Verizon Nokia Lumia 928 billboard leak

The Nokia Lumia 928 may not be official quite yet, but that apparently hasn't stopped one billboard advertising the new Windows Phone from going up. The folks at My Nokia Blog have posted an image that purportedly shows a billboard for the unannounced Lumia 928 that includes a claim that the device has "the best low-light smartphone camera." The renders of the Lumia 928 on the billboard seem to line up with images that have leaked previously, including a black front, white rear and both xenon and LED flashes.

The Lumia 928 has been tipped as a Verizon-friendly variant of the Lumia 920. According to previous rumors, it'll pack a 4.5-inch display, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, simultaneous voice and data support and a PureView-branded rear camera. With a feature list like that, the Lumia 928 would be Verizon's first high-end Nokia Windows Phone, something that I'm sure many Windows Phone fans on Verizon have been waiting (im)patiently for. It's expected that the Lumia 928 will be introduced some time in May, and the appearance of this billboard certainly seems to suggest that a launch is getting close.

Via My Nokia Blog

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"Do you feel that a smartphone's camera performance is an important thing to consider when you're shopping for a new device?"

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T Louis Michael That billboard is faked.
Luis Robles Figueroa Yes of course... who want to be carrying two things at once.
Dhun Patel Yes very much
Geoffrey P. Spicer If you want a Good camera then get a real one.
David Townsend No. Never use it.
Tyler Coatsworth Indeed, one of the first things I consider.
Hunny Vandan phone performance and graphically must be awesome I'm just waiting for nvidia tegra 4
Richard W Krajewski Years ago I would have said no since there really was no comparison with dedicated point and shoot cameras. So if you wanted a half way decent shot you had to tote around a camera anyway. Now that has changed and you can take very good shots with your topline smartphones. So if you're paying top dollar the camera better be passing good.
Donnie Ross Oneill Droid x2 cam is awesome and it's 2 years old
French Twist Yes. I basically have stopped carrying around my camera since I got the original EVO. Now, camera performance is almost as important as other features such as battery life, etc.
Jo Jo I never use my camera on my samsung galaxy s3.
Vito Cafarelli Not when it comes to low light. Thats what a flash is for. They should concentrate on perfecting regular lighting quality and video
Krishna Karthik Need not be as good as an slr....but should give a decent picture quality
Fernando Gonzalez I still laugh at people that only care about how many megapixels is the camera.
Wendy Reid-Greyson Absolutely!
Michael Gonzalez At first I didn't think so but then I realized just how many pictures I take so its kind of a big deal for me...
Julian Scott Yes because every1 wants a good to great camera and since phones come hand and hand now I and other ppl think Hell yes having a great camera is a big point on consideration
Dalton Melear Oh yeah!
Brain Roopull Yep... Pretty important. As they say, the best camera you own is the one you have with you!
Christopher Manic Johnson It's my number 2 feature I focus on. Main reason I didn't get the First. Was also the main reason I never fully went to stock Jelly Bean after rooting my device, because the stock camera software isn't that great.
Jaime Vado I would say yes, but only to a certain degree. My GF went out of town and she didn't want to bring two devices, phone and separate camera, she nearly bought a new phone to meet her needs but luckily the phone she has was fixed in time. As for my needs, yes. I'm still exploring the HTC One I just got.
Jesse Ling yep.never know when youll need visual confoirmation
Fabian Toti Yea why not
Davina Tate No, I could care less about the performance of the camera, mine is 3 MP, works just fine.
Mike Tunac Not necessarily imo I'm more of a combination for battery life, camera, reliability and options.
Steven Quacoo- Dorby Yea but my iPhone 5 is perfect
Phil Ofthefuture Yes, because most people don't wanna carry around a dslr everywhere they go.
Dave Bourque No because HD cams are designed to do that job...
Mathieu Omoregie Yeah if you're gonna be 500+ for a flagship phone of course the camera better be up to par. Only thing I do more than surf the Web and text is tale pictures! Gotta be able to capture those moments the first time... I need quality over quantity... Don't need 13 megapixels
Javier Delgado After i saw Lumia 920 quality...yess
Saurabh Bisht hey that is what i was thinking about ...about Htc One/...it is a grt phone but Camera Quality And Resloution is a big concern For me on These expensive phones.. i Hope HTC made It large :D
Christopher Hilliard No..too much focus on the camera

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