Possible Nokia Catwalk images make their way online

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| April 17, 2013

Nokia Catwalk leak front

After being the subject of some rumors in recent months, the Nokia Catwalk may have finally shown its face today in a pair of leaked images. The shots, which were posted to Chinese sites Sina Weibo and Baidu, show a Nokia-branded device with what appears to be aluminum housing. The top of the phone features a SIM card slot, headphone jack and what could be either a microUSB or HDMI port, and on the side we can see a lock button and volume rocker.

Moving around back, there's a camera with a bit of a hump resting below a flash, and below that is a trio of wireless charging points and a speaker. WPCentral notes that the three dots are placed in a manner similar to the wireless charging points found on the backside of the Nokia Lumia 720. Additionally, the earpiece, front-facing camera and rear speaker on this device are all laid out much like they are on the Nokia Lumia 928, which we got a look at in some leaked images earlier this month.

Nokia's Catwalk is rumored to be a follow-up to the Lumia 920 that launched late last year. Recent reports have said that the Catwalk will ditch the polycarbonate that Nokia has been using on recent Lumia models in favor of an aluminum body, which is supposed to help make the phone thinner and lighter.

It remains to be seen whether or not the device in these photos is indeed the Nokia Catwalk, but this handset does appear to have several characteristics of a Nokia-made device. Additionally, a source speaking to The Verge claims that Nokia is in the process of testing phones with a rear camera hump, much like what we can see on the backside of the handset in these shots. What do you think of this device? Would you T-Mobile customers be happy to see this hit your carrier in the summer like the rumor mill claims that it will?

Nokia Catwalk leak rear

Via The Verge, WPCentral, Sina Weibo, Baidu