Samsung posts Galaxy S 4 design video to show work that went into creating its new flagship

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| April 29, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S 4 White Frost

Much like it did when the Galaxy S III was released, Samsung this morning has posted a video that explains the work that went into creating the Galaxy S 4. The clip is full of interviews with various Samsung designers that touch upon both the software and hardware features of the company's new flagship smartphone.

On the software side, Samsung really plays to its "Life Companion" tagline for the Galaxy S 4. One designer says that the mobile phone isn't just a thing that people get information from anymore, but that it's become a part of everyday life. Meanwhile, another designer says that the Galaxy S 4 understands and is aware of him, adding that it has become "a part of [his] daily life."

Other Samsung designers spend their on-camera time discussing the Galaxy S 4 hardware. As with the Galaxy S III, Samsung uses references to nature to help it describe the work that went into creating the Galaxy S 4. One designer explains that the company was inspired by "a precious stone glittering in the dark, or countless stars sparkling in the night sky" when working on the new handset.

Many have said that the Galaxy S 4 is an evolution of the Galaxy S III, and that's a feeling that Samsung appears to share, as one designer describes the S 4 as being "not a radical difference, but more of an evolution." Of course, Samsung is still awfully proud of its new baby, with another employee saying that the Galaxy S 4 is "like nothing you've ever seen before." Now that the phone is officially official and has begun arriving on store shelves, we get to see if consumers are as excited about the device as Samsung is.

Via Samsung Tomorrow on YouTube