For quite some time now many in the mobile industry have stated their predictions on how long it would take Cupertino-based tech giant, Apple, to start its downward descent from the top. According to the New York Times, last night Apple announced its worst financial results in a decade, resulting in an 18 percent net income decrease during the second fiscal quarter of 2013. 18 percent is no small dip when it comes to profits, but as it turns out, Apple still has faith that they will be able to bounce back without a hitch from this point forward - just maybe not in the way we might think.

All in the same breath, let’s not get carried away here: Yes, 18 percent is a fairly large amount in losses, but Apple is still doing very well for itself, and it’s not going anywhere. The only thing that’s changed is that Apple is, for the first time in a long time, Apple is no longer unquestionably the best – not for the moment, anyway. For once Apple’s products are stepping aside from the limelight in favor of other products that can offer more functionality, and even step up to feature that “premium” design that so many desire from Apple. The HTC One, for example, is able to bring both to the table and people are starting to take notice.

Speaking of HTC, let’s take a moment to look at how HTC has done for itself over time. At one point HTC, while not in the exact same position as Apple, was doing a lot better than it has been lately. However, HTC seems to be doing a "bounce back" of its own with the launch of the HTC One. Not only is it one of the first Android devices to really have praises sung about its premium unibody aluminum finish, but it also has incredible new software to match. Phones like Apple have long worn out its welcome when it comes to premium software and hardware as lately it has only been excelling in producing the premium hardware aspect of the equation – which is debatable considering the aluminum design Apple went with for the iPhone 5 is anything but scratch resistant.

HTC went from zero to hero with their latest phone release: even as recent as the first quarter of 2013 HTC’s profits were down by an astonishing 91.5%. In all likelihood, these profits won’t raise much, if at all, when Q2 reports roll out considering there was a delay in the release of the flagship device and now it’s in direct competition with the Samsung Galaxy S 4. However, I feel that their numbers would have improved had everything actually gone according to plan, and I expect to see some positive change come Q3.

I feel that the same could happen with Apple if their goal is truly to be the top contender of all of the mobile market, but I have a feeling that perhaps the hype surrounding Apple has run its course for a while. After all, all good things must come to an end, and while one day it might pick up again (as it has before regarding other Apple products) it looks as if the time has come for the iPhone era to lay dormant.

Not to say the iPhone will be going anywhere - it's not. Instead, I feel it will change from being the innovative product that we fell in love with from 2007 to being a secure smartphone that we can rely on; the gift that keeps on giving, if you will. Apple seems to have made it clear that it has no real intentions of changing the interface any more than simple cosmetic changes, and perhaps that's where Apple plans on staying for a while.

While Apple may have originally planned to keep chugging along on the Idea Train to Innovationland, somewhere along the way things just went wrong: You had Apple's Maps, which turned out to be unfavorable among iOS users to say the least; the iPhone 5, which may have been a little taller, faster, and featured LTE, but that's really all you can say about it; and finally you have the same stale iOS that keeps rolling over from version to version with no real significant changes. While both the iPhone 5 and the new versions of iOS aren't anything bad, per se, there was a bad stigma around them. Why? Because people expected there to be something different at some point and that wasn't the case.

I think now we know better. Well, some of us know better. Some of us clearly never learn (I had a moment of weakness, and I thought I saw some light at the end of the tunnel. I'm sorry.) But I do think in the back of our minds we all knew that Apple wasn't going to be on top forever. Apple will always be an important part of the smartphone market, if not for its roots in every smartphone on the market today it will be at least for its secure and simple platform. It was the first real step towards the world of smartphones, and from what it looks like it will continue to serve as the first step for many people to enter the smartphone market. It’s not a bad thing – I think we just have to learn to look at Apple from a different light from now on.

Readers, what’s your opinion? Do you think that Apple should drop out of trying to make the latest and greatest products and just focus on creating premium entry-level devices? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!

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"After announcing an 18 percent net income loss during the second fiscal quarter of 2013, what do you think Apple's next move should be?"

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Kal El
Kal El What move? They are going to eventually peak in sales, and stay in a generally steady income range. Exponential growth is only possible for a while... Besides, this isn't a real loss, only a loss on projected income. In reality, Apple made plenty enough profit. Just not what they had hoped for.
Tom Nguyen
Tom Nguyen I own a Nexus 4 and love it. Apple will be okay. They will be around for awhile. Considering the amount of money they have stashed away they can afford to strike out as many times as they want.. Iphone's are quality phones no doubt.. but still overpriced. With the specs of all these high end android phones evolving to rapidly.. at the pace Apple is moving sooner or eventually Iphones might be placed in the mid ranged smartphones category.. they are moving a bit slow and need to play catch up
Naj Khan
Naj Khan buy samasung
James Norwood
James Norwood Lay down and die.
Martin Cota
Martin Cota produce hardware using Android.
Saurabh Bisht
Saurabh Bisht Reading The Above Comments Is Much Exciting than to know The Rumors About Note :P
Dina Locklear Ball
Dina Locklear Ball Stop having so many restrictions, bigger screens, merge iTunes with other music sites
Jude Fils-Aime
Jude Fils-Aime they will end up like BB
Aries Bautista
Aries Bautista They like to do things their way and telling people what they them to do. Not focusing on what the people really wanted.
Javier Sanchez Ojeda
Javier Sanchez Ojeda Redesign IOS From top to bottom
Hunter LaCusta
Hunter LaCusta put what the people want into their iphones like nfc and more customization
Adrian Salazar
Adrian Salazar Apple's iOS has to change and fast! Anyone who thinks that the iPhone is perfect and shouldn't change a thing is stupid. I own a iPhone and have gone back and forth from iOS to Android and vice versa and I have to say that jellybean 4.2.2 is a lot better than iOS 6.1.3! Sure you can jailbreak and add features thru mods but the way the iPhones hardware is it'll be a short time before the phone starts getting laggy. Where are quad and octo cores and 2gb ram Apple?
James Norwood
James Norwood Kiss Samsung's butt, Apple sued them for no reason so they need to smooch to caboose.
James Norwood
James Norwood they should keep making phones but we know Android will still dominate for the most part but I want iOS around that way I need someone to point and laugh at, we need competition to keep the phones high quality but we don't need one operating system dominating the the market or else quality will go downhill really fast.
Adrian Salazar
Adrian Salazar They need to give consumers what they want. Big screens and revamp the iOS. These are the main reasons people leave Apple to go with Samsung and now HTC!!!
Vikas Nanda
Vikas Nanda Innovate for a change
Syedul Islam
Syedul Islam Well the bottom line is that Apple is still making a solid profit, but the fact is they are starting to fall, now I want Apple to make great products as well as the android army, competition is great.. Proud owner of Iphone 5 and HTC one..
Marcus Edwards
Marcus Edwards It's simple the iPhone 4 is free on contract on three major carriers so people will get that one. No one is buying the five that much. Only 50 percent is ip5. In a couple years when the 5 is free people will get that one. That cuts into revenue.
Dwayne Cook
Dwayne Cook Try to outdo Samsung once again, but fail. Samsung Galaxy S4 FTW!!!!
Joey Weeks
Joey Weeks For fucks sake they are still profiting BILLIONS. They need to buy all the stock back.
Beto Santana
Beto Santana Join with samsung and build a smart smart phone
Eric Magana
Eric Magana Go with windows and rule the phone market
William Plotner
William Plotner I have the one and it has better build quality than the iPhone.
Hatim A Paghadiwala
Hatim A Paghadiwala They need to c what consumer are after... I guess 5" screen is in trend... Plus ppl need some flexibility with their device in terms of content sharing n transfers through pc... iTunes sucks premium material isn't everything ...advance camera system,larger screen, space for extra memory, innovative home screens etc... If u just provide the same thing for years with just improved hardware then one day u will fall
Sheck Welle
Sheck Welle Let them eat Pop Corn since I got mt HTC ONE>
Scott Barkley
Scott Barkley I hate to break the bad news to you, but, Samsung has been making Apples hardware for years.
Andy Layman
Andy Layman Innovate...
Nikola Karovic
Nikola Karovic 5ch full metal iphone awesomnes
Brian Milligan
Brian Milligan Android? Lol
Dustin Stephenson
Dustin Stephenson Are you sure??? Cause if I recall correctly the 5S will be out very shortly, less than a year after the 5. Seems pretty fast to me..
Magnus Larsson
Magnus Larsson Run Android.
Alberto Garcia Flores
Alberto Garcia Flores They should stop suing every single company that makes a phone or tablet, it makes them seem so bad and stop pretending they make the best devises no matter what.
Jesse Ling
Jesse Ling When apple is finally dead im decorating steve jobs grave with Android merch :)
Israel Sanchez
Brandon Mims
Brandon Mims They just need to focus on being a midrange premium phone maker.
Marlon Milligan
Marlon Milligan Run android
Jim Marshall III
Jim Marshall III Build a real smart phone
Alfredo Manuel Gonzalez II
Alfredo Manuel Gonzalez II Be innovative wohaha
James Thomas
James Thomas Stop cutting into their own product line.
Michael Brangwynne
Michael Brangwynne Start making top of the line technology phones instead of 2 year old technology phones.
Willie Ward
Willie Ward Change iOS! As I type this from my iPhone 5!
Murtaza Rzv
Murtaza Rzv Dust is everywhere...
Prasad Santha Guru
Prasad Santha Guru Always apple has new idea !!
Walter Perez
Walter Perez @sean..point taken...but why tinker with what works?...I think we all want too much too soon from all the manufacturers...lets enjoy what we have. Most of what we do today with our phones was unheard of just a few years ago...competition is great I love it but all this Apple picking is silly...that's all I'm saying...
Haldi Kuniqi
Dawson Roy Shepherd
Dawson Roy Shepherd Make a actual smartphone that people want don't just bring out the same thing every year with just bumped up specs, oh and also they need to start innovating. that is the only way they will survive
Camar Green
Camar Green Safe yea fast hmm not really. Boring is an understatement. They need to think what will things be like 5-10 years from now. Stop holding out and fkn bring it. Android is making a comeback and yes I mean comeback. Few years ago the OS was crap.
Neil Leisenheimer
Neil Leisenheimer Cut their losses and stop making phones.
George Millhouse
George Millhouse Walter before iPhone we had BlackBerry. They didn't invent it they just dumbed it down for the masses
John Mercado
John Mercado They need to go out of business and make Microsoft buy them again lol like 1997
Reese Woodson
Reese Woodson They need to revamp iOS and make different size phones. Not everyone wants a tiny "4" phone. How about making "4.3" and up with an HD screen.......
Soppe del Cenchesco
Soppe del Cenchesco Iphone has the safest and fastest ios
Collin Hoylman
Collin Hoylman Make a 4.1 inch screen
Hector Alvarado
Hector Alvarado They have such a great product I don't think they feel they need to do any changes
Cecil McMillion
Cecil McMillion give up and sell out
Donald Dew
Donald Dew Make a 5.5 and a 4.8 Bang and Olufsen Speakers Solar/ Wireless Charging Go back to glass but a strong more durable glass that can transition in different lighting 32GB, 64GB,128GB A bigger sensor or maybe something similar to a mirror-less camera such as a J1 with interchangeable lenses iOS 7 (Completely overhauled with real widgets) Make a cool commercial like the Mac vs PC that we all liked.
Soppe del Cenchesco
Soppe del Cenchesco Apple is the greatest
Sean Watson
Sean Watson wow walter. That's like saying that henry ford makes the best cars ever, because he made the 1st cars. Just because they were essentially the 1st smart phones doesn't mean that they are always the best. especially given that they haven't changed since then
Sean Watson
Sean Watson stop making phones lol
Brandon Holley
Brandon Holley Its like people forget they make computers, tablets, ipods, as well as phones. Breaking it down I suppose they should work on their mobile os. Nobody's really complaining about the desktop. Maybe give a few tweaks to make it look the same for older users but add some useful features like I dunno a usable maps app, something along the lines of Google now among other things.
JMichael Rodriguez
JMichael Rodriguez They need revamp their image. The incremental upgrades are just not cutting it. For the last two releases of the iPhone; the crowds have not shown that much excitement. Apple needs to go back and think about what made the iPhone standout from the rest. Take that idea and think if something new. Problem is, Apple is not a risk taker. They'll just keep giving consumers small upgrades.
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey F A I L :P
Lance Tomlinson
Lance Tomlinson Still make iphones but switch the OS to Android.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Who cares.. I just sold my iPhone & got a note2.,
Faseeh Pervaiz
Faseeh Pervaiz Accept the fact that u cant beat Samsung , So stop making these shitty iPhones !
Walter Perez
Walter Perez Copy Samsung?..hilarious!..what flip phone did you assholes use before iPhone changed everything we know about "smartphones"...haters ...stop worrying about Apple and consider when the next "big" will ever happen if Apple doesn't create it!!!
Jordan Scarano
Jordan Scarano The should go out of business
Jody Warrick
Jody Warrick They could just make another commercial claiming their phone is the best and how phones should not be bigger than 4 inches.
Jeff Hollins
Jeff Hollins Stop making iPhone..
Brandon Moran
Brandon Moran aren't there more important things to talk about? Lol..
Ian Mcclendon
Ian Mcclendon nah, but you can if you want to....
Jody Warrick
Jody Warrick That hasn't worked the last 10 times.. but .. .maybe it will THIS TIME..hahahahahahahaha
Jeff Griffith
Jeff Griffith I've always bought the newest iPhone as they came out, owned every model except the 5 which is a pointless "upgrade" still using my 4s but if the 5s doesn't meet my expectations I'll be jumping ship to Android.
Jody Warrick
Jody Warrick For the LOVE OF GOD, Make a BIGGER phone.. It's so freaking simple!
Donald Dew
Donald Dew Nice, u was hoping for some likes huh?
Kauro Kamiya
Kauro Kamiya put android OS preferably key lime pie
Dale Junior
Dale Junior Listen to customers and stand behind their products.
Dayan Inclán
Dayan Inclán Die
Ian Mcclendon
Ian Mcclendon They should just keep calm and do a twerking video
Usama Nasim
Usama Nasim They strictly need to change their company policies. .... need to know the latest trends in smartphones
Jp Garmay
Andrea W. Reynolds
Andrea W. Reynolds Pray...
Rick Conrad
Rick Conrad To make a new phone. When did the 3g come out again? When you don't make a new product for 10 years your profit will suffer.
Maximilian Airas
Maximilian Airas FINALY!!
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey To self-destruct and let Android continue to dominate.
Julius Palma
Julius Palma Go Quad-Core and Android-like features.
Dee Ross
Dee Ross Make another iPhone just like the last one and throw a letter on the end of the name.
Gordon Christie
Gordon Christie Make an Android phone or release ios like google did with Android
CeeGii Borels
CeeGii Borels lay down beside Steve, take a well deserved dirt nap
Stephanie Malton Chesmore
Stephanie Malton Chesmore Copy Samsung
Anthony Lasam
Anthony Lasam A "boot-camp" option for Android so iOS can be able to dual boot jus like for Windows on computers.
Ken Reil
Ken Reil Close the company.
Grant Van Brunt
Grant Van Brunt their next move should be not to suck
Ken Post
Ken Post buy stock while its low :)

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