I've had HTC's One for a little while now, and I'm still blown away by this device. I've had devices in the past that I've loved to use, and therefore had trouble putting down if I didn't absolutely have to. I've also had devices that I didn't mind putting down and forgetting about. In the case with the One, though, I find myself staring at it all the time. I'll just look at it, for seemingly no reason. It gets worse when the display is on.

No matter what type of situation HTC finds themselves in right now, as far as I'm concerned the One is a hit. It absolutely does deserve the praise it has been receiving all across the Internet. Sure, Samsung's Galaxy S 4 could very well drown out the attention the One has been receiving, but I hope that isn't the case. With the One's pricing and features, it should still get plenty of attention from in-store sales reps for the carriers it's launched on.

But as much as I love the One, and believe that this is the hardware Android has been waiting for, it isn't perfect. The hardware is pretty dang close, though. Software wise? I'm still trying to wrap my head around some of the changes that HTC has made in their Sense UI.

Now, don't get me wrong, there are plenty of changes that the company made to their proprietary software that I love. Sense is in no way shape or form as "in your face" or even prevalent as it was in previous HTC-branded Android devices. Yes, you know Sense is there, especially if your home screen is BlinkFeed, but it's not as heavy as it used to be.

The changes I'm talking about have to deal with the notification shade, but mostly with the app drawer. I still have no idea why you can't hit the Back button to leave the drawer. I don't know why you can't just touch and hold an app icon to drop it on the home screen of your choice, without having to move it up to a "shortcut" option. And, maybe worst of all, the duplication of app icons if you move it out of the bottom row.

These changes just don't make any sense.

This is one reason why I wish Android were more customizable out of the box. Without attaining root and having to add custom ROMs. Yes, that's an option, but it's not an avenue that I want to travel down these days. I'd like the options to just be in the Settings menu, easily accessible with plenty of different options to choose from. It could be something as simple as: "Use Sense 4+ app drawer."

The kicker, though, would have to be that it doesn't look like the Sense 4+ app drawer. I just want it to work like previous devices. It looks great now, so don't change that.

Android is hyped for its customization, and there should be no doubt in anyone's mind that it has more customization options than the other smartphone competitors, such as Apple's iOS or Microsoft's Windows Phone. But I can't help but wish there was more to do, offered by the manufacturer without having to void any type of warranty.

Like the lock screen, for example. The One's lock screen actually does quite a bit, in a lot of good ways. It offers music controls, whether you're using the stock Music player or a third party app to listen to your tunes. It has the weather right there for you to see. And you can choose in the Settings/Personalize area of the device to choose a lock screen style that shows a photo slideshow, or even notifications (like text messages, missed calls and calendar events). But, in the "more customizable" department, I wish I could move these things around on the lock screen itself.

I'd like to move the lock screen music controls, for instance, towards the middle of the display, instead of having them rest at the bottom.

These are little things, I know, and for the most part completely negligible. I just think it would be nice to be able to change things like that if you want, when you want. Of course, if Samsung's Galaxy S 4 is packed to the gills with software features, which can be overwhelming to many, then it's likely shoving that many "customizable" things into Settings would see the same result.

For the foreseeable future, we're probably just going to have to keep leaving it up to the manufacturers and designers of our favorite phones to make the design choices we'll fall in love with when we finally get our hands on their new devices. While there are some changes I wish I could make to the One, I'm okay with saying that HTC has made the Android phone that I've been waiting for. Even if I didn't know I was waiting for it.

If you use Android, do you wish you could have a bit more customization without having to root your device? If you don't own an Android handset, do you wish the phone you are using offered up more customization out of the box? Let me know where you stand on tweaking your handset.

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Richan Lancian Sumalinab
Richan Lancian Sumalinab What kind of customization do you want?I think the writer of phondog is against to Android platform. Just customize your iOS phone.
Cj Espiritu
Cj Espiritu droid dna ftw!
Faseeh Pervaiz
Faseeh Pervaiz i don't agree with u this time ! but i think iOS needs it !
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson Don't manufacturers already customize android enough? Anything beyond stock is customized beyond recognition, hence the reason no phone is updated the same day the current nexus device is.
Jose Calderon
Jose Calderon Only real "geeky" people customize it like some do their PC tower.
Jose Calderon
Jose Calderon I heard that people buy android because they can customize it, but 90% don't bother.
Lauren Ashley Nash
Lauren Ashley Nash I understand, I come across like that when I talk to non comic book noobs. Yeah, lol I try not to do too much to my phone, lol. I wouldn't root it at all. I only found out what all this was, including bricking after I googled it.
Jaime Espinoza
Jaime Espinoza Well I've never had my devices brick in the middle of an Update. I've had android since the G1 on T-mobile and been through hundreds of Android phones not because they were bad but I don't stick to new devices very long with the exception of the Note 2. Glad to hear your getting your device replaced. And I didn't mean for my response to be cynical. But I'm part of the XDA community and when noobs try to root their phone and they brick it after we tell everyone to follow the instructions to the letter and they still brick it we tell them " You only have your self to blame". Nothing Personal Lauren <3
Lauren Ashley Nash
Lauren Ashley Nash Its not always the persons fault.
Lauren Ashley Nash
Lauren Ashley Nash I did nothing to it. I didn't take any risk because I did not root it. Virgin Mobile sent an update to my phone, it was plugged in to charge. and it bricked after the update.
Lauren Ashley Nash
Lauren Ashley Nash Thank you for that cynical response, but its not my own fault. I did not root it, I didn't even know what rooting was. They sent an update to my phone, I had it plugged in and it bricked.
Jaime Espinoza
Jaime Espinoza How did it bricked? Were you trying to root it? Was it updating the Android system and your phone ran out of juice because your phone wasn't plugged in or have the battery charged at least 50%? If you answered "Yes" to any of my questions then is your own fault.
James Norwood
James Norwood Android is the top shelf operating system, how much more customization could you possibly want?
Adam Smith
Adam Smith why do laptops and pcs not brick when to change from windows xp to windows 7
Huey Liggins
Huey Liggins No matter how customizable every phone has a limit. And if you customize your phone to the point that it drains your battery then that's just as much your fault as it being bricked but at least you can easily undo it. The key word here is choice. Giving us more choices is good. What we do with those choices can be good or bad. That's up to the user
Felix Tran
Felix Tran @Lauren you took the risk and messed up the phone, that's actually your fault. They're not responsible for what you do...
Cameron WeathermanCam Terrell
Cameron WeathermanCam Terrell Androids are a customizable as they get...unlike apple, androids have live, moving wallpapers, without the need to jailbreak it.
Felix Rob Paulino
Felix Rob Paulino That's why we have XDA.
Javier Sanchez Ojeda
Javier Sanchez Ojeda Sure, there's always room for more customization
Bent Christensen
Bent Christensen Use Nova Launcher and get rid of blinkfeed.
Dale Junior
Dale Junior Then warranties would be void or would have to be stretched. Makes no sense.
Steve Bachman
Steve Bachman One word, ROOT!
Wilmer Barreto
Wilmer Barreto you gotta be joking
Luis Arturo Batista Aquino
Luis Arturo Batista Aquino i agree
Jody Warrick
Jody Warrick Jeph.. My note 2 gets me through an entire day with heavy use with about 40 percent left at bedtime.. How is that bad?
Jeph Swift
Jeph Swift Yeah, you'll love being able to do more, but I seriously have a FOM when you guys start complaining about your phone being dead after an hour
Dave Bourque
Dave Bourque how much more customization do you want.... jesus christ lol Android is the most open OS out there...
Jeph Swift
Jeph Swift if any more androids become more customizable, then I think everyone should switch to something else because the battey will be even worse than it already is on current android devices.
John Dalisay
John Dalisay I agree with this article.
Lauren Ashley Nash
Lauren Ashley Nash Yes, I also wish that they would prevent the phones from Bricking. My phone bricked two days ago, I'm getting another today, but I hope it won't brick like the other.
Márk Domoszlai
Márk Domoszlai so you want manufacturers to customize them, or want droid to be more customizable?
Douglas J Kmiotek
Douglas J Kmiotek It sux that the Chinese HTC One has a removable back cover & microSD card slot. What's up with that??? Really,...it's about choice & this is one less decision being made for us. Rediculous,...

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