New trial between Apple and Samsung scheduled to go down in November

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| April 30, 2013

Samsung logo angle

Grab your calendars, folks, because we now know when Apple and Samsung will be duking it out in a courtroom once again. In a document filed yesterday (PDF link), it was revealed that a new jury trial involving Apple and Samsung will officially kick off on November 12, 2013. The full trial is scheduled to take place on November 12-15 and November 18.

This new trial is the result of Judge Lucy Koh's decision to reduce the damages awarded to Apple as part of its trial with Samsung last year. Judge Koh reduced the damages by $450.5 million because of errors made by the jury in calculating the amount that Apple was owed. 

In addition to setting the dates for the new trial, this latest court order has also reinstated almost $40.5 million in damages for to Apple. These damages relate to the AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy S II that were struck by Judge Koh earlier this year, but they've now been awarded to Apple once again. Apple wasn't so lucky when it came to its arguments for reinstating its Samsung Infuse 4G damages, though, and so that device will remain part of the new trial that'll be getting underway in November.

We'll have to wait until November to find out exactly what will come out of the Rumble in Koh's Jungle: Part 2, but even folks that aren't interested in the trial itself can look forward to the start of the courtroom battle. That's because court documents from last year's trial ended up revealing several juicy bits of information, including device sales figures and unannounced hardware, and it's certainly possible that we'll see more details like those outed during this year's trial.

Via The Verge, Case Management Order (PDF)