The good and the bad of the new flagship from HTC has been divvied out in proportionate batches thus far, but I'm beginning to notice a shift. The majority of positive publicity surrounds the One's build quality and marketed features like BoomSound, Zoe, and the UltraPixel camera. But the negativity is becoming increasingly harder to pinpoint because it's coming from every direction. Most agree that supply issues and the One's late launch are negative factors, but neither are features of the phone. All of this untargeted negative publicity is starting to seem like a defense mechanism and leads me to believe HTC sure could use a visit from lady luck.

Just yesterday, Nokia spotted their microphone technology in the HTC One and placed a preliminary injunction against sales in the Netherlands. HTC's microphones were supplied by ST Microelectronics who is the sole manufacturer of Nokia's High Amplitude Audio Capture system. This legal dispute is over a breach in NDA and clearly lies between ST Microelectronics and Nokia, but HTC is still a bystander. HTC released the following statement to Engadget in response to the injunction: "HTC is disappointed in the decision. We are considering whether it will have any impact on our business and we will explore alternative solutions immediately." 

In other news, HTC can't catch a break with Samsung either. Anna wrote about Samsung's "dirty tricks" whereby the Korean company paid students to post fake web reviews defacing the HTC One. It's definitely not positive publicity for the Korean company and it says a lot about their marketing "tactics" against competitors. The impact on sales of the One in Asia has yet to be determined.

To top it off, here in the States both Sprint and T-Mobile aren't helping HTC either with many reports of pre-orders not going through, and multiple backorder delays. As TmoNews recently reported, the One has been the subject of such demand that the Uncarrier's online order system became unavailable this past weekend, with some customers even receiving shipping notifications followed by backorder emails. Clearly, HTC is the subject of some extremely bad luck from carriers, too.

I was lucky enough to receive a shipping notification for my pre-ordered HTC One this past Friday. This was easily one of the least stressful smartphone purchases I have ever made thanks to Aaron, Anna, and Evan's overall positive feedback of the device. Where many have already called it the best Android smartphone on the market, there are an equal amount of people saying "The competition hasn't really heated up yet, so it's still too soon to tell." It's understandable considering that Samsung's Galaxy S 4 has not yet hit the market, nor have any another flagships from other platforms. But it's likely that the publicity surrounding the One is at the point where it's starting to mean more than "HTC is in trouble if it doesn't sell smartphones" because they are and other manufacturers are doing everything they can to stop them.

Right now, the company everyone unanimously agrees has to knock it out of the park is HTC. You'd be a fool to think they don't have work to do as outlined by their 98% year over year drop in revenue. Likewise, it doesn't make sense to ignore the amount of publicity the HTC One has attracted. There comes a point in time when success can largely be defined by how much attention is gathered. Most of the time, the media finds something to glorify and elevates it to oblivion. But the One is unique in that its features like BoomSound, HTC Zoe, and the UltraPixel camera actually live up to their hype.

So, my question is this: is everyone really against HTC because they're winning?

It may be too early to tell how the One fairs against competing smartphones, but it's not too early to venture a guess that it's in contention for Android smartphone of the year. HTC has managed to up the ante with their marketing ploy by rehashing their motto and launching multiple commercials, as well as getting a single device on almost every U.S. carrier. To top it off, the HTC One has sold out of pre-orders on T-Mobile while the AT&T and Sprint models are still going strong.

While most of you are probably screaming "fanboy" and thinking I'm a lunatic for questioning HTC's current market position, I challenge you to find a smartphone that claims to be more than it actually is - a smartphone with features that are over-hyped. There are plenty.

But HTC has somehow managed to attract positive attention surrounding its device's core features. Despite both Nokia and Samsung affecting HTC's image in the mobile market, the momentum surrounding the One continues. If there's one thing to learn from the One, it's that HTC took a narrow approach at marketing key features, and for the time being, it looks to be working.

Simply put, the HTC One is the underdog of Android, but its key differences in build quality and exclusivity insofar position it in the Android realm as unmatched. As I've said before, the One need only carefully manage its supply chain and meet demand, and once this happens, HTC can turn its publicity into ammunition once those initial sales figures roll in.

Your turn, reader! Do you think the publicity surrounding HTC is elevating it into a league of its own? Does HTC deserve a break? I'll be listening to you in the comments down below!

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"Do you think all of the positive and negative publicity surrounding the HTC One is elevating it into a league of its own?"

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Hector Alvarado What are you talking about the design? Because all these phones are powered by google.
Philip Lu Having bad publicity is better have nothing at all. Regarding to expandable memory, Apple never had a mobile with such function and yet I don't see people complains.
Marlon Milligan HTC slayed with this phone period !!
Joseph James Gabo Waiting for the stealth black HTC ONE
Pirarre Miller For everybody thats saying HTC used to be bad in the pass...lets not forget Sammy was horrible too in the pass...the Galaxy S1 line of phones was horrible..but the OG Eco was great at that time. All I'm saying is companies can turn it around. And with the HTC One, I'm sure HTC can make a come back.
J Litz Van I just got my HTC One yesterday & I have to say that this is the most solid phone I've ever owned (I've owned many...MANY phones). The hardware is amazing, the software is new & refreshing, boomsound is crisp & clear & the 4 ultrapixel camera takes gorgeous photos!! All around, this is a great device!!!!
Warren Saunders HTC one.......is second to NONE
Jay Lazz Amen. HTC phones always look amazing but there functionality and hardware bugs suck. Now maybe HTC changed that with the ONE, but based on the track record, I doubt it. Time will tell.
Luis Robles Figueroa Yes cause talking positive or negative. You are talking about it. That equal to free advertisement. Enough said y'all get my point...
Danny Medina Well said I wish HTC did a phone like the note 2!!!!
Danny Medina Well said Stephen I agree with you !!!
Marcus Samual Winchester HTC have 3 major problems. There phones lack expandable memory, replaceable batteries and too many budget oriented variants. The low end market is already dominated by Samsung, Nokia and Huawei, they need to focus on mid high end phones. And maybe better advertising, the HTC ones ad was crap and didnt make me feel i needed to buy it.
Derek Horn I, personally, love HTC. I remember my first smartphone was the HTC Touch running WM6, and had several other HTC phones including the Evo 4G when it launched. I ordered two HTC Ones from TMo on Friday, and recieved both of them on Monday to replace our Galaxy SII's on Sprint. I hate the bootloader on Samsung phones, and HTC makes that much easier. The hardware in the One is amazing...802.11AC, IR for a remote control, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, quad-core Snapdragon. It's a great phone, feels good, loving the new Sense, and the screen is wonderful. The camera is different, but works really well. 1080p video and great pictures in low-light. The HTC One is a winner in my book, and to me that's all that matters.
Vicki Figueroa Samsung is I phones biggest competition.. not htc so dream on.. the sales #s speak for themselves.
Stephen Victor Said the Filipino. How's that call center job and English-by-correspondence series working out for you?
Shaun Lim this post will lure those samsung fanboys hahaha
David Moreno As long as people are talking about HTC and the One its good for them. People will always talk, just keep making devices like this One HTC and let keep talking lol
CeeGii Borels this is so dumb it gave me a headache
Eusebio Perez The HTC One is a great phone no doubt, and as of now the best smartphone available. But HTC needs to keep going, they cant stop with the One, they need a version of this to compete with the Galaxy Note series and keep the trend of One phone for all carriers. Nokia is already lining up their new aluminum body Lumia's and they will present some sort of competition, plus the s4 is commming soon and the Note 3 is on the Horizon. And there is a phone wich is better than the HTC and the Galaxy s4, the Asus Padfone Infinity it has all the features the One and s4 have and then some, so if Asus decides to lunch in the US that would be a problem, for both the One and s4.
Huey Liggins How is htc trying to be the new Apple with Samsung around? Samsung is trying to be the new Apple if anything. Idk about a league of its own but the reason it's receiving so much negativity is because of how unreliable htc is. (don't quote me on that but so many people have complained about them.) also people put htc one on top because of its looks. That's like the iphone. I'm not saying it's not number 1,but the majority of fans say it is because of its looks. They need to start giving other reasons.
Cal Turner HTC ONE is the Android iPhone--deal with it. I dont need 5000 songs on my phone, I like rotating songs in and out periodically. Just think outside the box for once.
CeeGii Borels no no, thats just an overflow of the HATE Apple gets, since you know HTC is trying its best to be the new Apple
Stephen Victor They just need to stick to the ONE and no more variants. No budget phone B.S. Just make this their one and only baby for 2013 and then do a smashing follow-up in 2014. Last year's models can and should continue to sell as the "budget" options alone, maybe move those over to pre-paid models.
Thomas Hadley Immature htc hater
Anthony Evans htc sucks
Nick Kathrein HTC Needs a winner so I'm hoping they can pull some iPhone users because my Samsung users are just going to upgrade to the S4 I believe.

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