T-Mobile's HTC One launch scheduled for April 24, leaked document shows [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
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| Published: April 15, 2013

T-Mobile HTC One launch date leak

When HTC first introduced us to the One earlier this year, it revealed that AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile would all be offering its new flagship smartphone here in the U.S. Both AT&T and Sprint have since confirmed that they plan to launch the One on April 19, leaving T-Mobile customers wondering exactly when they'll get a chance to pick up HTC's latest. T-Mobile has only said that it plans to release the HTC One "later this spring," but a newly-leaked internal T-Mobile document has just come out with some launch information that's a bit more precise.

Our amigos at TmoNews have posted a leaked T-Mobile store planogram that contains a diagram of how Magenta locations are supposed to present the HTC One when it launches, and beneath both the "HTC One Demo" and "HTC One Dummy" entries, the document reads "launches 4/24." That date falls on a Wednesday, which is the day of the week that T-Mobile has been known to select for new hardware launches.

During its UNcarrier event last month, T-Mobile said that it plans to offer its version of the HTC One with a down payment of $99. Now Magenta Army members may finally know the date on which they'll be able to plunk down their hard-earned cash in exchange for a One of their very own as well. It's worth noting that today's leaked document has a diagram for "Stores that are carrying the HTC One" and "Stores that are not carrying the HTC One," so it looks like not every location will have HTC's new flagship, at least initially. Thank goodness for online shopping, right?

UPDATE: TmoNews just posted a second image from T-Mobile's internal systems that backs up the HTC One's April 24 launch. As expected, the One will be available in "select Retail & Branded" stores as well as online and telesales.

T-Mobile HTC One launch date leak

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