This is more of a rant article I have decided to write, because despite positive reactions from people I can’t help but to positively despise Google Glass. I just can’t bring myself to like it. I thought I said all that I needed to say about it in a previous article, but I recently saw that Google released the specs for Glass. After reading the specs I was amazed that a person is able to have a pair of glasses with specs that equal out to be about the same as a mid-to-high level smartphone. It also got me thinking again about how much I truly loathe Google Glass.

I also realize that by ranting about this I’m going to sound like a hipster and/or an old person who hates today’s technology. As such, I accept the fate that awaits me at the end of this rant.

I’m just going to begin by restating exactly what I said a few sentences ago: I hate Google Glass. I think it’s weird, I think it’s creepy, and I think it’s a very bad idea to release it to the general public – for any sort of price. Is it a bad idea overall? No. Google Glass could be very beneficial for some organizations and certain individuals to use. But for the general public? That’s just asking for it to fall into the hands of the wrong person; for a prime example, creepers.

Creepers are my number one fear when it comes to Google Glass. You think $1500 is expensive for a pair of glasses? Creepers probably do too, but there’s nothing that a creeper won’t pay to get their hands on the right equipment to look as discreet as possible while being creepy. What do they have to do? Quietly whisper “Okay glass, record!” and boom. There you have it. Who needs to be blessed with a photographic memory when you have a pair of memory glasses to do the work for you? It’s not like a cell phone or a camera where you obviously have to have it in the right angle and it’s most likely not hidden and people could call you out on it. But who can really yell at you for wearing a strange pair of glasses and being paranoid about being recorded or not? Nobody. I would end up looking like that stereotypical bully on the playground picking on the nerdy kid:

“Gimme your glasses! Yeah, I said it - give me those glasses!”

The rumors turned out to be true – there’s no external indicator that lets you know when a Glass user is recording. Are you crazy, Google?! All this chatter about how our rights to privacy and security are being violated, and you couldn’t do so much as to provide an indicator to those of us peons who aren’t behind the glasses that we’re under the watchful Eye of Sauron? It’s so simple! And I’m fairly certain this was brought up several times before ever releasing the product. I wouldn’t be able to believe that nobody thought this would be an issue.

I feel like I have legit reason to be worried! I don’t think any of you know this about me, but I eat like a caveman. It’s just the way I eat. It’s comfortable for me. Some people like to be neat and tidy when they eat messy foods like ribs. I’m going to let you in on a little secret - ribs are made to be eaten with hands. Guess who has two thumbs and won’t get to enjoy eating ribs anymore if she spots somebody in view with Google Glass! This girl! I've always dreamed of being a YouTube star one day but not because of the disgusting way I choose to eat hunks of meat, and I'm not willing to risk being the star of "hat video" as a victim to Google Glass. I'm shutting that down right now.

Of course that's not the only reason I'm worried, by far - it's definitely the least of my worries to be caught on camera heartlessly devouring a mean plate of ribs. But seriously, as a parent and even as an individual I can’t stand the idea of knowing people are walking around with obscure recording devices recording whatever is gallivanting about at the time without anybody knowing any the wiser. Not only that, but knowing that this pair of spectacles comes with 12GB of on board storage and a 5 MP camera, there’s a lot of room for some creepy things to happen. I can't help but feel unsettled about that.

I just hope that as Google Glass progresses they at least make a noticeable indicator to those around the Glass user that there is a recording in session. It would make a world of difference for those of us paranoid parrots out in the world. But hey, thanks for giving creepers an extra stealthy set of peepers, Google. Thanks a lot.

Readers, what are your thoughts about the lack of indicator on Google Glass? Does it bother you in the slightest, or do you remain unphased?

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Brandon Moran Lol. They're NOT gonna cost 1500 people lol.. Final consumer product will be around smartphone costs. But.. even at $1000 its fair. In 1997 the debut of the DVD player was $1000.. Glass is MUCH more advanced than that. So its not too bad.
Pat Burns Im not worried... for $1500 I dont see a future where a lot of people will be walking around with them.
Donald Green And the the fact that you are wearing Google glasses where the camera is plainly visible is better then secret glass cams which you cannot
Donald Green They already have hidden camera sunglasses... Research before you post.
Will Rose this is a product the general public does not need, wish the release could be stopped before all the crazies and perverts get their hands on these.
Jacob Hudgins I think anyone who thinks there is going to be privacy issues are actually the creeps who would go around video taping random people if they could get there hands on one..instead of using it the way it is suppose to be used..grow up people
Curtis Owens The burden of proof must always be on those seeking to prove you have done something, otherwise anyone else with more power can easily abuse you and make you go through hoops just to clear your name.
Curtis Owens And you having to provide funds to protect yourself in such a court.
Curtis Owens it is one thing to be able to provide evidence that helps you, another thing entirely for something that could potentially hurt you. Keep in mind the constitution of the USA protects your assets from being seized from within your own home and your mail and your library records unless athorities have a warrant. This protects you because it means they have to get someone who must consider both sides and the fact that you could be innocent of the charges to agree with them that your activities are suspicious enough to allow a search to be conducted. If they could willy nilly search everyone, without such protections everything you do could be used against you by a tallented lawyer if someone wanted you behind bars. A warrant protects your life from such an abuse.
Curtis Owens They will not always be that expensive, and they can be used for all sorts of professional things where that expense is justified.
Curtis Owens Now it will with this latest attack. CISPA will almost certainly be pushed through to be law. Which makes the privacy agreement invalid.
David Keith Gobert At least you didn't make any grammatical errors, Anna.
Garth Brown I'd rather be filmed in public with Google Glass than take the beating the author is getting from putting this article in the public sphere!
Tommy Snyder Ha this should never have been published there is way cheaper tech then this that can record u without notice...u must love Apple...Google envy ?
Aries Bautista Stupid article.
Josh Nthecity Yes the do
Paul Mahon No need to spend anywhere close to $1500. http://www.brickhousesecurity.com/category/safety+and+security/spy+glasses.do
Mark Belkowski Wow phonedog.
Scott Weiner The article is stupid but I think Google has a Segway on their hands...
Eric Graham Anna I generally don't like your blogs but this one is dumber than ever.
Juan Araya How is glass anything to be against when there are already hidden glass cams and other hidden camera devices on the net for less than 1500 dollars?
Daniel McCarthy What a waste of an article. Hope the integrity of the site was worth the page views.
Travis Newhero I'm paranoid, a lot. And I remain unphased, I find them sorta cool.
Leo Baxter Not as much as it gives me idiot concerns.
George Millhouse no wonder she is afraid of creepers
George Millhouse Jaime you just actually explained this all to me. I didnt bother to read the name. Thank you very much. You hit the nail on the head.
George Millhouse then dont use their stuff
Jaime Espinoza It's a chick and she is just getting her panties in a bunch. If you're in a public place anyone can see you and record you with out Google Glass.
Imran Haque Stupidest thing I've read in a long time. There are already sunglasses with cameras built in, pens with cameras built in, watches with cameras built in. What is fucking new about this? only the fact it has a display. Whoever wrote that is a nitwit.
George Millhouse i hardly even call this an article its just one giant rant from someone who is afraid of tech that he cant see a purpose in and thinks others can use it because a few will abuse it
Jaime Espinoza Not any different from having a cell phone. If someone gets murdered while wearing Google glass it would make it easier for Authorities to get their killer. I see a lot of positive from Glass. I think the Author of the Article is over reacting.
Jarno Tuomainen Now, add CISPA that just passed house, and lovely US govt. can just ask where your glasses have been. Without warrant.
Eddie Bombay Worthless article, if you can afford 1500 bucks for glasses you deserve to creep.
George Millhouse and considering the writer's bias against google glass this article is immature
Jeremy Bleich Google invading on people's privacy? Never
Daniel Ayala well if you in public you can be recorded by anyone or anything.
Randy Walker Sr. Nope don't plan to purchase any.

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