HTC Rezound update rolling out with global roaming support, data connectivity improvements

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: April 26, 2013

HTC Rezound Verizon Wireless

We haven't heard much from the HTC Rezound ever since the DROID DNA strolled onto Verizon's shelves, but today the Rezound has been thrust back into the spotlight thanks to the arrival of a pretty beefy update. The new update is version the 4.05.605.14 710RD and, while it's not quite the same as a bump to Jelly Bean, the bundle of software does include some pretty nice improvements.

Probably the biggest inclusion here is global roaming support, which will enable the Rezound to access voice and data service in over 205 countries around the globe. There are some goodies inside for the non-globetrotters, too, such as improved device stability and data connectivity. Here's the changelog for the 207.1MB update:


  • Global Roaming and Global Support are now enabled. Now take advantage of voice and data services in more than 205 countries worldwide. For additional information and support please visit
  • Let’s Golf 2, Data Widget and VZNavigator have been updated
  • Improvements to Skype video call quality have been made
  • Improved device stability by minimizing device lockups and resets have been made
  • Mobile Hotspot now displays correct number of connected devices
  • Improvements have been made to BackUp Assistant Connectivity and Reliability
  • Guided tour videos have been updated in “Basic Set-up and Usage Videos”
  • Visual Voicemail has been updated to reflect the accurate notifications
  • Improvements to Data connectivity have been made
  • Apps such as Mobile IM, VOD, VCAST Music, Blockbuster and VCAST Apps have been removed

Verizon hasn't made any official announcement regarding this update's rollout, but Droid-Life and users in the XDA-developers forums have already begun receiving it. If you're rocking a Rezound and haven't yet gotten an update notification, you can try to check for it manually be heading into Settings > Software update > Check new. Once the update does hit, don't forget to take a break from planning your world travels to stop by the comments section and let us know what you think of it. 

Via Droid-Life, XDA-developers, Verizon Wireless

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