Have you ever heard the phrase, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em"? If you haven’t, then congratulations - you're probably the trendsetter in your neck of the woods. If the phrase doesn't speak for itself in so many words, it basically means if you can't get what you want then you might as well give in to what everyone else is doing. It's a perfect phrase to describe how I'm feeling when it comes to my battle against gargantuan phones - slowly but surely it looks like what initially started out as a niche product, or a fad, has turned into a very real future for all of us.

It's time to dust off my white flag.

Phones have gone through a lot in a very short amount of time. Really. I mean, when I was just around 13 years old the coolest phone to have was that Nokia brick that was more dangerous to the floor than the floor was to the phone. It made calls and you could text.  A year or so later we had flip phones, with color and internet and it could play “real tones” (you were lucky if you could make out the song through the static, but hey, it was real!) Soon enough we had phones with keyboards to aid the texter’s ever-loving addiction to typing, and then we had the iPhone. That was a real turning point on how we saw phones. The funny thing is, the iPhone was considered huge at the time, and I don’t just mean huge for the market. I mean physically people thought it was huge for a phone.

People got over that fact fairly quickly when we started realizing just how much more that “phone” does – people were willing to give up size for functionality. Soon the phone wasn’t seen as that big anymore once other manufacturers stepped in and decided to take it a step further when it came to size. The most notable example I can think of was the release of the HTC EVO 4G. The EVO was the first phone with 4G to hit the market, had a fantastic 8-megapixel camera, and it was positively ginormous at 4.3-inches. Seems almost miniscule now, but when it was released in mid-2010 it was quite the giant. And guess what? People loved it. Why? Because of the features, that’s why.

That seems to be when this race really started; the race to have the biggest, baddest phone around - the Fonzie of all phones. Ayyyy!

The thing about Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone is that none of their main features ever focus on phone calls themselves anymore. Nobody really makes a big deal about the clarity of the calls or anything like that. They care about data speeds, memory, and battery life. They're just not "phones" anymore, they really have become more of portable computers. So perhaps that's where this whole big phone thing comes in, because let’s face it: most of the time we're not holding the phone up to our heads anyway. When I look at my bill details every month it's clear to see that my data usage and text messaging far exceeds the amount of time I spend actually talking on the phone. So in the end why does it matter how big or small the "phone" really is? It's just measuring the size of the screen in front of our faces most the time, and it would make sense to say that bigger is better in that aspect.

Not so long ago I wrote an article regarding how size really isn't the issue anymore, speed is. As time goes along and I see new devices being released in the market I only see them getting bigger and more powerful - it only makes my argument for small phones tougher, especially when my only real example of a prime small phone is the iPhone, which is a phone that receives enough scrutiny as it is. At some point I think I have to realize that this "big phone" thing isn't something that will phase out overnight. After all, history has a tendency to repeat itself, so it makes sense that large phones are back in style. So what am I going to do about it? I can't beat ‘em.

So I join ‘em.

I will continue to have a sweet spot in my heart for small phones, but the odds are against me now. The time for wanting a big variety of smaller devices is not the present. I await the day that the small phone trend picks back up. For now, large phones may have won the battle, but they have not won the war!

Readers, how do you feel about the plethora of large phones being released? Do you think that the time for small phones has finally run out, or do you still feel that manufacturers should still make some top-tier phones for those who prefer small devices? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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"Do you think that the time for small phones has finally run out?"

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Malcom Buckhannon Yes! I love my S3
Zaka Ur Rehman Best Disply Note 2 ........... 5.5"
Curtis Owens It all depends on what you need them for. If you need something that can act as a home away from home computer a larger one is probably worth it. If you just need to look up a date or connect with someone, a small one will do just fine.
Kevin Joel I want a 5" Windows Phone.
Usama Nasim if u expect that technology must change,, then u have to consider other alternates, phones like galaxy note devices are a revolution in technology, 3 inch devices were a standard when they came out, now in 2013, if u expect that technology must bring something new, then these devices with bigger screens are the one we are talking about. i personally own a note 2 and i think its a absolutely amazing devices and even packs every technology u want...so bigger screens are in..atleast for me
Lance Hill If they get any bigger then what's the point of a tablet.
Rob Watkins I think four to four and a half inch is ideal.
Danielle Marie Morales I love the bigger screens on all the new Android devices. Even though I still love my iPhone 4S I'd love it if my next iPhone had a 5inch display!
Edgar Perret-Gentil gla, sq footage, bigger is better, errthing is bigger in TX, darn right i rather drive a v8 than a 4 bangger..go figure.
Juwon Donte 4 inch screens are way to small unless your a girl if a phone isn't 4.7 inches and up I will not buy it
Duncan Wynn Jr. Vicki , I have the BlackbeRry Torch 9810 and the Nokia 700 and I don't have much trouble reading on their 3.2 inch screens and my eyesight is far from the best ! Nor do I have trouble typing , and I have large hands ! It's all in what u need , but if I need a device almost as big as a tablet , I'll just spring for the tablet ..
Jose Calderon Guys with big phones are just compensating for their small penis.
Sandile Mncwabe Yes it has .
Mark Fisher Jr. If it is, they need to start making bigger pants pockets.
Vicki Figueroa I'm getting the GS4.. it has a perfect size 5" screen
Vicki Figueroa Has nothing to do with having small hands.. i have small hands but the small screen makes it harder to read things like web pages & type on tiny keyboards. I don't have bad eyesight but I don't want to read teeny tiny print & I shouldn't have to zoom in to see things better.
Vicki Figueroa Yep. Small phones are out
Kevin Kaufman small phones still have a loyal following with people that have small hands and great eyesight and sheep
Alvaro Sanchez Is not about the size....its about perfection......
Andrew Bissel Big screens. As big as possible. Just let me hold the phone in one hand
JayR Yambao It will always be a preference thing imo. It always depend on what the user uses their smartphone for. Not everyone wants a small phone and vice versa.
Rupan Hossain Disagree, I don't want my phone to be as big as a tablet.
James Vincent I have fairly large hands but I prefer a 4" screen... easier to operate one handed... my 4.3" screen is sometimes difficult to one hand it
Huey Liggins Bigger is better. Simple. (trying not to say "that's what she said") look up Samsung youm. I think that's the flexible display their looking into. They have a preview video that's nothing short of amazing. That's the future of phones and tabs
Fabian Toti 4.7 or 5.0 is my sweet spot
Chris Culp If they are way too big, then why do people keep buying them?
Daniel Schmitt My thing with this is that if u have big hands than go with a big phone. Most big phines like the note to has awesome specs. But its hard to find a smaller phine to have the same specs. Ur either looking at a phine frome 4.7 to 5 inches to get any kind of decent specs on a phone. Who says a phine cant be 4 inches and still have a good of specs as the gallaxy note 2 or the s4. I dont like apple but tbey seemed to do it and i have a htc one myself
Jason Vargas Over 4.3 it I won't look twice. 4.8 is the sweet spot
Curtis M. Cook No... Hopefully Motorola's "Bigger is bigger" "Better is better" comments are hinting at a future for smaller smart phones.
Kenny Wenger The only people wanting something as small as the iphone are teenage girls and guys with small hands...and you know what they say about guys with small hands! Note 2, all day everyday!!!
Cesario Brito Jr. Ummm yeah.
Felix Tran Did you even read the article?
Jose Calderon A 4" phone is NOT small. This article is too black as white. Anyway, there is no size fits all. That's like saying large gloves are in. wtf. Do you SEE what's wrong with this viewpoint?
Joel Diaz I think anything past a 5.5 is too big. But really tho, the iPhone screens r small as allll hell dam!!!!
Juan Camaney 5 inches should be the ideal size for any smartphone
Julian Scott I personally think nething over 5inch is 2 big
Jose Calderon 4"=normal size. 5"=large. 6"=x-large
Lance Hill I know a lot of people who say phones are already to big!!! The GS3 is to big but the GS2 and iPhone 5 are the right sizes and probably shouldn't get any bigger. I myself love the size of the iPhone 5 but the thinnest stuff has been played out. I want a phone that's thick enough so I don't worry about snapping in half!!!
Jerry Goldbaum I don't want or need to carry a phablet every day, day in, day out. EOS.
Hemanta Rai It's time for the big things,,
Cesario Brito Jr. Bill, what the hell would you care??
Bill Thomas What the hell would u want a huge ass phone like that for????
Bryan T Miller No A lot of people even think 4.3 is too big, I love my 4.7 optimus g
Cesario Brito Jr. Anna, how many times are you going to make the same BS articles. Large phones are selling now. Theres a thing called choice. I'm going to get the Note 3. You mad???
Devin Martinez I say 4.7 is good
Alex Le no, one reason I'm switching to apple is because there are no good phones with smaller size screens
Kyle Cordiano Not yet.
Wilmer Barreto This is all bullshit, phonedog.com is just looking for excuses to defend the stupid Iphone, Apple fanboys, remember
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Yep.. After getting the note2 I don't think i want anything smaller..
Shelley Ferguson They are getting ridiculously big! Why I have an iPhone!
Tim Springer There's clearly a lot of ppl who want a phone that fits snugly in their hand and pocket. As long as there are sub-5" phones (preferably apple) I'm there!
Steven Murray th? n?w G?la?? S4 is aw?s?me, hop? i will r???ive min? s?on! --> http://y.ahoo.it/tHlvh?dPGWh=27849291760_10151375214721761 ---
Idris Hussain ever thought of foldable phones ?
Shawn Gergler YES. Note 2 all the way
Andrew Johnson I love my note 2. I can't imagine having a screen as small as my old evo 4g again!
Javier Segura I hate phablets that's why I got an iPhone.. Cause already own a tablet I don't need a second
Shawn Thornton I sure hope not, I already have a damn tablet.
Idris Hussain you got it wrong bud.
Philip Kumai Will there be a time when screens are too big? Like someone walking around with an iPad size phone stuck to his head?..lol. But seriously, in the past, people couldn't wait to get phones smaller and smaller and now its the opposite. For now big phones rule but I'd say small phones will still have a marketplace.
Idris Hussain yup, and flexible ones soon.
Idris Hussain not any more, check out asus Padfone Infinity.
Jordan Brown Nope. Manufactures are loosing their minds and creating phones that are way to big. Like the Asus FonePad, a 7" phone tablet thing.
Chris Roberts I truly believe that there will always be a place for smaller phones but to answer the question YES in genral Larger has won..
Eric Huxtable 4.7 is enough.. the note 2 is pushing it but bearable. This is why I love the HTC One I have.. feels good in the hand and I don't need to stretch
Chris Kang I HOPE NOT
Sky Baun 4.7 max
Chris Northcutt Love the bigger screens!
Idris Hussain What they meant was anything smaller than 5" is out of high end smartphone league.
Brandon Mims Smaller phones will probably be the new starter phone for kids
John Begay Ipad should just become the new primary cellphone for apple
Idris Hussain X is 4.7
Luis Olivar Big phones ruined the concept of a cell phone. 4.5 is big enough.
Idris Hussain Totally small phones are the toys for future toddlers
Anthony Evans they will still be around but bigger screens will rule
Daniel McCarthy Hasn't won the war? The Galaxy S3 is 4.7 inches. The S4 is 5 inches. The One X is 4.5 inches and the One is 4.7 inches.

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