New LG handset shows up in leaked image, reveals little about itself

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| May 4, 2013


LG Optimus G2 leak rumor

Time for a Saturday night mystery, y'all. Prolific leaker Evleaks just took to his/her/its Facebook page to share the image you see above, which shows what looks to be a fairly large handset with LG branding. The unit has rounded corners, and up near the top we can see an earpiece, some sensors and a front-facing camera. Unlike LG's recent offerings, there doesn't appear to be  any physical or capacitive buttons on the front of this device.

Unfortunately for those of us that are hungry to learn more about this mysterious LG device, the caption attached to the photo by Evleaks only says "G2? Just a guess..." That means we could be looking at the Optimus G2, the successor to last year's flagship Optimus G smartphone. There hasn't been a ton of information on the Optimus G2 that's leaked out to date, but one set of benchmark results that purportedly belong to a T-Mobile version of the G2 list the device as packing a 1080p display (with on-screen navigation buttons) and quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor.

LG has already confirmed that it's got a successor to the Optimus G in the works, but the company has been less-than-forthcoming about the phone's feature set, saying only that it will be "something different and something unique." As I mentioned before, the device in this photo is different from other LG smartphones in that it doesn't have any buttons on its face, but it certainly wouldn't be the first Android phone without any physical or capacitive keys. Perhaps LG was just hinting that the G2 will be different than its previous units? We'll just have to wait for more details either from the rumor mill or from LG itself. Good thing that we've got this photo to pore over in the mean time.

Via Evleaks (Facebook)