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Despite the fact that the proposed merger of T-Mobile and MetroPCS has cleared all of the regulatory hurdles that've stood in its way, there's still been some uncertainty about the deal's fate due to some major opposition that has sprung up. The merger's odds of going through look like they're improving lately, though, and the latest indication of that is the fact that hedge fund Paulson & Co. has now come out in support of the deal.

Paulson & Co. came out against the proposed T-Mobile-MetroPCS merger earlier this year, claiming that it was unfair to MetroPCS shareholders and that the combined T-Metro would have too much debt at too high an interest rate to effectively compete in the U.S. wireless market. As MetroPCS's largest shareholder, the hedge fund's opinion carried quite a bit of weight.

Fast-forward to two days ago, and T-Mobile parent company Deutsche Telekom has sweetened its offer for MetroPCS, reducing the amount of the loan that DT would be owed and lowering the interest rate on that loan. That move has caused Paulson & Co. to change its stance on the merger. The hedge fund now says that although it still needs to look over the revised proxy statement before making a final decision, it "intends to vote for the merger as restructured."

It's probably still a bit too early to call the T-Mobile-MetroPCS deal a slam dunk, but the fact that MetroPCS's largest shareholder is now on board certainly increases the merger's odds of going through. Now we just have to wait for April 24 to roll around, which is the date on which MetroPCS shareholders will vote on the T-Mobile deal. With Deutsche Telekom's improved offer and Paulson & Co.'s support, do you think that the proposed merger of T-Mobile and MetroPCS will reach completion?

Via TmoNews, Paulson & Co.

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"With Deutsche Telekom's improved offer and the support of MetroPCS's largest shareholder, do you think that the T-Mobile-MetroPCS merger will go through?"

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Dustin Martin Sprints networks speeds are unbearable when there 4g Wiimax came out it was slower than tmobile normal 3g. They can't handle another merger they're still trying to stabilize themselves from the nextel merger.
Daniel Ayala sprint needs to in on this.
Joshua Clark I hope so I live in Philadelphia signal not that great unless your in the city, residential areas are slow speed since when is 4g gives me 1-3 mbp/s if that's 4g I would hate to see 3G.
Michael Franzone wish it was sprint
Dale Junior With the iPhone release, the merger and the rebranding of the company.. I think they will be fine. No one will leave Verizon or at&t to go there but they will do better numbers.
Aaron Couts They are helping each other they would be dumb to say no
Christopher Manic Johnson The merger has to GI through. I'm sure Tmo has planned a roadmap "sans merger", but I'm also pretty positive that they have invested a lot into this merger happening. They need this, not only for network future-proofing and added stability, but also for consumer perception. Let's be honest, this new campaign, restart, reset, whatever you want to call it, isn't just just a marketing gimmick (though it's every bit a gimmick), it's basically rebranding the company, like what AT&T did a couple years back, but on a much larger scale. I hope this merger solidifies, because if it doesn't, they'll become the new 'Sprint'.
Arturo Atherly what Tmobile needs to do is STOP SELLING US ON A FAKE ASS "ENHANCED" 3G NETWORK (HSPA+) AND GET THIS "LTE" UP AND RUNNING....Stop telling ppl they have "4g" when Tmobile knows it really doesnt have 4G!!
Jeremy Carter Tmobile just needs to improve their data network. Do away with 2g and go to 3g outside city limits
Reese Woodson I hope it goes thoroughly because they both suck. If they merge maybe it will improve T-Mobile's weak network........
CeeGii Borels Mo Money!

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