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Time to wake up with Dan Hesse and a hearty bowl of quarterly earnings. Sprint just announced its Q1 2013 results, revealing that it moved a total of 5 million smartphones during the three-month period. As if that weren't enough evidence that smartphone sales were big for Sprint in Q1, the big yellow carrier says that 86 percent of its quarterly postpaid handset sales were smartphones. Sprint also revealed that iPhone sales exceeded 1.5 million units for the quarter, with 43 percent of that total being sold to new customers. 

On the subscriber side of things, Q1 2013 helped Sprint to grow to a total of 53.9 million customers on the Sprint platform, which the carrier says is its highest-ever level. That number includes 30.2 million postpaid users, 16 million prepaid subscribers and around 7.9 million wholesale and affiliate customers. Sprint's Q1 2013 brought with it 12,000 net postpaid subscribers, 568,000 prepaid customers and a net loss of 224,000 wholesale and affiliate subscribers.

When factoring Nextel into the equation, Sprint was hit with 560,000 total retail postpaid net losses and 369,000 retail prepaid net additions, finishing the quarter with a overall subscriber loss of 415,000. That means that the total number of subscribers on Sprint and Nextel at the end of Q1 2013 finished at 55.211 million.

Sprint says that its consolidated net service revenues for the quarter were flat year-over-year, finishing at nearly $8 billion. The carrier's operating income ending the quarter at $29 million, which is an increase from the $255 million operating loss that it incurred in the year-ago quarter. Overall, Sprint says that it ended Q1 2013 with a net loss of $643 million, which is an improvement from the $863 million net loss that it saw in Q1 2012.

It looks like Sprint had itself some ups and some downs in Q1 2013. The carrier managed to hit its highest-ever level of subscribers on the Sprint platform and also managed to move a decent number of smartphones, but it still incurred a net loss in both cash and total subscribers. One factor that played into the subscriber loss is the Nextel platform, which is unsurprisingly bleeding users because Sprint is shutting down the iDEN towers that power that platform. Sprint does note that not all of its Nextel users are ditching Big Yellow completely, as it managed to recapture 264,000 postpaid users and 67,000 prepaid customers from Nextel.

Sprint is slated to hold a conference call to discuss its earnings at 7 a.m. ET. As usual, we'll be joining in on the fun with a cup of coffee and a hunger for some more hard wireless numbers. If Hesse and Co. have anything interesting to say during the call, you can bet that we'll share it with you.

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Joey Robusto At t mobile enjoying no contract and upgrading my phones whenever I please. No complaints about services it rocks.
Murtaza Rzv Buy the beast SAMSUNG GALAXY S4
Anthony Bailey LOL. It's so funny hearing the "network vision upgrade" excuses and the "you'll be sorry you left" excuses. I heard those same lame excuses well over a year ago when I ditched Sprint for AT&T, and y'all still throwing out those lame excuses I see. Ditching Sprint was one of the best business decisions I've ever made. I'm still not sorry I left and y'all sheep drinking the Sprint Kool-Aid are still waiting for those amazing upgrades LOL!
Hector Alvarado No way! No bars they suck
Kevin Joel T-Mobile here.
Matt Ellis Worst company ever.... Will never buy from them again!
Kyle Cordiano They need to work on their network coverage.
Malcom Buckhannon Nope i hate sprint.
Jesse Ling Through their pre-paid.
Roger Schubert DeOliveira Who the hell is joining sprint....what's the draw?
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Sprints the worst company I ever had service with.. slow data, lousy customer service..glad I dumped them.
Michael Franzone amazing how u alll judge so quicky about a company network vison it will be amazing and your service is poor now they wil credit u juesss
Michael Franzone people they in a a network upgrade.. network is gonnna be insane soon then youlll regret that u left
Andre Martian Frederick Probably why I can't keep a 4G LTE signal on My Galaxy Note II anywhere (Can't handle the bandwidth of all the customers). I see T-Mobile in my future, can you say unlimited 4G LTE with unlimited tethering (mobile hotspot) for what I am paying Sprint now.
Jose Angel Santiago No but I helped sell them.
Fernando Gonzalez Nope. Dropped them. Their speeds are horrendous and couldn't take it any more. But I'm cheering for them. I hope they can get it together.
Reese Woodson I wish the best for Sprint. They need to work on their weak network though.......

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