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In another attempt to get customers to flock to T-Mobile’s doors, the carrier that was once the only carrier out of the major four to not (officially) carry the Apple iPhone officially began selling the popular brand of smartphones today – and reportedly had a huge success. News has been big surrounding T-Mobile and the changes they’re making to the company lately, and while all is going smoothly on the surface the issue still remains that many people still live in areas that don’t get the right kind of coverage for the data speeds they want.

The “Uncarrier” thing that T-Mobile has started is, for lack of better term, phenomenal. They took everything that we expected in a wireless carrier and flipped it around on us for the better. They have given us the option to pay for our phone outright or in installment plans. When it seemed like all might have been lost for T-Mobile, who was rumored to be bought out by AT&T not too long ago, they didn’t leave everything unchanged and kept going about business as usual. They stepped up and listened to what the people did and didn’t want in a carrier.

However, a crippling factor when it comes to T-Mobile rested on the fact that when every other major wireless carrier was offering the Apple iPhone T-Mobile was always left out of the equation. Walk into a T-Mobile store and talk to a representative; they’ll tell you all day long how great their BlackBerrys and Android devices are.

“Do you carry the iPhone?”

“Did I mention we have Android devices?”

As much as I complain that iOS needs to see change the iPhone is still one of the most identifiable and desirable phones on the market today. Despite that it might be falling, if the words of T-Mobile Chief Marketing Officer Mike Sievert regarding the size of the lines outside of T-Mobile stores today are true then the official arrival of the iPhone on T-Mobile’s market gives them two “X”s in a row and all they need is a third to win the game of carrier Tic-Tac-Toe.

So where do they plant that third “X”? Simply by making their network accessible to more people.

Throughout T-Mobile’s new rebranding strategy they have started a contentious rollout of LTE networks across the nation. While this is a good start, what would really help speed up the process would be the impending MetroPCS merger that may or may not happen. If T-Mobile can merge with Metro then T-Mobile will have a lot more room to wiggle when it comes to putting in new LTE markets for consumers. The faster they get this done the better because the constant argument I see being thrown at T-Mobile is customers not wanting to leave their current carrier due to lack of good coverage.  With most “big name” devices being released without carrier exclusives, having good coverage would essentially give T-Mobile everything it needs.

T-Mobile has already set the bar very high. If other carriers don’t react accordingly (as in, doing something – anything – to show that they still appreciate their customers despite locking them into contracts) then things could start to get sour with carriers like Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon – especially Verizon right now. Even if they don’t have any plans on getting rid of contracts (which is fine, they don’t have to) they still need to do something to say, “Hey, we might not do what they did, but we have something pretty cool to offer you guys instead.” Not everybody is on board with the whole no-contract thing – you still have to pay full price for a phone, after all. But in the end it is the more frugal route and people like to save money.

Honestly, I’m excited for T-Mobile. For so long they’ve been that carrier that people only used as a last resort most of the time. At least, that’s how they were viewed around where I live. Since they’re still last in the amount of subscribers they have (for now) I imagine Kansas City is not the only place where they were viewed as the “Anything but that!” carrier. They impress me more and more with all of the work I see being put into their entire rebranding, and it seems to be working out very well for them. As long as they continue to hone on their network coverage I foresee T-Mobile having some very good years ahead of them.

Readers! Now it’s your turn to speak. How do you feel about all the changes T-Mobile is going through? Have you already jumped to T-Mobile? For those who haven’t, is network coverage what is holding you back or is it something else? Give me a shout out in the comments below!


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"Would you switch to T-Mobile if they had more network coverage?"

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Anonymous Yes, but unfortunately Eastern TX isn't on their radar I don't think.
Bryan May They cover my area (Philadelphia, PA) just fine . I'm waiting for my contract with ATT to end then I and my Nexus 4 are moving to T-Mobile.
Jan Kelley My family has had T-Mobile for years now and like Jay Lazz has said they have always done us right. I get great coverage I our area and the price is unbeatable by any other major carrier. Now with the new no-contract plans I believe they would deserve to be in the top 3 out of all carriers.
Eric Hook Anthony, arguing T-Mobile's coverage is pointless. Especially with someone who can't debate without pointing out a spelling mistake. But seriously, it is subjective. I have been with T-Mobile for 13 years since Voicestream and since then I have seen it improve drastically, to a point of having relatively no bad pockets compared to then. Sure Vz has more coverage, no one is denying that. But you pay a price. And as I said, T-Mobile beats Vz's LTE in a lot of places. Buy the way, I believe you meant "substantiate" and not "substantiated."
Anthony Bailey Thank you, Shan! I'm not sure what variant of the 747 you have, but it's either a -400 or -8i.
Mark Belkowski yeah i would. but i just left them over shady coverage.
Shaun Knight Over the no contract thing most definitely, but like you said only if they had better coverage
Dale Junior Tmobile will never be a better choice then Verizon. Only if you're poor or don't know any better.
Dale Junior Yes I know verizon is cdma, tmobile is gsm and wcdma. I worked for Sprint as a repair tech for 3 1/2 years I know more about phones then 90% of the world. Tmobile speeds suck. I had 4g always on tmobile and never once went over 5mbs. Now my lte speeds are always above 15mbs down and 12mbs upload. And thats with only one -two bars of service. Ive had some 30+mbs when I had full service. Thats on a crowded network. Tmobiles empty lte network runs around that. Lol
Alexander Dewitt If they had coverage. I live at the top of their coverage in Michigan, you go outside of town either North or West and it's roaming. East is water and south gets you toward Flint/Detroit. How sad.
Larry Lambert Yes I would
Jesus Soto I would but where I live T-Mobile doesn't even have 3g. Perfect voice coverage tho!!
Gordon Christie No they and EE can stick their contracts
Jay Lazz You do realize that if the Straight talk or net10 phone has a SIM card, you are most likely using a T-Mobile tower right? Or ATT.
Jeremiah Allan Johnson In a heartbeat I would, but where I live it's 2g so no way am I ditching lte for that....
Brandy Edwards Right now T-mobile coverage in my area is not good, I am wih US Cellular where I get 4G Lte coverage
Robin Raj SB Is there 3g coverage in kerala
Alex Garcia I'm switching to T-Mobile regardless of their current coverage. I fully support the changes T-Mobile implemented and I believe their coverage will improve with time, especially if the MetroPCS merger goes through. If not no harm done as I can switch carriers whenever I please, as I won't have a contract to deal with. Go T-Mobile!
Martin Cota Leaving T-mobile. It isn't just the service, its also their forcing to extend contract every time you make a little change to your plan's features. Want to add that visual voicemail that they just added to your phone as a feature 6 months after it came out, bam 2 more years!
Richard Allen Yarrell Tmobile does just perfect for me here in New York City. I took my two lines of service from Verizon to Tmobile in June 2012. Haven't looked back since......
Reese Woodson I would of the coverage was better and the network wasn't weak. Believe me, I'm tried of paying big bucks for AT&T. However, I tried T-Mobile and Sprint, and it's just not as good to me. Sometimes you get what you pay for. Everybody hates on AT&T, but it's a hell of a lot better the Sprint and T-Mobile from my experience here in Los Angeles.......
Christopher Lee Been with Tmobile since 2002
Ignacio Gonzalez I know that VZW 3G isn't super "fast". ..just usable. All I'm sayin.
Eric Hook Me too Shan. They will have phenomenal LTE,and the first to have an Advanced LTE Network
Michael J Barnes I had T-Mobile and loved them and would switch back in a heartbeat, if they had a wider ranging network. Both my parents moved to retirement cabins that only AT&T & Verizon reach adequately.
Josh Stanley It would only be about 10$ less for me so I'm not sure
Elijah Ford Yes, tell them to put 3G/4G coverage I'm Montezuma Ga,PLEASE!!!!.
Travis Rector So in that case, Sprint would be much faster.
Travis Rector I would continue using it if it did. But I'm planning on switching to Virgin Mobile/Sprint because they have excellent coverage in my area, despite the slow speeds, but having coverage is better than none. Plus, T-Mobile lied about my speed in my area. The map indicated I would get 3G, but instead I'm getting 2G/EDGE.
Shan Munaweera Data speeds under 5 mbps? I got 14 mbps down and 2.6 mbps up and that's just on HSPA+42. I guess that's just where you live though.
Daniel Schmitt Yes I would because i think there plans are among the best. Even if they don't have as wide selection of phones as say at&t or some of the other carriers. But I think t-mobiles unlimited plans make up for the lack of a good phone selection
Cyrus Taylor Probably so
Randy B Hoopes In a ny minute.
Kenneth Maneeley I am thinking about it. I am with sprint last 2 years 2 months. Have had 4g and 4glte phones. Never experience either. And where I live now in Mary Esther Florida I walk into my house and go into time mode. And only 1 bar if that of service outside my house. I have called sprint and they ate sending me an airrave.. hope it will work and if not I and going to jump to tmobile. And experience there hspa plus because I am in between two of there 4 g towers scheduled for LTE upgrade. Time will tell what the verdict is for sprint.
Ignacio Gonzalez @Shan On VZW 3G 1.5Mbps down and .5-1Mpbs up are the norms. Not lightening fast but more than usable. Definitely not EDGE/1XRTT.
Tarus Godbolt I would still be with them if they had good coverage
Shan Munaweera Anthony, that's a cool display pic of a Lufthansa 747-8I! I think my display pic is of a 747-400 though, not sure.
Shan Munaweera WSU! I wish T-Mo had better coverage on campus. I rely on Wifi Calling.
Rick Nelson Unlimited internet and coverage is all that matters
Shan Munaweera how fast is Verizon's 3G?
Eric Hook Tmobiles coverage is fine. And almost everywhere at least in the mid-atlantic region hspa+ beats Verizon LTE. I get between 10-21 mb/s. As far as updates Dale, I guess you never heard the saying 'buy a phone for what it does NOW, not what you will want it to do.' And Vz customers wanted a update on the Nexus but because they didn't understand the concept of a nexus phone and if they add their own stuff to it it won't get updated right away.
Shan Munaweera umm no.. if you honestly think you're getting a "free" or "discounted" phone when you sign a two year contract you're wrong. You pay more for the phone over two years. Look it up.
Will Rose if it stayed the same pricing maybe, but i use straight talk and t-mobile is like all other major carriers...once they had enough coverage to really compete their prices would shoot up and customer service would no longer matter to them, lol.
Joshua Clark I'm a member of tmobile I really wish they have better coverage i get 2-3 bars in my house, and i get about .80-3 mbp/s on my iphone 5 that says 4g, I would hate to see 3g.
Albert Pompa @dale you do know that verizon is cdma right? Get your info right man lol
Ignacio Gonzalez I left Sprint after four years, because data speeds were atrocious. I signed up with Verizon Wireless and have been satisfied with every aspect. ..except my expensive bill. 99% of the time T-Mobile USA would probably be fine. I just like fast data transfer whenever I need it. T-mobile seems to fine within the confines of a city. ..2G in even remotely populated area is no longer acceptable in my opinion. I know with Verizon, I'll almost always have at least usable 3G...if not fast LTE available when I want it. But...I am torn cuz T-Mobile's plan are so generous and affordable. Oh, well. I have a lot of thinking to do.
Anthony Charles Boyd ill love them more if coverage for edge goes up to at least 3G speeds after the 500mbps of 4g data allotment
Anthony Bailey T-Mobile's coverage IS NOT fine, and you have absolutely ZERO facts to substantiated a claim stating otherwise. But, what do you expect from someone who can't even spell "RIDICULOUS," correctly?? :P
Peter Blanco As a Verizon employee, I'd switch to anyone. Verizon is getting very power hungry...
Jay Lazz Love T-Mobile. Been with them for 6 years. Fastest network for me in NYC and 59.99 for unlimited everything. Never had problems. Every network in their own right has issues. For me, for value and service, T-Mobile has always did right by me. Would cost me double to go to ATT or VERIZON for what I have. Its not worth the money. Once T-Mobile gets it network coverage better in the rural areas, they should surpass Sprint fairly easily. Either way, Sprint has most horrible network known to man.
Dale Junior I bet Tmobile LTE doesnt cover 80 cities by the end of 2013. Slow. And way behind just like everything else. Last to do everything.
Jeremy Carter T-Mobile has amazing call quality. If they would upgrade their 2g to 3g then I would take them. I have sprint. Sprint has better data coverage but the call quality isnt that good
Dale Junior Lack of Lte, data speeds uner 5mb/s and also their the last carrier to approve updates because they add so much to the updates. No thanks. Ill pay a few bucks more to know that when I travel I will get lte and be able to use my phone. If you want cheap service.. get net 10 or straight talk. Tmobile is just as bad as them except better service with both of those companies considering they both run on Verizon 3g towers.
Cameron Wayne Willis I would but I live on the east coast of NC and tmobile doesn't even have 3G where I live yet :/ Verizon will have to do :P
Tim Terbay T-Mobile is great where I live and threw my state, Austin, TX. I've also been to Atlanta and Kentucky and it worked great. Speeds are great and so are prices. Plus the LTE roll out is happening. And if the Metro deal works out that will cover more. And I'm glad to have unlimited everything for cheap.
Gerry Gilroy nooo ill stick with unlimited everything on Sprint!
Benjamin Parker I went to school in Minneapolis and had T-mo I loved it, but now that I'm in ND I'm stuck with verizon or AT&T. I'd switch in a heartbeat if I could.
Matt Hoffman Yeah, at t mobile
Steve Hirjak Coverage isn't too bad in cities as long as you stay out of certain buildings. Customer service is the worst, but the prices are so good that I can't switch.
Eric Hook George yes you do. But if you are in Tmobile you pay 20 bucks less a month than their plans where you are not paying. And more than 20 bucks less than other carriers.
Eric Hook Phone dog and their questions, and their floating Gorilla on their site, but mostly their rediculous opinions. T-mobiles coverage is fine. And great now in NC where it was the worst. It's no wonder Engadget is the most popular with Ubergizmo and The Verge gaining popularity.
Marti Ruiz in all carrier yo have to py full.price 15- 2/ a month on your bill. Dont.be confused
George Millhouse you always pay full for phones, its included in your plan price
Joe Czo In a heart beat.
Marti Ruiz Acttually tmobile is faster than spring in north county san diego .im very happu with tmo. I left att 3 years ago
Wuydmiyer Fort-monville Yes its the main reason i still have Verizon. the price is high but well worth me texting while underground.
Jordan Brown I just today dropped T-Mobile for Virgin Mobile because their coverage is rather bad in my area.
Matt Hoffman Nope. Their network is terrible and you have to pay full prices on phones.
Nick Chimento Yes. I would. I used to have T-Mobile USA but I left them because of the lack of coverage... I'm now with Sprint, but I like T-Mobile's new plans. I'm more confused then ever.
Dale Junior Just left tmobile for Verizon. I would never go back. Indian customer service agents who you can't understand and can't help with anything because they don't understand english. No thanks.
David Roan They need to fix the issue with limited coverage in buildings and in rural areas, that's a real pain.
Mark DeCausemacker id switch but they only have 2G where i live.
Mike Infinger I used to have the T-Mobile UnPlan. I had 4 phones for $100 a month :O But I need to have newer devices with data services, so I went with Sprint because I get a discount.
Matthew Munson My sister refuses to come back to T-Mobile because she says their network is unreliable.

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