We're just over a month away from Apple's developer conference. It's a big event. Some might even say "worldwide," even. And for a lot of people there is plenty to be excited about. This year, though, there had been plenty of rumor and speculation about what the Cupertino-based company would be unveiling, with most of it focused pretty heavily on some new hardware for the mobile space. Unfortunately, thanks to a recent Apple earnings call, most of those hopes and dreams got dashed pretty hard on the rocks.

Just a few weeks ago we thought we'd see the new iPhone at WWDC, based on the rumors. One could have easily imagined that a new iPhone would be launched in the summer. Now, though, we know that a new iPhone won't see the light of day until this fall. That gives owners of the iPhone 5 out there a little more time with their device, which I don't think is a bad thing at all. iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S owners who've been holding out for something better, and who didn't pull the trigger on the iPhone 5, will just have to wait a bit longer.

Hopefully the wait is worth it.

At this point, we know that while the next iPhone will probably follow the same physical design cues as the iPhone 5, the big focus is probably going to be on software. Everyone has been clamoring for a change to the iPhone's UI, which has essentially stayed the same since its debut back in 2007. Rows of icons, and that's it. While platforms like Android have been taking full advantage of our home screens through the years, and new platforms like Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 have changed the way we use our home screens, Apple's iOS has stubbornly stayed the same.

That's set to change this year, though. Reports that iOS is set to get adjusted to a more "flat" design, with less "shine" just won't die, and by now it's accepted as an unannounced truth. A lot of people are excited that those same reports suggest Apple will be dropping all of its skeuomorphism elements as well, which makes sense. While the yellow notepad was a cool trick back in 2007, it's essentially run its course by now.

I'd venture to say that this time around, the rumors regarding Apple's change in software seem a bit more "stable" this time around, as opposed to previous years where we heard the same things. The reports were never this articulate or focused back then, to the point where we knew it was going to be a "flat" design. This time? This time we should know what to expect when Apple takes the stage in June.

Of course, that could turn around to bite them in the you-know-what if they decide to not change anything about iOS, especially not in such a big way as people are expecting. Would it anger enough people that no one would buy the next iPhone? That's hard to say, but I imagine that more than a few people would jump ship at that point. Then again, the question still remains whether or not Apple needs to fix what isn't broken.

A few weeks ago I asked you all what you were realistically expecting in the next version of iOS. It was your chance to set the table, along with your expectations, for what you believe the company will announce in June. Even if you aren't an Apple fan, it was a good way to paint a picture of where you think Apple stands now, and where you'll think they'll stand in just a few short months, once their new software is out in the world.

The iPhone 5 released back in September of 2012, so it's not quite a year old yet. The device saw plenty of sales, and up until the release of HTC's One, it was heralded as the best designed device on the market with its industrial design and thin frame. The individual components and features on the iPhone 5, from the hardware perspective, were all doted over back in September, and have survived the test of time on our own Official Smartphone Rankings, at least on the Expert's side of things. But now that the phone is inching closer to replacement, and we know that the next iPhone will be an "iPhone 5S," I'm curious as to what you'd change on the hardware front.

Most of these changes could go into the next iPhone, in one way or another, so I'm curious to hear how you'd change Apple's latest iPhone, in an effort to guess, if not know, what will be coming down in the next version of Apple's popular mobile device.

For me, personally, and I know this isn't very likely, but I wish that the iPhone 5S had a wider display, and not just a taller one. I'm a fan of the 4-inch display as an idea at this point, but I know I would have preferred a device that had gone wider, and not taller. And if Apple does plan on going with a larger display again for the iPhone 5S, hopefully they don't continue to stretch it vertically. I believe that would toss out the whole one-handed usage design idea at that point, and that's no good at all.

The one other thing I'd like to see change is the camera. With some of the best cameras on the market right now in our mobile phones focusing so heavily on low-light shots, this is clearly where Apple has to put its own focus for the next iPhone's camera. But, at the same time, it simply can't just do the same things and call it good. The next iPhone's camera has to take better shots in specific situations than, say, Nokia's Lumia 920, HTC's One, or Samsung's new Galaxy S 4. People are obviously expecting a lot from their smartphone cameras, and this is one area where Apple can't slack. This is one area I wish Apple had changed on the iPhone 5 right out of the gate.

But now I want to hear from you. I want to know how you'd change the iPhone 5, in relation to what you believe the next iPhone should feature. An even bigger display? New construction materials? A faster processor or more RAM? Let me know how you'd change Apple's popular iPhone 5.

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"What hardware features would you change in the iPhone 5, and expect to see in the iPhone 5S?"

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Jona Rulloda im happy & satisfied w/ my iphone5!!if i want a phone w/ a bigger/wider screen than iphones,id rather buy an ipad...
Anonymous I would like to see larger screen, maybe a 4.5" and new user interface. Not to forget better picture quality especially in lowlight condition. Better battery life and faster RAM and processors...
Jamie Crane I don't like iPhones android htc one is for me but I think iPhone should make bigger screens more customation
Richard Mccarthy how? I wouldent make one lol
Mario Aguilar iPhone has one of the best if not THE best camera on any smart phone out today... I agree with you on the bigger display and resolution though... 4.3" would be perfect and SD cards are disapearing and slowly going to become obsolete on smart phones... but that's only my opinion of course
Kal El The iPhone 5S is going to be irrelevant, unless they implement the features expected of the iPhone 6.
Dave Gray I'd start with the manufacturer...
Clarice Louie Change the shape a little. Add a variety of shapes and some different colors.
Mark Belkowski Dont really care about anything iphone.
Owen Wu i dont understand, people all in the public love apple and never even thought of hating any brand name, its a whole different story on the internet
Charles W. Y. Wong Apple is too late in the game.
Richard Allen Yarrell Apple sucks monkey balls.
Eric Gen Maby a bettet batery i think appl only have to change something in iOs7. (Sorry if iwrote a mistake I'm from germany
Ian Walker If apple changes up the ui and brings a new designed handset to the table! Then I would consider going back to a iPhone.
Jesse Ling I'd undo the iPOS line entire existence
Don Mahaffey Weaver II We would without a doubt change to the hardware feature as this is the hardware feature to end all hardware features. Featuring Polymer Peter D2D.
Luis Arturo Batista Aquino the physical change, software and icons change, an SD card slot would be great and not to be so expsinve, anyway why so expensive? because is an apple product? hell noo
Pablo Olivas Complete overhaul. It's getting boring. Love the design and some functions and imessage...make it larger!! 4.5 at least!! Add more customization and better UI. HTC One is shi**ing on the so called competition...fav device out right now. It feels so right in my hand.
Patryk Klosowski In my opinion iOS for iPhone don't need many changes. It's pretty ok to fast check your mail or use maps. But the really big thing is the iOS for iPad. Tablets are post-pc devices, so they should have also post-pc software. iOS is way too smartphone-use designed and you can't use iPad just like normal or even post-pc, because software don't allow that.
Vladimir Conrado Everything
Jose Calderon Nothing. I'm perfectly happy how it is now.
Patryk Klosowski This question is actually pretty lame. Why? Because hardware isn't very important nowadays. It's all about software. So my answer is completly new iOS with multiwindow, more stock camera features, improved Apple Maps, notification bar on locked screen, fast settings, improved multitasking and ONE homepage only for widgets (let's be honest, 5 or 7 homepages are useless). If Apple would make such changes (but we all know know they won't) they would beat all the competition. Those features mixed with the best software ecosystem on the market could blow off the other guys.
Daniel Dürr I couldn't care less
Rene Saenz Jr. love my Note 2..
Faseeh Pervaiz Switch from iOS to Android !
Brandon Johnson Lol... Why would you want to put android on the iphone... So you're saying you like the iphone, you just wish it had android on it?
Nikola Karovic 4,5ch screen
Vikas Nanda Bigger & better screen, NFC, better camera, iOS overhaul in both looks and functionality. But no doubt it will be more of the same!!
Jo Jo I have a 4400mAh Anker battery with built in NFC & Google wallet Chip in my samsung galaxy s3 & get well over 12 hours & am a power user.
Calvin Ezell Galaxy s4
Daniel Quintero Change the look looks so 2007
Brent Legendre make it a little thinner and lighter and maybe even smaller, i like the size of the 4 better than the 5. If i have to watch movies and tv away from my home i have bigger problems.
Jerry Goldbaum If I wanted Android, I'd buy an Android phone or a crappy Android tablet. Since I want iOS which includes both phone and tablet I would say a better camera in low light scenarios and some form of payment system that does not have to use NFC. If NFC is used, then Apple will bring legitimacy and faster adoption to the market.
Rami Fares Fix the awful wi-fi. Other than that, it's great.
Ryan Berding I would change it so it wasn't an iPhone
Phil Ofthefuture I would remove iOS and install Android.
Magnus Larsson Mix it in a mixer.
Eric J. Powers All of it
Abram Wenevermet Dennis I wouldn't buy anything smaller than my note2 now.
Ale Zuvic I'd put Android on it.
Jeremy Carter An SD card slot. Bigger display and higher resolution screen. Better camera
Brain Roopull Removable battery, SD slot, slide out QWERTY & Jailbreak that sucker. As is, I rank it about where I rank low end small Win8 Phones. Not bad, but not particularly useful for my needs.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis I love iOS. I just got bored of my 4s & refused 2 get the 5 so I sold it & bought the galaxy note2.. sorry apple but you did it 2 yourself.
Ernesto Moreno Nothing too advanced. Apple takes it slow in upgrading because it's good for business since people still buy.
Brent Marvich Made in America would be the first thing I would change.
Tj Trujillo A better camera and updated interface would be nice. One thing I do like is the size - they seem to be staying within certain parameters and I love being able to use my phone with only one hand.
Jekemian Wykle Put Android on it
Eddie Phang Go buy a HTC one
James Hampsten bigger screen thats WIDER instead of taller.. 4.8" or at least 4.3" so it's at least somewhat comparable to android's offerings. I just left iOS this week because of this issue, I LOVED iOS, but I needed something larger so that my fat fingers could type and communicate better. Apple, you come out with something wider in the next 2 years i'll come back when my upgrade is available then..
Jo Jo The iphone needs a better file manager like Android & let u do copy & paste folders thru my computer when plugged into the pc or laptop. & they should do away with itunes as well.
Danny Chavez I'd say putting Android 4.2.2 on it.
Tiaan Truter Make it slightly cheaper
Steve Bachman I'd turn it into an Android device!
Bryan T Miller Along with a 3000mah battery
Bryan T Miller 4.7 inch 1080p display and 2ghz quad core cpu and 3 GB of ram
Nathan Parks New interface. Also quick toggles. My two biggest gripes about iOS. I won't complain about lack of customization or screen size because those are even more subjective than my initial two issues.
Jimmy Reynolds And every time bring on the trolls and flames. If you don't like either iOS or Android, here's a novel idea don't use it. Simple.
Josh Stanley better battery and a revamp of ios
Ed Plnia That's why they have different flavor so everybody can select the one you like, you like android and a lot of other like me like iPhone, I'm not saying that I don't like android but stop hating on apple and iPhone
Dalton Davis Everything! Bigger screen, redesigned iOS, change in the phones design maybe. So far every single iPhone I the same!
Seokjun Han exynos 5 octa
Saurabh Bisht COmpared it to My note 2 i didnt find any feature or anything that make me to switch it to Iphone5..
Reese Woodson Bigger screen (at least "4.3") that's actually HD resolution and a revamp of iOS
Jason Paul Traylor i don't like Apple but it could anything it would be the design to start it then give them everything Android offers like the Samsung Galaxy S4 or Note 2
Maegan Babcock I'd be interested to see if they make the screen any larger.
Jody Warrick What I expect? Or what they SHOULD change?
Abram Wenevermet Dennis I expect 2 see a couple of added festures & a longer screen.
Ed Plnia I don't know why you are saying everything. The iPhone isn't bad like some Android user always keep saying, that's hating on apple. I used to be android user until iPhone 4S and now iPhone 5 and waiting for iPhone 5S...
Saurabh Bisht i juss want to see what they wil come up with their new features but Surely Dnt Want To Buy It After my Note2.. :D
Saurabh Bisht Everything.. :D

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