Google Glass 'Getting Started' video demonstrates the basics of using the device

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| April 30, 2013

Google Glass How-To: Getting Started video

In the past couple of months, Google has begun rolling out its Glass Explorer Edition units to buyers, released a companion MyGlass app into the Play Store and even shared a video that demonstrates what it's like to wear Glass. One thing that the company didn't do, though, is offer an in-depth explanation on exactly how the thing works. That's changed today, because Google just posted a "Glass How-to: Getting Started" video to the official Project Glass YouTube account.

The new clip is fairly brief, clocking in at one minute and eight seconds long, but Google manages to cram quite a bit of information into the short video. In it, Google shows off the touchpad on the side of Glass and demonstrates the various swipes that can be performed to navigate through the timeline of cards in the Glass UI. Users can tap the touchpad to wake Glass up, swipe backward or forward to navigate through the cards and swipe down to return to the home screen.

Obviously this new video will be most helpful to the lucky folks that've already managed to get a Glass unit to call their own, but it's still a pretty interesting video for folks that don't own one but are still interested in the device. The clip provides another look at Glass in the wild, offers an overview of exactly what it's like to use Glass and also serves as a way for aspiring owners to get their Glass fix until they can get hold of an actual unit. Google's official "Getting Started" video for Glass is embedded below.

Via Project Glass on YouTube