Facebook Home shunned iOS and Windows Phone in favor of Android and it's been a rough start for the social media company so far. For the few Android devices which are officially supported by Facebook, Home has taken quite a blow as depicted by its measly 2.5 star rating in the Play Store. It's rather low considering the traditional Facebook app has 3.5 stars and the new Facebook Messenger with Chat Heads has 4.5. Have a look at Aaron's Facebook Home Walkthrough here.

But that doesn't mean Facebook Home is a complete flop just yet. In fact, Home isn't even available for enough Android smartphones to get a thorough rating of the home replacement kit, but that could soon change.

Our news hound Alex Wagner has just reported that Facebook is talking with Apple and Microsoft to bring Facebook Home to iOS and Windows Phone.

What Facebook Home means for the social media company is an immersive social media experience from the get-go. It signifies that the company is ready to invest in mobile and push their business model into a wide-scale operation where a PC is not required. Basically, its future is largely shaped by the experience of Facebook on a smartphone. It also shifts Facebook away from the "app mentality" and more towards the enveloping experience Facebook is always looking to exploit.

There's no doubt Facebook Home on as many mobile devices (including platforms) is the goal of Facebook. The problem is, Facebook has not polished the idea of Home to a comfortable point yet. I'm rather skeptical of such a move towards either platform judging by the reception of Home on Android thus far.

Many users have legitimate complaints and they are deeply rooted issues, not quick fixes. Some feel it's just a launcher that limits you to the Facebook ecosystem, which it is. This is the underlying mentality of Home and so far, it's not convincing its target audience. Others aren't finding value in being aware of what their friends are doing with a constant Cover Feed update. But most importantly, many users don't like Home enough to stop using the Facebook app. 

Of course, there is such a thing as the vocal minority, and when there is an uproar, the minority tends to be perceived as the voice of the crowd. However, Facebook should not ignore Home in its present state. It is not ready on Android at 2.5 stars, so why would it be ready for iOS or Windows Phone?

I would think the next step after releasing Facebook Home would be to ensure as many people can test it. This would mean the home replacement kit would need to roll out to as many devices as possible. Instead, it's limited to just the Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III, S 4, HTC One and One X. After releasing to as many devices as possible, Facebook should roll out updates to the app, but there have been zero updates so far.

Speaking about Facebook running on iOS, product director Adam Mosseri told Bloomberg "It may or may not be Home. It could just be a lock screen." He also says Home on the iPhone might simply take design elements from Facebook Home for Android, since a complete home replacement kit is not feasible for Apple devices due to their control of the OS.

"We are integrated into the operating system with them (Apple). We have an active dialogue to do more with them," says Mark Zuckerberg on the closed nature of iOS.

However, one of the success stories surrounding Facebook Home is Chat Heads which has provided value to Facebook. Their new messenger app could bring a Quick Reply feature without diving into messaging on the iPhone. It could also capitalize on the lack of awareness surrounding notifications on Windows Phone with a Chat Head resting comfortably on-screen. But the immersion of Chat Heads is likely to be absent on iOS or Windows Phone due to the closed nature of each OS.

Yet, Facebook Home in a nutshell is not Chat Heads. It's not even social networking. What Home was meant to do is give the user a purely social experience around the clock. What Facebook has created is an ecosystem around our lives and advertises it on your smartphone's home screen. The idea of Home is an immersive, social experience which is not complementary of iOS and Windows Phone.

To put it simply, Home needs to evaluate its position in mobile before it tries to expand. Learn from the mistakes, correct them, and issue software updates. Home is no doubt an admirable effort in bringing the social media experience to our fingertips, but it's nowhere near developed enough to expand. I think that Facebook has home-work to do, or else there could be a serious risk of a renaming to Facebook Ho-Hum.

Do you think Facebook Home should jump to iOS and Windows Phone? Are you sold on the idea of a home replacement kit slathered in Facebook good-ness, or does the traditional app suit your needs? Hit the comments below and let me know what you're thinking!

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"Should Facebook bother expanding to iOS and Windows Phone, or should they stick to the more open Android?"

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Floehchen Via Floehchen I will Facebook Home on my iPhone, that' s great
Rahid Uddin I say droid and iOS since windows is stupid Laughing out loud
Ian Walker I hope Facebook home stays on android. I would rather not see it on ios there is no need. I would much prefer the Facebook team to develop a better app experience.
Jeff Griffith Mark, you said it best man!
Jeff Griffith Stick to making an app that doesn't lag and crash frequently!
Edward Gonse You're going to develop chapped lips for all of the a$$ kissing you'll have to do to get iOS to even slightly alter itself for Facebook Home. Good luck and bring lots of Burt's Beeswax.
Mark Fisher Jr. They just need to fix the app and just leave it alone. They always doing unessasary update and always mess it up worst than what it was.
Thomas Hadley Android is so far ahead of ios and windows phone
Camar Green Stay the "F" off
Qaid Amir Ali HTC EVO 4G LTE cannot get Facebook Home and that sez what ...
Vinodhkumar Shanmugam You'll end up eventually seeing ads on all platform. ;)
Michael LaCorte I think it is kind of ironic that Facebook has now embraced Android, when Android first appeared on the market Facebook wanted nothing to do with it.
Randy B Hoopes Apple will see it sucks and say no.
DeAndre Ruffin Facebook Home is horrible. In no way should they expand. Their iOS app is already trash and needs to be revamped. No one wants Facebook notifications and alerts 24/7.
Dean Kirby had a play with it, its okay but no home replacement... Even if you ignore the fact that they are data mining off your phone it is still lacking in some basic launcher functionality... Seems like a half ass'd attempt to rush out a product designed to look like a launcher while sending Facebook more info about your life so they can sell it to marketing firms.
Jody Warrick It's not "selfish".. They were answering a question and giving their opinion.. not personally attacking anyone.
Melvin R Fink I feel its less about selfishness on Android OS's part, and more that Windows Phone OS and iOS simply lack the customization level Android OS has. It's to closed down to support it. No offense to Phonedog, I'm a big fan, but why is this a question? Microsoft, Apple, and more importantly, Facebook, aren't even asking this. They know it wouldnt work.
Stefan Sutter I'm Test driving Facebook Home right now (on my unsupported phone). Works quite ok, besides I do not have widgets. I am not much of a widget user, but I rely on them for switching GPS on or off. And the sounds FB Home makes cannot be set silent in an other way than muting the phone completely. I do not see why iOS or Winphone would WANT it... I think I will throw it off board in a couple of days. It hinders my phone usage in everything not FB.
Lucan Turnbull If Facebook wish to work with Apple/Blackberry/Windows phone they can. If it were to happen they could work together. to make the "impossible" Possible! It's all good Android has it, but saying it should just be for Android and in your words "exclusive" that's selfish.
Fark Mukerberg I still find the iOS app to be awful and so full of flaws it's just outstanding. I can't even like every comment my friends leave on something that I post only on some.
Jarrett Lennon Kaufman You're only imagining it. The iOS app was their priority for quite some time. It was only in the last couple of years that Zuckerberg bought an Android phone, found out how bad it was, and began yelling at his team to do something about it. Then it was last year that he finally ordered his staff to switch to Android phones personally so they'd have to live with the app themselves to raise the stakes on why it needed to be fixed.
Jarrett Lennon Kaufman Selfish? Huh? It's physically impossible to do on platforms other than Android. That's not selfishness, it's reality.
Jarrett Lennon Kaufman I don't understand this obsession in news outlets with Facebook Home attempting to expand to platforms it can't be on. It's not possible. Their phones aren't in any way built to allow this.
Herwin Torres They should've focused on making a better UI for their 'launcher'. FB home is complete garbage in its current state.
Nicholas Ford Facebook needs to forget Home and focus on making their regular Facebook mobile app more capable & bring bit parity between OSes. I mean, really it's impossible to share things on the mobile app sometimes & I end up abandoning it in favor of the web/desktop interface.
Robert Wellington Clubine III Facebook has been fully integrated into iOS already.
Blake Salsgiver Neither stick to the computer.
Brandon Johnson The people hub for windows is awful because it omits posts from some people, the facebook app on ios has gotten significantly slower since the 5.0 update that was the holy grail of updates for them, android had been so far behind in usability for years, why not let them keep home exclusive for a while?
Brayson Jenner I would be willing to try it out on IOS
Fark Mukerberg As an iOS user I can report that I find the Facebook app to be awful. I used to believe that most apps get developed for ios and then ported to android but that doesn't seem to be the case. I used to be an android user (and I want to switch back to it) and I've to admit I don't remember the android version of Facebook to be as bad as the iOS version or am I only imaging this?
Stephen Victor I just a nice Messenger widget and wifi calling from Facebook. Home is blah.
Tyler Saddington Android users are not selfish, it's just that it wont be integrated to the system as it is on Android due to iOS's closed-ness xD
Robert Wellington Clubine III I would not like it on my iPhone, iPad nor Mac.
Lucan Turnbull It's up to Facebook, I'm happy with the facebook app for iPhone. If they decide to do it, there is no harm to Android lol Stop being selfish Android users.
Howan Miguel Rosal Cheng windows have those access already(facebook home functions)... I mean Android just made it more, I don't know elegant? that is just for me.
Dave Morgan Due to the mediocrity of the Facebook mobile app and Facebook Home, they should expand to iOS and Windows and leave Android alone. I'd rather use the mobile website.
Ken Rowe LOL at the question.
CeeGii Borels its Called the PEOPLE HUB on Windows Phone
Adam Jermain Feel free to keep it to yourself, Android.
Nick Mcgrath facebook home sucks anyways they should just not bother
Tyler Saddington If they go to the closed platforms, it will only be an app... whats the point of it then? I think it should be an Android exclusive.

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