AT&T Samsung Galaxy S 4 White Frost

Grab those calendars, AT&T customers, because the big blue operator just announced when it'll begin selling Samsung's Galaxy S 4. AT&T has revealed on its official Twitter account that it'll begin offering the 16GB Galaxy S 4 in stores on April 27, aka this Saturday. Pricing for AT&T's 16GB Galaxy S 4 is set at $199.99 with a two-year contract, and the carrier has said that it'll offer the device in both Black Mist and White Frost.

There's also some good news for AT&T customers that plunked down their cash last week to pre-order a Galaxy S 4. PhoneDog readers Jesse and JLPerez have received emails explaining that AT&T will begin shipping out pre-ordered units earlier than it had anticipated. The operator says that any subscribers that snagged a Galaxy S 4 early could receive their device as soon as April 25. 

It's worth noting that, while AT&T has previously said that it planned to sell both the 16GB and 32GB versions of the Galaxy S 4, today's announcement specifically calls out the 16GB model as being available on April 27. It's not yet clear if the 32GB version will also hit on that date or if it'll be coming along later, but we'll be sure to update you once we hear more. Have you pre-ordered your Galaxy S 4 yet? If so, which model did you opt for?

Thanks, Jesse and JLPerez!

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S 4 pre-order delivery

Via @ATT

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Owais Akhtar
Owais Akhtar No, it looks the same as S3 and only a few more features. Plus I can't upgrade until mid-October So rather wait 5 months and get the S5
Nikola Karovic
Nikola Karovic I have it
Richan Lancian Sumalinab
Richan Lancian Sumalinab No!
Edward Brillo
Edward Brillo Pre order the white one on att. Receiving it on the 25th. I also got the HTC one. It's okay.
Marlon Milligan
Marlon Milligan No
Jose Rodrigues
Jose Rodrigues No i just buy HTC ond
Matt Circonciso
Matt Circonciso I would if Verizon Wireless WAS GIVING PRE ORDERS
Donnie Ross Oneill
Donnie Ross Oneill I dont need a galaxy s4 i have a nexus 3 and a droid x2
Herwin Torres
Herwin Torres Nope. But will upgrade when the time comes
Christopher Manic Johnson
Christopher Manic Johnson Coming from the One X, as much love as I have for my baby, my GS3 is pretty amazing. The screen feels so much more polished. Yeah, it's more plasticy feeling, with that said, the overall feel of the device is nice, and Touchwiz is just so much more user friendly than Sense. I'm presently surprised, coming from Sense and stock Jellybean. Though, I am using Nova Prime, Touchwiz seems to complement it more.
CalvEen Yaam
CalvEen Yaam Just got my S3 last week for $50 on a upgraded contract. Ftw!!
Dan Bittner
Dan Bittner Nope Samsung sucks. Just got my HTC one on at&t
Scott Morey
Scott Morey My HTC One works just fine. I love the Zoe and Boom sound. I'm sure the S4 will also be great
Jace Casiño
Jace Casiño Let down? Maybe but you can't deny the fact that its predecessors and most of the other phones out there.
Duncan Wynn Jr.
Duncan Wynn Jr. Nope
Rogelio Esquivel
Rogelio Esquivel Note 2 and s4 and one x
Jay Lazz
Jay Lazz People think this is a let down? Wait till you actually experience an HTC for the first time lol. They look amazing. To bad they don't perform that way.
Mauricio DeSean Cruz
Mauricio DeSean Cruz What bout #Cricket Wireless When? Do it go on sale with them
Kenneth Li
Kenneth Li i waiting on bestbuy. remember the promotion when you registered your number, you get 50$ gift card?
Michael Santangelo
Michael Santangelo No. This will be a dud.
Dalton Davis
Dalton Davis I'll be getting one in August !
Basim Zaidan
Basim Zaidan No. Tired of upgrading every 6 months for a minor tweaks. The S3 is perfectly fine. Maybe when the Note 3 comes out.
Daniel Savedbygrace Marquez
Daniel Savedbygrace Marquez Is sprint getting the s4?
Malcom Buckhannon
Malcom Buckhannon I just ordered the gs3 the other day:)
Christopher Manic Johnson
Christopher Manic Johnson Whatever comes out of I/O, Nexus-wise, may hopefully be priced aggressively, just like the Nexus 4. So, even if you took the leap with the S4, I wouldn't be too regretful.
Handy Manny
Handy Manny Still waiting 4.1.2 on the SGH-i747 (AT&T S GS3)
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Id buy a note2 over the s4..
Eric Magana
Eric Magana That's the 4 thought it was the note 2..
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis No..
Justin White
Justin White Nope can't upgrade till July. Gonna wait for the note 3
Christian Roman
Christian Roman I BET
David Park
David Park i bought it
Vicki Figueroa
Vicki Figueroa I swear I hate Verizon.. theyre getting it but no word at all of when its launching with them yet! Pisses me off!
Kevin Hatchett
Kevin Hatchett That'd be a great slogan for HTC!
Jesse Ling
Jesse Ling this is a letdown compared to how big the s3 was
Kevin Hatchett
Kevin Hatchett I want my, I want my, I want my HTC!
Rogelio Esquivel
Rogelio Esquivel Just did
Sky Baun
Sky Baun Htc one!
Auston Groth
Auston Groth Dear Sprint GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!!
Dalton McVey
Dalton McVey That's my only regret with buying the S4, with it being so close to the I/O - but after running on a Droid Incredible for 3+ years, couldn't wait anymore.
Jason Geiger
Jason Geiger No one is going to buy this phone?? It's going to outsell all other Android phones by a mile. Doesn't mean it's the best phone though.
Dalton Summers
Dalton Summers Pass.
William Plotner
William Plotner No.
Mohammed Kanan
Mohammed Kanan yes
Dalton McVey
Dalton McVey Yep, got one in black coming my way.
Jeff Dauby
Jeff Dauby I want one of those Galaxy Megas just to be ridiculous.
Christian Roman
Christian Roman i bet
Christopher Hilliard
Christopher Hilliard Lte*
Dalton McVey
Dalton McVey I bought this phone. Your point is invalid.
Dino Džafovic
Dino Džafovic No.
Jacob B Dupuy
Jacob B Dupuy ugh come on vxw keep up...!Q
Christopher Hilliard
Christopher Hilliard Waiting for Google I/O to show nexus 4 late with key lime pie
Christian Roman
Christian Roman no one is going to buy this phone
Guillermo Lene
Guillermo Lene no.
Jeff Dauby
Jeff Dauby No.
Roger Schubert DeOliveira
Roger Schubert DeOliveira No.

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