it.
Michael Basaldúa yes and yes
Chris Roberts Flooding the market YES! but hey if they can do it then why not?
Jesse Long ep, but I do want that galaxy camera!
Tommy D Thompson Some of them aren't even for every market, so no.
Anthony Evans Mega 6.3 will turn into the note 3 I bet by christmas
George Millhouse doesnt matter. dont buy it if it isnt for you. They are trying to make handsets for different levels.
Rey Gonzalez they got excited lol
Burhan Ali yeah but they hav only launched they havn't released !! yet not available in market
Chris Hagood Eh, at least Samsung will support all of them.
Jeremy Carter Yes.. they need to work on their interface
Jesse Ling definitely not too quickly,but too many for certain.

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