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Looks like iPhone 5 owners aren't the ones getting a shiny new update today, as Verizon has begun pushing out an update to its version of the Samsung Galaxy Note II. The big difference between the two updates is that the Galaxy Note II's update is much, much larger than the iPhone's, which is actually just like the devices themselves.

According to Verizon's support documents, the Galaxy Note II's update weighs in at 246.5MB and features the build number JZO54K.I605VRAMC3. Two of the most notable parts of this update are a bump up to Android 4.1.2 as well as Multi-Window support for more apps, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Google Maps. Some of the other big improvements include better Wi-Fi connectivity, a Notification Panel editing menu and support for the Samsung Smart Switch app. The full changelog for the I605VRAMC3 update is available at the bottom of this post.

Verizon hasn't made an official announcement regarding this update's rollout, but Droid-Life and several of the site's commenters say that they've already managed to get it installed. If you don't feel like waiting for the update to be rolled out to your neck of the woods, you can check for it manually by heading into Settings > About phone > System Updates. This looks like a pretty beefy update, so if you're rocking a Galaxy Note II that's got a "Verizon" tattoo on its home button, you may want to try and grab this sucker as soon as possible. Be sure to give us a shout once you've updated!



  • Download images via Enterprise Exchange email
  • Download ring back tones through VZTones version 5.1.2 preloaded application
  • Access downloaded languages on the Samsung keyboard
  • Use Multi Window support for more applications (YouTube, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon Kindle, Viewdini, Google Maps and Talk)
  • Search or filter by Name in the dialer screen
  • The snooze option in the Alarm Clock app is set to “ON” by default
  • All Alarm Clock options are now viewable without the need to press the “more” button
  • Added a Notification Panel editing menu under Display Settings
  • Transfer content from your old device seamlessly with the Samsung Smart Switch application, now supported


  • VZ Navigator®
  • SMS text messaging
  • Verizon Wireless Backup Assistant Plus∞
  • ISIS Mobile Wallet
  • Exchange Active Sync (EAS) email
  • Wi-Fi connectivity


  • Android OS updated to version 4.1.2 – including several Google security patches
  • Added support for IPV6 end-to-end when using Mobile Hotspot application
  • Improvements to Exchange email syncing have been made
  • User is now notified when device is in airplane mode: “Outlook cannot send e-mail while in airplane mode. Email will be saved to Outbox.” 
  • The following preloaded applications(https://play.google.com/store) have been changed to stub applications for new activations or if a factory reset is performed: VZ Navigator, Viewdini, NFL, Amazon Kindle, IMDB
  • Fixed the over-sized text in S-Note when the phone is rotated to landscape mode
  • Removed duplicate calendar sync events with applications like Facebook
  • Back Up Assistant Plus∞ now supports a setting to select the auto-back up time
  • Group Cast preloaded application name has been renamed to Group Play


  • Zappos

Via Droid-Life, Verizon Wireless

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"Verizon is now rolling out a new Galaxy Note II update that includes Multi-Window support for more apps. What do you think of Samsung's Multi-Window feature? If you've got a Multi-Window capable device, how often do you use that feature?"

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David DiPilla Its a bout time now I can have facebook on the top of my screen and something else on the bottom got my update dis morning and I screamed when I found out they have that now
Michael D Newcomer Jr I have note 2 and I have multi Window I just can't add whatever apps I want to live at&t or sprint
Mark Belkowski Should of been 4.2.2. I bet this device doesnt see it until the end of the year.
Patric Pederson I have had this update since January when I rooted and Rommed my phone. Jedi X is the best!
Syedul Islam y not just root your device? im running 4.2.2 on my note 2 LTE and its amazing! there are tonnes of you tube links which will show you how to do it.
Owen Wu everyone in the public likes iphones better than anything else, just go ask around ordinary people around you
Owen Wu no one uses samsung and thiks iphone is the best
Dee Ross I use Multiwindow all the time. Pretty nice.
Vicki Figueroa If you read the article the title says the update is for 4.1.2 not 4.2.2
Daniel Quintero Its awesome use it all the time
Charles W. Y. Wong Verizon is slow! Multi view I use it on Facebook, youtube, watch a video and surf the web.
Nick Chimento I hate how Verizon has some of the top smartphones but they have their customers wait forever to receive updates. It's not a Samsung thing, it's a Verizon thing and they really need to change that. The amount of time I have to wait for an update is the only reason why I haven't gone to Verizon... Fix it Verizon
Mahdi Nourideen Safa About damn time
Jerry Parker I wish this update was for the S3
Sean McQueen @malcom that is incorrect..this update is 4.1.2
Jason Paul Traylor i dont use it on my note 2 cause it sucks but once i get the update ill look at it and maybe change my mind
Brent Stiner How do I upgrade my note 2
Malcom Buckhannon Yea the s3 has 4.1.2 but this is for 4.2.2
Ian Walker I often use the feature maybe the browser and YouTube or Facebook and twitter at the same time. It is a great feature.
Vicki Figueroa Doesn't the S3 have 4.1.2? That'd be pretty sad if not since my bionic was already updated to it.
Vicki Figueroa My Droid bionic got updated to 4.1.2 before the Note 2? Wow..
Malcom Buckhannon What when is Verizon giving us s3 users that update?
Jason Vargas The people I know that have a Note II use it all the time
Axel Alejandro Leiva but only verizon ? Or soon in others places ?

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