Expert Spotlight - Cam Bunton - 4-12-13

The PhoneDog
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| April 12, 2013

As the professional golfers enjoy Masters weekend just a ways down the road from PhoneDog East, we take time out on this Friday to feature one of our Official Smartphone Rankings experts, Cam Bunton.  Cam the managing editor for Today's iPhone, moved the HTC One (global) to the top of his list a few weeks back.  Find out why he believes it is the top smartphone, and which other four devices found his top five.

Cam Bunton - Managing Editor for Today's iPhone.  Follow him on twitter @TiP_Cam.


My top 5 has remained the same over the past few weeks. Every day with the HTC One has shown that it is the phone to beat in the current market place. It's powerful, fast, has a brilliant display, a great camera, great sound. In fact there's little I don't like about it. From its chamfered edges and curved back, to the ear-ripping BoomSound it's all good. I also get two days out of the battery on a full charge.

The iPhone 5 is still my go-to daily driver, everything is great about it. The one thing I would change would be to make the display bigger. That's it. It has an unbeatable ecosystem and a seamless integration between hardware and software that no other manufacturer has been able to match so far. BlackBerry might get there with its next generation BB10 devices, but the current ones are far from awe-inspiring.

The Lumia is the Windows Champion and a great piece of hardware in its own right. I loved my time with it, but it could do with stronger developer support and losing a few pounds and inches from its hefty bulk.

Nexus 4 is amazing value for money, and the Z10 shows that there's tons of potential in BlackBerry's new operating system.