Nokia rumored to be prepping Lumia phone/tablet hybrid that's similar to Galaxy Note

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| April 18, 2013

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop

Large phone/tablet hybrid devices have been growing in popularity (and in size) lately in the Android world, and today a new rumor claims that Nokia may soon enter the category with a Windows Phone device. Sources speaking to the Financial Times claim that Nokia is planning to introduce a "phablet"-style Lumia device later this year that will be similar in size to Samsung's Galaxy Note products but with higher specs. 

In addition to this new, larger Lumia model, Nokia is said to be prepping another Lumia model that will be the first with "advanced PureView imaging technology." Nokia is reportedly aiming to release the device in July. It's possible that this mysterious new PureView Lumia is the Nokia EOS that we heard about a couple of times earlier this year. The EOS is expected to feature a "true" PureView camera with a sensor similar to the one found in the Nokia 808 PureView. The rumor mill claims that the EOS will be an AT&T-exclusive.

Finally, the FT's tipsters say that Nokia is prepping a Lumia 920 follow-up that's lighter than the 920 and includes an improved spec list. The aluminum-clad Nokia Catwalk has been referred to as a thinner and lighter Lumia 920 successor in the past, so it's possible that the FT could be referring to it. It's also said that Nokia will introduce a lower-priced version of this new device in the fall timeframe.

Should these rumors hold true, it sounds like Nokia has a pretty diverse lineup of Lumia models planned for 2013. While large "phablet"-style products have become popular with Android users, we haven't really seen a similar Windows Phone offering, so it'll be interested to see what Nokia can whip up. It's also worth noting that Nokia is purportedly planning to introduce a new version of the Lumia 920 for Verizon, dubbed the Lumia 928. It's been said that the Lumia 928 will be introduced in April, and Nokia CEO Stephen Elop teased earlier today that his company will soon introduce a new hero device for a top U.S. carrier, so we could be hearing something official regarding the Lumia 928 pretty soon.

Via WMPowerUser, Financial Times