What's in my pocket, you ask? I like to keep my pants pockets pretty light, so I've typically only got one device on me at a time. As of this writing that's a 64GB iPhone 5 on Verizon. The iPhone earned its spot in my pocket by having several features that I look for in a daily driver, like a small-ish footprint and a nice camera. There are also a handul of apps that make me want to keep my SIM card in the iPhone (for now), including 1Password, Tweetbot, Reeder and Ridiculous Fishing. Is there a better way to kill some time than tossing a line in the water and slaying whatever gets attached to your hook? I'd say not.

I've also got an HTC DROID DNA that I can pop my SIM card into whenever I'm in the mood for some Android action. I like the way that the DNA's soft plastic and curved back feel in my hand, and I'm a big fan of  red accents on it as well. Some of the apps that I enjoy using on Android include Falcon Pro for Twitter, Press for all of my RSS needs and HD Widgets for creating a custom panel of toggles for things like Wi-Fi and Tilt Lock.

The third and final smartphone that I've got laying around is a Verizon Palm Pre 2. I managed to score this thing on the cheap from one of those daily deals sites several months ago, but I haven't actually used it as my daily driver. It'd make a good emergency phone if I were ever in a pinch, though, so I like to keep it around just in case. I've been considering trying to trade up to a Verizon Pre 3 lately after getting a webOS itch that needs scratching, but I haven't been able to pull the trigger on one quite yet...

The last piece of equipment in that photo up there is an iPad 3. I know, I know, it doesn't really fit in my pocket very well, but I figured that I'd include it anyway since we cover tablets quite a bit here at PhoneDog. The iPad usually rests on my coffee table, ready to be picked up by someone on the couch that needs to quickly look up a random fact. I also like to use it for most of my personal browsing since using it is a nice change from the laptop that I'm on all day for work.

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"The next member of Team PhoneDog to reveal what's in his pocket is Alex Wagner, who appears to be carrying one device that's just a tad too large for his jeans. Which mobile hardware do you take with you every day?"

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Wich To Grant x10mini, for pocket. :-)
Luis Robles Figueroa Samsung Note 2
Christopher Stowe Iphone 5 currently until iphone 5s comes out.
Neville Hayfield S4 and the ONE
Don Mahaffey Weaver II Wood is Good too for a platform device. Wood is good for any device! http://igg.me/p/306902
Chris Hagood Still only have my Rezound until something amazing comes out (and my contract runs up).
Devin Martinez iphone 5 or note 2 here...best of both worlds
Don Mahaffey Weaver II I take a laptop and it does not easily fit in my pocket. So instead I carry it around mobile(Y) on top of my car desktop. Prefer the larger screen and the keyboard mouse inputs. Period. Check us out and our new platform for all the platforms. We are the platform for the platform. http://igg.me/p/397586/x/2880681
Brian Mitch Tanner The Note 2.
Rok Vrtacnik android ofc lg optimus 4x running cyanogenmod 10.1

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