I’m going to be straightforward with you guys about something. I mean, I know I said it right there in the title so I can’t really get any more straightforward about this than I already have, but despite all of the negative remarks that I throw Apple’s way I actually am still very interested in iOS, particularly where Apple is going with iOS 7. I mean, I look up articles and updates about it every day and I never come up empty-handed. This is the “rumor phase” that I both hate and enjoy. This is the kind of thing that I’m here for.

It’s easy to hate iOS 7 before it’s even released. For most part we mostly just know that iOS 7 is becoming more “flat”, whatever that means. From what I gather it mostly means they’re getting rid of graphics that have, up until this point, been designed to resemble the real deal: Game Center has graphics that resemble wood texture and green felt fabric from a pool table; the Newsstand application is texturized to look like a wooden magazine rack, and even Notification Center has some thatch-y denim design going on. But we’re not hearing about anything new coming out with iOS 7, and while I would love to place the entire blame on Apple and their inability to produce new features I also have to take a look at how I really view devices that release with “new and exciting features”.

I don’t like them. They’re gimmicky. All of a sudden it seems like we’re just trying too hard.

The “newness” of the smartphone world is almost anything but at this point – most people are comfortable enough with the idea that this is no longer a futuristic product and we are living with them in modern times. And as smart as we give our “phones” credit for being, they do have their limits. And sometimes less really is more when it comes down to it.

Take a look at Samsung. The Galaxy S 4 came with a lot of new “Smart” features, all of which I already knew I would not use if I decide to get the device. Essentially the Galaxy S 4 would be a faster, slightly larger version of the Galaxy S III for somebody like me.  Don't get me wrong, I like faster, so in the end I probably would end up getting the Galaxy S 4 over the savings of the Galaxy S III if I wanted to, but I digress. For me at least, I don’t care so much about new features anymore. It's more about the specs, and quite frankly a platform that decides to do a cleanup rather than add more clutter might end up being something people would like to see.

I can’t truly hate the iPhone because as boring as it seems sometimes, it does precisely what it's meant to do. It has apps upon apps to choose from, it works nearly flawlessly, and it's clean. It might be too expensive and there are certainly ways that Apple could make applications more user friendly for your average multi-tasker, but other than that it really is a good, solid platform.

I'll admit that I enjoy jumping on the iPhone-hating bandwagon as much as the next person, but sometimes you have to stop and think that maybe what Apple has going on in something that's more than meets what has become our spoiled expectations.

For once I may have to give Apple credit for seemingly heading in a new, lesser direction when it comes to smartphones. If you asked me a month ago where I thought iOS was headed I would have simply said, “Backwards,” but the more I look at it the more I think that this is exactly where Apple needs to be right now. Samsung, in my humble opinion, is trying to take things too far; they're adding too much to their smartphones. The Galaxy S 4 is a great phone but as I mentioned before, if I decide to get one there are a lot of features that will be left unutilized. I would be paying for a lot of things that I shouldn’t be paying for. Apple isn’t doing that. Are there things that I don't use on iOS? Yes. I can’t say that I would lose sleep if I never saw Newsstand on my home screen again. But from what it sounds like, it doesn’t look like they’re going to be adding anything too crazy either.

Every company goes through their phases where they make something big, then people lose interest, and then they lay dormant for a while. Then the cycle repeats. This has already happened with Apple once and perhaps this is just where they're reaching the end of that cycle again. The iPhone is where the smartphone boom really took off and now that there’s not a whole lot left to “innovate” when it comes to smartphones without looking gimmicky it’s time to refine what we have.

That being said I return to my first point, where I restate that I don’t know what iOS 7 will offer in its entirety, but the speculation that’s surrounding it and really not knowing what to expect this time around keeps me interested in what “changes” Apple's newest software has in store for us. iOS 7 is essentially Apple’s last hope at winning the customers over – and we’ll find out exactly what in we’re in for in a little over a month at WWDC 2013. Until then, it's speculation a-go-go land for me.

Readers, what are your thoughts on iOS 7? Do you think that Apple should roll back to a simpler interface or do you think it should push more towards adding more? Does iOS 7 interest you at all? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Images via MacLife and ReadWrite

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Ed Plnia People talk 2 much BS just because they are apple hater, if I buy one phone is not thinking on doing root or changing the room or software because if I got it, it was because I like what I saw before I pay for it, "that's about android" and about iOS iPhone I don't do any Fcking Jailbreak because of the same. When I buy any phone I stay like I got it otherwise I don't see the point of getting the device in first place so stop bitching about it... If you like android use android, if you like iOS then use iOS and stop hating, I have both of them and I'm not complain about any of the two system...
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Im enjoying ios & android. .both have their pros & cons.
Miguel Hernandez As long as the iPad 2 is compatible...
Matt Shipley I hope they don't have widgets. They are just a waste of time and battery life. Lol
Dani Hayes As long as a speedy jailbreak comes out.
Matthew Swanson Possibly, please have widgets finally
Daniel Dürr Couldn't care less.
Jourdan Fletcher people always complain about fragmentation in android and forget that the ip4 will never get siri and the ip3 will never get ios6 apple restricts their updates also. atleast w/ android you can root and still run the newest os, not true with a jailbroken iphone
David DiPilla If apple wants to get a head they need to do better than android
Chris Roberts Just watch what happens when Apple starts adding a butt ton of features like android into ios then all of the iwhores will then call them awesome and revolutionary NOT GIMMICKY.. LOL I can't wait to say I told you so..
Chris Roberts Apparently he's never used Jellybean lol
Kal El Super excited for the flat design actually.
Javier Segura Android generally sucks as a platform. iOS will continue to own it regardless what the Andrones say
Jeremy Bleich Who wouldn't be curious about an OS that doesn't bombard your phone full of bloat ware, share your information with third parties, and invade your privacy
Thomas Boehnlein If the flat rumors are true, this might be the first time ever that I like how iOS looks.
Robert Wellington Clubine III iOS is simple, uncomplicated, un intrusive and not full of junkroids.
Magnus Larsson There is a reason for that. Apple is a joke.
Daniel McCarthy Then get a Nexus device, they're about 350$ cheaper than the average smartphone.
Sanchez Edgardo No one cares anymore about iOS..
Joel Paskings Well, I'm on Android right now. Just waiting for the right time (when Apple lets me customize the OS without jailbreaking) to go back.
Patrick George Jr. I'd rather use a stable old OS(iOS) than use an OS(Android) that's unstable and buggy. Here's the thing if you don't have a nexus device there is a chance you'd never get OS updates
Will Doyle I've had both os's and prefer the simplicity of iOS. If they could some how make it customizable with an easy switch back to classic mode, that would be great for everyone.
Malik Valbrun I like how on an IOS related post has android fanboys all over it. Lol
Rodger Samiie Myers Apples iOS system in general is designed to be a simple device with no complication when using its system... It's greatest strength comes when you use multiple apple devices togethet liked apple tv and ipads...however its death is also its simplicity...hardware wise it doesnt need to have the latest and greatest processors...and camera...well htc one proved its software that makes a good picture...not the lense
Debbie Kains-Coupal No interest at all!
Dounutz Sesar They will constanly copy android os n call it revolutionary
Jacob A Vernell Android fan boys crack me up. Haha haha.
Jose Guerrero Android all the way.... apple has been and always will'be pure crap! (When it comes to iphone and ipad)
Rok Vrtacnik i was never interested in apple
Amsal Issa IOS in general is crap, stick to android.
Tim Feierabend It will be interesting to see how their redesign impacts other smart phones, specifically Android and Android UI design.
Sam Gonzalez Forget the new update. Id rather stick with the version i have now
Tanner Emmers That's what apple should say lol
????????? ?????? my is 6,1,3
Luis Reich No interest at all... Next....
Daniel McCarthy Not at all. It's inferior software on inferior hardware.
Reese Woodson It interest me some what.........
Mark Belkowski Does apple pay you to constantly talk about their products?
Oliver Thomas Cervera 17.8MB... everything wil change..
Ed Plnia How or where did you get that picture? iOS 7.0? With only 12.8MB

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