In September of 2012, Motorola announced the DROID RAZR MAXX HD. It was their next flagship device, with a huge focus on the battery. For all intents and purposes it was a minor, incremental update to the previously released DROID RAZR MAXX, but Motorola obviously still pushed it as their next best thing. There’s no doubt that the DROID RAZR MAXX HD definitely improved on areas that its predecessor could have seen improvements, so for anyone in the market for a new phone in November, when the phone became available, it could have been a safe bet.

The issue that Motorola ran into during the announcement of the DROID RAZR MAXX HD, was the fact that it came out too soon after the launch of the device before it. The predecessor was released into the wild in January of the same year, so for anyone who signed a new, two-year contract to get that particular handset, the updated version was just out of reach. This is one reason why carrier exclusives are a bad thing, but we’ve already covered that at length.

We’re now five months after the launch of the DROID RAZR MAXX HD, which leads me to believe that Motorola is getting closer to making an announcement for whatever it is they are working on, be it an “X Phone” or something else. It’s hard to ignore the fact that Motorola is definitely being named dropped in the news more often these days, especially by Google-related individuals.

I find it very interesting that we haven’t seen any legitimate leaks of whatever it is Motorola is working on yet. That’s really the only reason I believe we could still be months away from whatever it is Motorola wants to unveil. Either that, or both Motorola and Google have stepped up security for their new handset in big ways, hoping to keep the mystery alive for as long as possible.

That mystery, though, is starting to see some instability in its base.

The X Phone, for example. We first heard about this device at the end of December, thanks to anonymous sources speaking to The Wall Street Journal. Details about the device were few and far between back then, but that’s what you’d expect about an unconfirmed device, I imagine. One thing that stood out, though, was that this new device was meant to put a bigger focus on the camera, along with the camera software. It was –or is—being developed by a dedicated team of Motorola engineers, while the rest of the company kept their focus on carrier-branded devices, like the DROID lineup for Verizon.

Since that initial report, we’ve heard different rumors, different claims. We’ve heard that Google and Motorola would be selling the device online in the Google Play Store like we’ve seen the Nexus devices sold. We’ve heard it will be a stock Android experience, but not part of the Nexus lineage. We’ve heard all sorts of things, but nothing that seems all that concrete. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of you have begun to lose interest in the X Phone, much like I have as of late.

It doesn’t help that in February, Google Chief Financial Officer Patrick Pichette said he wasn’t all that impressed with Motorola’s upcoming lineup of devices. They “aren’t ‘wow’ by Google standards.” If that is something you heard about a product lineup, of which could conceivably include the X Phone, you wouldn’t be faulted for being wary. You’d expect that if the phone was worth your attention as a consumer, then an executive for a company tied to that particular device would be excited about it, too.

After all, if they can’t get behind it, why should you? Especially when it means you’ve got to spend your hard earned money to obtain it?

However, it’s not all bad. Earlier today, speaking to Ina Fried and Liz Gannes at D: Dive into Mobile, Google chairman Eric Schmidt had this to say about Motorola’s upcoming devices:

“They have a new set of products, which are phenomenal. Very, very impressive.”

He went on, though, in “describing” what these new things are. Schmidt said we should consider them “phones-plus.” Whatever that means. Are we looking forward to devices that somehow squash our superphones? Have we reached that point? Are we ready for that point?

In all seriousness, there’s a pretty big gap between devices that apparently “aren’t ‘wow’ by Google standards,” to “…a new set of products, which are phenomenal.” If you are someone who is looking forward to see what Motorola has coming down the pipe, I’d understand if you were a little wary. But, I can admit right now that there’s a small part of my brain that’s still curious. I may be losing interest in the X Phone, but that doesn’t mean I’m not still interested to see what Motorola is working on.

I imagine that their next phone, their next flagship, will feature a similar battery as the DROID RAZR MAXX HD, but if they managed to figure out how to do that in a phone with a quad-core processor, a true high definition display, and a thin frame, I’d be impressed. And I think it should at least come close to the build quality of HTC’s One, to really make an impact. Fingers crossed and all that.

But I’ll try to keep my expectations in check. Schmidt also said that we’d see these new devices sooner, rather than later, so let’s hope that here in the next few weeks we get a taste of what Motorola has coming. It's worth noting that Jim Wicks, Motorola design head, spoke with PCMag and confirmed that his company is indeed working with Google now, and that "better is better" is the mantra going around behind closed doors. So, Motorola looks to be making everything they can better, and hopefully that equates to something we all think is better.

Are you excited to see what Motorola has to announce this year? Do you think their next flagship device will have a focus on the battery, like we saw with the DROID RAZR MAXX? What would you need to see change from previous Motorola-branded devices to consider buying one this year? Let me know!

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Rushabh Shah motorola does not ever disappoint
Vid Iz Zemuna Waiting for the X Phone specs...
Gary Brown I am and I'm glad they are taking their time making something and I hope it special . Stock android is nice and with a nice hardware would be great . good for Motorola , watch what Samsung ,HTC , and LG does then top it .
Michael Campbell Yes. I'm not buying anything until I see what Motorola has to offer this year.
Javier Delgado never motorola again... made me rage too much with my atrix 4g...and their support and updates...
Mike Hogue Smh Motorola. Will stick with my Note 2 till the Note 3 comes out this fall.
Jeff Cross Posting from my ATRIX 2 running ICS which will never see jellybean cause Team Moto had it head up its own arse before Google took them over and couldn't deliver on its own phone platform I would have to say that when the first Latina women is elected president of the USA I'll look at Team Moto again...
Matthew Swanson Possibly. I was very pleased with the Razr HD/HD Maxx and I think Motorola has potential now that it's gone with a more stock Android experience and solved the smartphone battery vs fashion problem.
Jaylon Marchman Maybe if they unlock the boot loaders
Juwon Donte I honestly forgot all about Motorola lol
Edgar Rodriguez They burned me bad before its gonna take something spectacular. Oh wait its prob not coming to T-Mobile anyway.....nope
Brandon Johnson Since their best phones only launch on verizon, I don't even look their way.
Fabian Toti nop never was and never will
Tyler Brewer yes, cause of their ui. love the transparency and how close to stock it is. all it needs is proper hardware to run it and for it to be on more carriers than verizon.
Ming Chin Not this year. Just bought a LG Nexus 4. But I seriously looked at a Motorola Atrix HD. Would have bought one if it wasn't exclusive to Bell in Canada. Then the Nexus 4 became available, and at that juicy price point, it was hard to pass up.
Jeremy Koenig Definitely. Of course, purchasing one would depend on what is released.
Jesse Snider Not really. I will look. Check the specs but I'm sure I'll stick with Samsung ...though HTC intrigues me.
Willie Lucero If they would make more phones instead of just 2 or 3 every year and only offering them exclusively on Verizon and continue using huge batteries, then yes!
Nick Sanford I loved my droid x so yes I cant wiat
Michael Deeb no, don't care. Motorola is probably the worst hardware in the mobile space. Samsung and Apple continue to dominate. Same with with HTC. HTC has been such a failure for so long, and now their suppliers are holding them back and not producing parts which is delaying their shipments. Samsung is probably stealing their business. (Which they rightly should)

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