I’ve switched platforms so many times that I could never hope to count how many times I’ve used iOS, Android, webOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and/or Windows Phone, to Nokia’s efforts back in the day, to PalmOS for good measure. I’ve found good things in all of the mobile operating systems I’ve used, but it’s just as easy to find bad things in the same software, sometimes. Those bad things can make us switch unexpectedly, whether that’s back to the platform we just left, or to something else entirely.

Trying new things is fun, and can be exciting if you love to get your hands on new technology. Some people might say that being an early adopter isn’t worth it, but I disagree. Even if the software isn’t up to par, and has some bugs, it’s at least fun to use. I can see where you might draw the line at signing a new, two-year commitment to be an early adopter, though. Being stuck with faulty software for that length of time wouldn’t be much fun at all.

I have a friend who is a diehard iPhone fan. He has been ever since the first one released. But this is someone that, while I would call a “fanboy,” I’d also say that he’s level-headed. He works for a major wireless carrier, and he has to try all the phones his carrier equips. He’s tried the variations of Windows Phone, from 7 to 8, and he’s tried a ridiculous amount of Android handsets. He’s given time to webOS and BlackBerry OS – and most recently he just picked up a BlackBerry Z10 to try out.

He’s an iOS fan, though, through and through. Despite how many other platforms he tries these days, or how many difference devices, he’s perfectly happy with his iPhone 5. He’s told me that he loves Apple’s hardware and software simply because it works, and that he doesn’t have to do anything “extra” to get it where he wants it. Sure, he’s got to put some application icons where he wants them, but beyond that there isn’t much work to making iOS work the way he wants it to.

Actually, he says it doesn’t take much work to get iOS to work “the right way.”

When we have these conversations, he’s referencing his time with Android. There was a time a few years ago when he was a huge Android fan. He absolutely loved the ability to root his phone, change the software as he saw fit, and make the device “his” versus anyone else who might be running around with the same hardware.

But then he stopped liking to do that. He stopped wanting to put the effort into rooting, into modifying his phone that much, and so he went to iOS. Well, back to iOS, I guess. I’m not sure if I can say he’s happier with iOS, because he used to have a lot of fun with rooting his Android phones, but he says he is so I guess I should take him for his word. He really does love all those accessories for his iPhone, too.

That actually isn’t the first time I’ve heard that argument, though, for leaving –or staying away from—Android. I’ve seen people leave Google’s mobile operating system in favor of other platforms like Windows Phone, simply because they want something that works the way they think it should out of the box. I see this mostly when someone likes a piece of Android hardware, but not the proprietary software.

So, in essence, they want a phone that’s running stock Android (or another company’s software, maybe), but since they can’t do that without some effort, it’s just easier to go with something else. We all know why companies like HTC and Samsung use proprietary software on their Android devices, and while the First from HTC is technically running stock Android if you disable Facebook Home, we know that HTC isn’t taking their sights of Sense UI anytime soon. And Samsung? The company’s TouchWiz UI looks to be sticking around for some time. It differentiates them from the competition, so we shouldn’t expect them to drop their tweaked software.

Of course, I’ve heard other reasons why people don’t switch to Android over the years. Ranging from, “There’s too much fragmentation,” to, “The hardware just isn’t all that great.” The reasons are diverse, but I think that many of them don’t register all that well anymore. I believe that devices like Samsung’s Galaxy Note II, or HTC’s One, have put Android on a whole new playing field within the mobile industry.

I didn’t have any issues with TouchWiz on the Galaxy Note II, simply because the features tied to the S Pen made the proprietary software easier to stand on a daily basis. Which is saying something, since I ultimately disliked the Galaxy S III for the TouchWiz experience. And the HTC One? That device has brought Android hardware to a whole new level as well, and hopefully we can expect other manufacturers to start putting the same effort into their own hardware designs moving forward.

I think Google’s mobile operating system has removed a lot of the shackles that may or may not have been holding it down in the past. Even stock Android has grown up quite a bit over the years. It no longer feels like an experiment, which I know a lot of people out there were using as an argument to stay away from Android in the past as well.

However, while I believe Android has grown up in all the right areas, and believe that it really is an operating system that can make a lot of people happy who have previously counted it out, I know that there are still folks out there who don’t want to switch to the platform. And that’s who I want to hear from today. I want to know why you have decided to skip Android, and go with something else. Which platform did you choose instead, and why? Let me know!

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Melissa Doucet
Melissa Doucet The iPhone IOS is very user friendly. Android tends to have too many different setting to change or modify, which might intimidate some people. With that being said, the iPhone IOS is too boring, outdated, & really needs a new facelift.
Ron Simpson
Ron Simpson After using Windows Phone8, I am anxiously awaiting a windows replacement for my Android Tablet.
Anonymous Yes, unfortunately. I've used all the major phone OSes and Android is pretty amazing.
Gaurav Bhardwaj
Gaurav Bhardwaj Typical apple fanboys..bcoz of that fucking apple logo..i have both iphone and galaxy note..but galaxy note is awesome..
Anthony Tat
Anthony Tat lol dave i like how you got butthurt over his comment when it doesnt even apply to you. if youre not a fanboy, then wtf are you replying for? you cant just go find things to take offensive from and then try to correct someone about it...
Anthony Tat
Anthony Tat thats why i said "non legit reason." my friend sold his s3 because of "lag," but i doubt that's hardly a concern anymore with the quad core phones
Teron Facey
Teron Facey laggy?? Which phone and model? Project Butter defeats that.
Sebastian Gomes
Sebastian Gomes Cmon now, have you not seen that Apple logo?!
Teron Facey
Teron Facey They think that iPhone is a far superior phone out right now.
Juwon Donte
Juwon Donte I have an used iPhone 4s that works better then my brand new galaxy s3 android lags so much lets not forget the random force closing issues that android has with apple everything just works
Rafael Cepeda
Rafael Cepeda I been on and off between android blackberry and iPhone so I decided to stay with apple. Why? Because the amount of quality apps. Because how it so easy to sync the info with iTunes, the amount and type of accessories for iPhone, the iTunes ecosystem and if you ever have a problem with the iPhone before your first year you will be surprise how easy the apple people makes it for you to walk out with a new or refurbish iPhone.
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams I like how you're proven wrong as soon as you type that, as you're the second person bitching about me bitching.
Adam Smith
Adam Smith My first Apple product was a ipod Classic & it was the worst thing I've ever bought in my life. Then i bought a (Mobile) Samsung Galaxy Mini for my music. Wow & the UI on the mini was amazing compared to ipod classic. Then moved to HTC Wildfire S & was even better & now i own a Samsung Galaxy s3 :D I would never go back to Apple crap. I love my Android phone for everything & plays all my music & internet radio & use Bluetooth headphones.
Nicholas Riddle
Nicholas Riddle Because they are blind sheep following whatever apple tells them. Come to the dark side you apple fanboys.
Jose Calderon
Jose Calderon Apple fans don't bitch NEARLY as much as Android fanatics bitch about Apple, Jordan.
Jose Calderon
Jose Calderon Apple fans don't bitch NEARLY as much as Android fanatics bitch about Apple, Jordan.
Justin Plecko
Justin Plecko I got tired of my Galaxy S phone constantly crashing, freezing, and overall being the worst phone I've ever had. I've moved on to Windows Phone 8. It works the best for my needs and if Android works for you, great. I love the healthy competition amongst the platforms and look forward to seeing where it takes them.
Rupan Hossain
Rupan Hossain Lags
Norharishan Nordin
Norharishan Nordin as a visual leaner, i prefer apple's design. it's not about which OS to choose...
David M Tadros
David M Tadros because it sucks in soooooo many ways!!!!!!
Jude Fils-Aime
Jude Fils-Aime because there are a lot of sheeps in the world.
Waii Hui
Waii Hui Android is already 65-70% of the market. Clearly they'll be the overwhelming majority.
Roger Penn
Roger Penn Over the years I have had many many many different cell phones. From yhe Nokia bar phone all the way to my current iPhone 5. I've switched around from android to iOS to windows and vice versa but I always seem to come back to iOS it's just something about iOS that is so simple so easy to use that keeps a person wanting to come back. There will never be any cell phone that even compares to that simplicity and fluidness no matter how hard android tries they just don't have it
Bobby Wright
Bobby Wright Word of mouth is one reason. Someone with a different mobile OS will become the spokes person for that brand if they like it, or against it if they don't.
Humza Ahmed
Humza Ahmed Lags*
Humza Ahmed
Humza Ahmed No. Anyone who says Android can only get their unfortunate mitts on low end Samsungs. Go ahead and buy an iPhone 3GS, then update it to iOS 5/6. We'll talk About speed then. This is exactly what iSheep do, they pick up the oldest, cheapest android device possible and conclude that all Androids are like that.
Jason Vargas
Jason Vargas Anyone who says Android is slow or laggy hasn't used a new device with "Project Butter"
Alex Schram
Alex Schram My iPhone was cheaper than. Any DECENT android phone sprint had to offer at the time.
Audrey O'Donnell
Audrey O'Donnell Because people are brainwashed and look for society value.
Tony Valadez
Tony Valadez I've had 2 flagship android phones that I paid a premium price for and they've both crapped out towards the end of my 2 year contract while my sisters iPhone 4 still works fine. That's why I switched to the iPhone 5. I switched because the iPhone just works.
Facebook user
Facebook user I think the simplicity of IOS is what makes people sketchy about android
Santiago Alexander Cruz
Santiago Alexander Cruz Because people are ignorant when it comes to Android. If they take their time and learn how to use it they'll see how much more robust it is compared to IOS. I love apple products I have a Mac, iPad even an iPhone I'm selling on ebay. But when it comes to mobile devices (cellphones) I prefer Android. Nothing better than customizing, free apps and widgets. And with Android it keeps getting better!
Itzel Jeronimo
Itzel Jeronimo Android is unreliable. Plus they come out with so many new phones so your "new" phone is now old.
Ron Hudson
Ron Hudson android is pure greatness, can't wait for android 5.0 to come and kill the game
Randy Walker Sr.
Randy Walker Sr. I have Android and wouldn't use anything else except maybe Ubuntu when it comes out.
Ian Walker
Ian Walker It's personal choice ain't it really ? I like apple products full stop. I have used Macbook laptops for a long time and have never had a bad experience with them. So when the iPhone was released I went with that and have ever since. But for work I use the galaxy s3 which is a good phone also but I still prefer the iPhone 5 and the smoothness of iOS. But at the end of the day everyone likes different things, and I just happen to like apple.
Paul De Lozier
Paul De Lozier Because I like a phone that actually works.
JerryandAudrey Smith
JerryandAudrey Smith Because people are iSheep...
Paolo Zorilla
Paolo Zorilla Coz we are a blackberry family.
Ken Reil
Ken Reil Why is it PhoneDog.com that you just keep trying to write stories to bash at Android?
Dee Ross
Dee Ross Cell phones are becoming more and more complex to use. When you start up an android phone typically it wants to know your gmail account, dropbox, etc. Most people can either figure it out or hit "skip" until someone helps them. But there's a segment of the population that wants super simple and go with 'Those Other Guys'. I prefer my Note 2 not just for it's size, but how versatile it is.
Charlie Ebner
Charlie Ebner @ Josh Billingsley...I used an HTC Aria, which at that time was "The" Android phone to have at that time. Crappy by today's standards, I'm aware. And I did not have 10k texts or emails, and I moved apps to my SD card. I did clear out my texts regularly. But besides that, my GF has a mid range Android running ICS and it is complete crap. Maybe the high end ones are much better, but I have no interest in carrying a tablet in my pocket. I have an actual tablet if I want or need a bigger screen. Jeez, you android fanboys get butthurt so easily. You guys are threatened by the iPhone, that is why it always gets brought up by android fanboys. I don't hate on someone if they use an Android, but Android user are quick to put down an iPhone user. I wonder why?
Jason Roets
Jason Roets I had a conversation with a friend yesterday on Facebook. He posted that iPhone's apps do not crash and having one in the past I told him mine crashed. Where was his info from. He owned a windows phone almost five years ago and said all non Apple phones are like that. He refused to look at any phone that does not say Apple on it. So many people are ignorant to tbe fact there are good phones other then Apple
David DiPilla
David DiPilla The note 2 for me I still love my iphone 5 still play with it but android has much better features and I like the bigger screen
Eric J. Powers
Eric J. Powers Casey Sayers, what you said doesn't make much sense, the iPhone 5 has been outdated since its introduction. I'm not an Apple basher but come on now, the note 2 is far more advanced then the iPhone and will be more then just "manageable" in a year or 2.
Yan Zhenghao
Yan Zhenghao Android: Too laggy, lots of spyware.
Zachary Wilson
Zachary Wilson Dustin the 4s is a solid device. Still made of premium materials. Still running latest software and has awesome camera.
Alistair Lowe
Alistair Lowe I am! Since 2.x it's damn good!
Dustin T. Robles
Dustin T. Robles Deff getting a galaxy or htc after this
Dustin T. Robles
Dustin T. Robles Because I was dumb and got the 4s but at the same time I'm happy I got it
David March
David March I prefer my Z10.
Ed Plnia
Ed Plnia I don't care about rooting any android phone like I did since I used to have HTC Almost all of them, then I went to Samsung since the galaxy S2 then GS3 and that's it for me, now I have iPhone 5 and I feel real good, no jailbreak either on my phone. 32GB are good enough for me to storage music, pictures, videos. No more waiting for update that take months to come, with iOS apple always bring the solution to any problem without waiting that long and the best is that no matter where do you live, we all get the same update, no like Samsung who give the best software update to those in UK or any other country but USA.. No thanks Android & Google..
Zachary Wilson
Zachary Wilson The note 2 is a giant. No one is to say rather or not it'll just be a fad. It hasn't been around long enough to make that big of an impact. The iPhone is time tested. It's always been a solid device. Android is much more customizable but also so diverse that one has to hack and mod to ensure new software. Not everyone has the time or even knowledge to do so. Just remember people that as the market evolves, so will expectations of these devices. & diversity is a good thing.
Devin Martinez
Devin Martinez Android is good but its not as complete as iOS. I been using the note2 for a while now it's cool but not like most fanatics make it out to be the iphone 5 runs much smoother more consistently
Mars Ray
Mars Ray Because I have a blackberry z10
Josh Billingsley
Josh Billingsley Note will be outdated... More than the iphone..... Maybe because the iPhone will be the same shell of what it is today with a 13mp camera... I can root my phone and keep it up to date with whatever software I want.... My brother in law has a fascinate rocking jellybean..... So you saying the note 2 will be outdated and the iPhone won't is preposterous.
Steve Hartsock
Steve Hartsock Ignorance....
Camar Green
Camar Green Had android... HTC evo. Back then it was pretty bad but it has improved so much, while IOS is starting to get complacent and fall short in some areas
Casey Sayers
Casey Sayers ?
Tim Moore
Tim Moore Well first of this type of phone, touch screen or not. BB was always geared more towards business. Once iPhone came out it became what others wanted to do their best to emulate.
Josh Billingsley
Josh Billingsley Lol. Now that makes no sense... Youve clearly never rooted a device...
Casey Sayers
Casey Sayers Doesn't age well, doesn't have certain apps, etc. but just like android has its downs it certainly has its ups. Customization, now google voice, flash support, and all other kinds of goodies. But if I'm signing a contract, going with iOS because where as the note 2 will be so outdated it'll hardly be usable in 2 years, my iPhone 5 will still be manageable.
Shoaib Zaheer
Shoaib Zaheer symbian working fine for my uses. internet radio,occasional facebook, browsing , skype audio calling , messengers, good camera reasonable video recording/playbck, time passing games, and notes/contacts for daily use good battery life ...so still i have no intentions to shift until i see really different feature like google glass
Jason Simon
Jason Simon Not sure. I just know why I love Android. Especially the Nexus devices.
Ricardo Alexandre
Ricardo Alexandre Ignorance
Matt Shipley
Matt Shipley I've had both. Blackberry to apple to android and now back to apple. Apples ecosystem is much better for what I do.
Dee Nazario
Dee Nazario Most people whom I knew that are disregarding Android are the ones that are blinded and brainwashed by apple ads. True story.
Robert Futty
Robert Futty Never have much problems anymore and the beauty of android is its devs. Got an old device that can't go past 2.2? Don't worry the devs got ya covered. I was pretty disappointed that my 1st gen ipad couldn't get 6.x.x :/
Christopher Wesley
Christopher Wesley PhoneDog, congratulations on starting another flame war! But if you want a writer to talk about personal experiences then you have plenty in the comment section here than can make a better argument than whoever posted this
Steve Johns
Steve Johns I love my galaxy s3 when I first got an android phone it was a lg ally it needed work lol but I didn't jump ship and then got the HTC rezound and other then the camera it needed more work then the ally :( but then the galaxy s3 came and best phone I've ever had: ) not a fan of apple because of size I need big: )
Malcom Buckhannon
Malcom Buckhannon I love android I have now for 3 year's, my wife has the iPhone 5 and yea its cool and does some neat things but man is it small. Not a lot of free amps no free MP3s. I have the HTC evo 3d now. Soon to have the sii:)
Jaime Espinoza
Jaime Espinoza I been using android since T-Mobile G1 on Cupcake. And I have seen the OS evolve and become better and Smoother. Personally I have never had my phone freeze on me or had to reboot. I've used Windows phones and Iphone to try them out for months at a time and I keep coming back to Android. Android just works for me. at the end is personal preference really.
Stephen Wagner
Stephen Wagner mostly apple sheep
Lonell Riddick
Lonell Riddick I love android. I have the note 2 and will not go to iOS aka Iphone phone. So, not sure what this article is talking about lol
Orion Pax
Orion Pax Android phone + iPad Tablet=Best of both worlds.
James Norwood
James Norwood Snobs like iOS, regular people like Android. Android has always been ahead of iOS and will probably remain so for a very long time.
Josh Billingsley
Josh Billingsley @ charlie ebner... You obviously went cheap like an ally or enlighten... Never once seen a low memory error. Just the fact that you don't know how Android memory works shows how little you know. You can't move system memory to a card etc... Text, emails, and cache... So like most idiots you probably keep 10k texts in your inbox abd 5k emails and wonder why your device says low memory... You deserve an iphone.
Elvin Burgos
Elvin Burgos Because iPhone is an easily attainable status symbol
Thomas Hadley
Thomas Hadley Because they don't know that android is better
Josh Billingsley
Josh Billingsley @jeff griffiyh... No sir. check your facts.. That's how many songs i can put in my cloud. Not counting my card or Dropbox. Both of which your device could never dream of using. I'm comparing to your cloud storage to point out how ridiculous it is to pay for stotage.. Moron!
Jerry Parker
Jerry Parker I don't know why anyone would skip android, it one of the best OS on the market
Jengpot Saluta
Jengpot Saluta battery hog
Charlie Ebner
Charlie Ebner I used an android several years back when they came out. I was using Android 2.2 back then. It was one of the worst phones I ever used. Force app close, emailed the developer, said there was nothing wrong. horrible battery life...like 6 hours and I'm barely using it. And even with an SD card, there still wasn't enough memory to update applications, and I moved as many as I could to the SD card and the phone said I didn't have enough memory still! BS! Anyway, I gave up on it and don't regret it. My GF has an Android and I hate it! Same issues. After all these years and constant boasting abut how great Android is, is see no improvements except just "oooohs" and "aaaaahs" regarding customization. But it still barely functions as its main purpose...A phone! Horrible, I won't waste my money. It's either Apple, WP, or even BB.
Rodger Samiie Myers
Rodger Samiie Myers So it boils down to reliability...I havent had the chance to use a windows 8 phone but the ability to see your screen quickly for any notifications and quickly go back to living is well welcomed...thats iphones true competitor...android is practically fighting within themselves...until google fizzles out of ideas
Jeremy Gross
Jeremy Gross preference
Jeremy Gross
Jeremy Gross so the opposite by me, people get iphones because its the trend by me, but i foresee this
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams I've got a Nexus 4. You know what the next phone I care about is? Whatever rumored Nexus Motorola is working on. Heard great things about the One, but it's already outdated(ships with 4.1). The S4 is just...a bigger S3 with a higher resolution screen that I think is shipping with 4.2.1(correct me if I'm wrong), also making it outdated. I dont see the need for massively powerful processors when there isn't much now that even makes good use of what my Nexus 4 has.
Rodger Samiie Myers
Rodger Samiie Myers Its based on real world use...like for example the use of the multi window function on the note 2...extremely handy to multitask but the day to day user will rarely use it...as well as S note...the idea of having the ability to use your phone to take notes sounds amazing but the size of phone doesnt beat a 8x11 page yet. Android is meant to be a performance phone...however most features are impractical..."oh I have a octocore phone that plays games with no lag"...yeah sure but I have a PS3 at home. Most users with a smartphone will use it for the same things...facebook...twitter...IG...texting...MMS and music
Jason Wilde
Jason Wilde Cuz android sucks big time
Jason Lee
Jason Lee I played around with the Lumia 920 windows phone and liked it. Am I crazy or is the Lumia 920 a good phone?
Joseph Salvagna
Joseph Salvagna I mite be switching to a apple iPhone 5 because I have a android right now an it always freezes up occianly and has horrible battery life it dies fast an it doesn't do everything like an iPhone does and I get frustrated with it sometimes so I can't wait to switch over to apple I have a iPod touch 4th generation an I like it a lot and when I do get the iPhone 5 I can't wait to use the siri feature that's gonna be awesome and can't wait to see what else the iPhone 5 everything does!!!!!!!
Robert E Hope
Robert E Hope IPhones are so far behind the game it's sad, they aren't even that expensive..which is a good thing since they are YEARS behind Samsung technology. I bought the original iphone, the the iPhone 4 and finally the 5. Then I switched to the Galaxy S line..the end! The SIII is truly years ahead of the iPhone 5, even the SII which came out a year before the iPhone 5 has better specs! I DO prefer the premium shell of iPhones, but that's about it...
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams I'm not butthurt at all. I just get tired of hearing iOS fanboys, or anybody for that matter say "android suxxor" after using a free phone. I happen to like Windows Phone, with the exception of the marketplace. Ironically, that comes after using a Lumia 710. iOS was "inventive" when it was new, but it just iterates on itself with no change whatsoever. Hopefully that will change with the next iteration but I really don't care anyway. Also, my "butthurt and bitching" sure got a lot more likes than anything else right now. I've never used webOS, even though I heard rave reviews about it, but considering that no new devices are coming out with that, it doesn't really count now.
Selmor B. Reid
Selmor B. Reid Because they're oblivious to the benefits of Android
Calvin Hodgson
Calvin Hodgson Android is only slow if you are touting around a single core device. Get any dual core phone on the market today and they can breeze through anything
Victor Brownwell
Victor Brownwell The quality is not AT the standard of an iPhone, it just doesn't seem to be as organized and things don't seem to flow together , with iPhone you feel like you might not have everything but you have what you need with android is you have everything plus a bunch of useless things you don't need or want but is fun to show off! I also feel more productive with an iPhone.
Jeff Griffith
Jeff Griffith Josh Billingsley, are you the moron you're talking about? Comparing how many songs are available on the Play store compared to Apple's cloud storage? Okie dokie..... Stay away from meth kids!
Patrick Shirley
Patrick Shirley I love both, I have a GS3 and an Ipod touch 5th gen! the best of both worlds :)
Onix Rodriguez
Onix Rodriguez One word, stability! Plutonium is more stable than Android OS.
Justin White
Justin White personally i'm at a crossroads in my phone life. i have had a GS2 since november 2011 and while it's a great phone i am thinking about jumping back to iOS in the summer when i can upgrade. my crossroads is if i stick with android i will wait for the note 3 and if i get that then there will be no turning back to a smaller device . so i don't know what i will do. i love ios and android!
Pam Johnson Rowland
Pam Johnson Rowland lol, not hurt in the least . . . never could understand why someone would get hurt because someone, especially a stranger, has a differing opinion. I just find it sad watching people who can't enjoy the moment because they're attached to their phone. I've watched families eat out together and never have a conversation but everyone was texting . . . Not saying that apps can't be put to good use just saying I don't think most people really need them as much as they think they do.
Dave Bourque
Dave Bourque Out of all the comments you are the only one butt-hurt and bitching lol. And not all of us are apple fanboys, some prefer windows phone, some prefer blackberry 10, and others prefer webOS...
Randy B Hoopes
Randy B Hoopes Cause the quality of phones suck
Josh Billingsley
Josh Billingsley Ay Anthony tat... Your a moron... Youve clearly never played with a decent android.... Cause I have a crappie iphone my work insists on giving me... Ny note 2 is far smoother and the battery last twice as long and I do twice as much.... As far as music, have you heard of Google music!? 20k songs compared to your 5gb cloud iTunes... Personally I have a 64gb card that's been thru 4 phones now with me... Thus containing about 32gb of awesome music and adorable twin girls... So come to the table with more than every apple fan boys goto knock of android... Cause they don't work anymore..
Chris Brisson
Chris Brisson I consider the graceful integration of cellular network, app store, apps, os, and device hardware, with an eye towards total cost of ownership and ease of use.
Jonaé Michelle Boatwright
Jonaé Michelle Boatwright Ever since I had the Evo 3d, it just turned me off android. That phone was possessed and was so defective. So, I went to an iPhone and I love it!
Zamir Yusof
Zamir Yusof i switched to windows phone from android due to stability, and the almost same software experience across mid and high end device.
Dan Garcia
Dan Garcia Some people that I know would like to but say they have too much invested in their iTunes collection and what not.
Leo Baxter
Leo Baxter Ah, forgot about the horrid battery life. And yes, some devices have great battery life, but that's only due to the gargantuan size of the battery, not optimization of the software to stop draining it.
Shaun David
Shaun David Stock android nexus phone is the best way to go
Eric Hook
Eric Hook I am using the Nexus 4 and iPhone 5. Just started. I have to give iPhone more credit than I thought, but there is no comparison, not only with size, but with what you can do and the overall fun and wow factor of Android over iPhone. Android ftw
Leo Baxter
Leo Baxter I use an iPhone 4S because of familiarity, price, and the app catalog. However, my favorite OS is Windows Phone 8, which has made great strides in the hardware and app department lately. Perhaps I will one day return to WP8. As for Android, I still find it not nearly as smooth/fluid as those other two. I like some of the TouchWiz and Sense features, but those are not native Android. App crashes, malware threats, random reboots, and last, but not least, the random sleep of death that occurred on too many Android handsets made me swear off it for good.
Kal El
Kal El I stopped using Android, because of battery life and fragmentation. I switched to iOS, and couldn't be happier. Windows and Blackberry have caught my attention though....
Toby Clench
Toby Clench Have to agree about the Z10 there. The majority of my friends have iPhones and a few have android devices but all complain that their devices are laggy. The hub for Blackberry Z10 is great - easy to communicate with people as all of your messages are brought into one place. Admittedly, I still think that the Google Play store is the best App Market out there as a lot of the apps for the Z10 are Android ports, as the quality is superb! I have always used Blackberry devices as they're great to email and message on but I have an iPod Touch to play music on, as the games crash a lot even though I have a lot storage space left. So, I'm thinking about ditching my iPod Touch in favour of moving all of my music to my Z10 and with great games on BlackBerry World and 2GB of RAM - gaming has no lag what so ever! But in response to the question, I think that people aren't using Android as much as before because new devices are constantly being released and there isn't enough advertising for certain devices - which is where Apple are gaining are customers because they do a lot of advertising
Miguel Placencia
Miguel Placencia complete and utter retardisim.. lol I love how they post a video complaining about fanboyisim and here they are asking stupid questions they know will turn into a dick measuring contest
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson Now as for me, I haven't had the right android phone yet, I've had the Nexus one I liked it and all, but android was still kind of iffy back then, it's better now, but I'm not too big a fan of any of the phones currently available (this doesn't include the S4 or One). Need a change of scenery from the iphone if they're not re-hauling the ui.
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown I prefer iOS because as much fun as Android is, I need my primary device to work with little effort. Plus it integrates well with my Mac.
Barry Gates
Barry Gates same reason why the majority of the world believes in some type of religion. because people would rather believe in a myth (the iphone's myth being that it is the better phone cause it was the first decent smart phone) and follow the herd than take a good look at reality.
Jeremey Brown
Jeremey Brown Who cares about them.... I'm loving android, nothing else compares for me
Jeremy Carter
Jeremy Carter I was an iphone 4s user. Switched to a galaxy note 2 and will never go back to iphone ever again.. you can do so much more on android than iphone.
Barry Gates
Barry Gates or instead of making it seem like using the phone for applicative projects you could also purchase or help to create apps (like I do) that encourage live interpersonal communication between individuals. Cause seriously, challenging addicts to stop smoking the smart-phone-crack is as useless as challenging a real addict to stop doing real drugs. gotta ween them off. before you respond all butt hurt, I want you to know I do get where you are coming from and agree. that's why I have been designing apps like the ones I've mentioned above.
Jorden Philip Taylor Jr.
Jorden Philip Taylor Jr. I use BlackBerry because their operating system, QNX, is the only current operating system that runs Flash flawlessly without having to root, hack, or modify the phone. It also has unparalled multitasking abilities, and I enjoy BlackBerry Messanger where I can chat, videochat, and share the screen of anything I am viewing on my phone.
Lance Hill
Lance Hill I switched to IOS when Motorola decided to update their "new" Razrs to jelly bean first. The Motorola Razr Maxx came out at the end of January 2012 and within 2 months it was considered an "old" phone. With my iPhone 5 it's been new since October!!!
Steven Basso
Steven Basso Dave no one wishes they had bb10 sorry
Matt Pankey
Matt Pankey Why does it matter, PhoneDog.com?
Michael Walsh
Michael Walsh I prefer the speed and reliability of Windows 8. Ive seen friends with Androids and they just freeze, reboot, and lag. Cant believe how long it takes to scroll through pictures with every swipe lagging. Oh and security reasons, hacking malware etc..
Dave Bourque
Dave Bourque And the android/iOS users I know wish they had BB10/ my Z10 device lol...
Pam Johnson Rowland
Pam Johnson Rowland I would love to see people use their phones less. We need to start interacting with people not devices and apps. That being said I'm off to go shopping with my son . . . to an actual store and then maybe have conversation over lunch, lol. I challenge everyone to go 1 day without using their phone for anything other than talking and then only when necessary ;-)
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown I just moved networks and bought another phone, so I had every opportunity to go with Android but chose iPhone.
Agustin Ilu-kwar
Agustin Ilu-kwar mY pHONE eXPLORER APP Does that and much more, as simple as iphone sync, & faster than kies, also you can use your phone from your pc, send sms, make calls, etc...
Enes Nadir Çomoglu
Enes Nadir Çomoglu I'm sticking with Android for now. The Nexus product line is more than enough for me, I wouldn't switch to any other phone.
Trevor Mack
Trevor Mack Google Drive, Google Calender, Gmail, etc. :o
Demetria Brown
Demetria Brown just a case of not being well informed. instead of looking at overall performance within different platforms, they'd rather drink the iphone koolaid.
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown I'm not using it because I'm happy with iOS.
Anthony Tat
Anthony Tat legit reason: ios has smoother software/hardware integration and itunes beats any android music app. non-legit reason: it's too complicated and laggy.
Jose Sut
Jose Sut Because they don't know android is the best.
Gerard Anaya
Gerard Anaya Almost everybody I know has android and WAS an iPhone user. And the people I know with iPhones wish they had android.
Dave Bourque
Dave Bourque I'm pretty sure BlackBerry was the first at taking the smartphone title. Unless you mean touchscreen smartphone.
Anthony Tat
Anthony Tat respectable reason
Dave Bourque
Dave Bourque @Tim I'm pretty sure BlackBerry was the first at taking the smartphone title. Unless you mean touchscreen smartphone.
Dan Ryan Dismounts Thrice
Dan Ryan Dismounts Thrice I can see advantages of Android. But, as a graphic designer who uses Macs on a daily basis, the convenience of the iPhone to sync calendars, contacts, music? Etc with my MacBook Pro and iPad is the real selling point for me. I know you can do that stuff with an Android but it's not nearly as simple and effective.
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson Ios isn't the only platform people prefer over android.
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson Leave it to an android user to even bring up the iphone.
Bryan T Miller
Bryan T Miller Some people don't like larger than 4.3 screens and prefer 3.5 or 4 While others have lots of money invested in iOS apps and movies and don't want to have to re buy everything
Derek Wheeler
Derek Wheeler Because I really like how IOS works and am very comfortable with it.
Arturo Atherly
Arturo Atherly simpletons...
Tim Moore
Tim Moore Apple is better at marketing is one thing and they were the first. If people were more educated about it I dunno what would happen. But people buy iPhone's cause they are the "cool" thing to have. While saying that I'm not dissing iPhone. I like them but am an Android (Nexus) person. It's just the truth. iPhone is more of a status thing than Android is cause when you see an iPhone you know what it is.
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams Let the people that love iOS stick with iOS. I don't need apple fanboys bitching about Android any more than they already do. Let them be butthurt that they bought a phone that was a year outdated on launch day, and let the rest of us gravitate toward higher end android phones. Most of the people I hear complaining about android are the ones with the crappy free/$50 on contract phones.
Eli McCall
Eli McCall i prefer android over any other platform..to me the processing system is faster and there are less bug and system failures with the android platform
Andrés Murillo Portugal
Andrés Murillo Portugal dumbness

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