Black HTC One shows its face on AT&T and Sprint websites

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| April 21, 2013

HTC One Stealth Black

Both AT&T and Sprint have confirmed that they plan to offer the HTC One in both silver and black variants, but so far we've only seen the two carriers selling the former version to customers. The black variant may be getting close to launch, though, as it's appeared on the websites of AT&T and Sprint. AT&T has listings for 32GB and 64GB models, but there's no mention of pricing or availability for either model.

Meanwhile, Sprint's site promises that the 32GB black HTC One is "coming soon!". The problem is that it's not known exactly what "soon" means. For those that are curious, there's been no black HTC One sightings on T-Mobile's site, though the magenta carrier has never actually said that it plans to offer that version of the device.

We've gotten a look at the black HTC One a couple of times at this point, but unfortunately for any consumers that are interested in actually buying the thing, there hasn't been much said about when it'll be available for purchase. While the appearance of the black model on the AT&T and Sprint websites isn't a guarantee that it'll be available in the near future, the fact that it's finally got its own product pages on both sites means that it's one (small) step closer to release. Here's to hoping that AT&T and Sprint follow up these pages with some availability info in the near future.

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