Expert Spotlight - Aaron Baker - 5-2-13

The PhoneDog
Mascot from  Charleston, SC
| May 2, 2013

Joining the cell phone community and the Official Smartphone Rankings last week, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 was introduced.  14 experts voted, and the Samsung Galaxy S 4 just didn't earn enought points to take down the HTC One.  But PhoneDog Editor-in-Chief, Aaron Baker selected it as his top smartphone.  Find out why and review all of his selections below.

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After months, a new contender is at the top of my list! The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is at the top of the list due to an improved build, fantastic feature set, and availability on top carriers. While some may write the software features off as 'gimmicks,' they make the overall experience better in many ways. In second place, the Galaxy Note II due to a large battery and large display - perfect for the road warrior that sends a lot of email. In third place, the HTC One due to a beautiful build quality and availability on many carriers (though I'd love to see it on Verizon). Coming in in fourth place, the Samsung Galaxy S III due to a great feature set at a (now) very affordable price. Rounding out the list, the HTC DROID DNA for those Verizon customers that can't pick up the HTC One - yet.