Samsung Galaxy S 4 White Frost

Remember that update that began hitting AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S 4 yesterday? There was no official changelog at the time of the rollout, leaving users in the dark as to what exactly the new update would be doing to their phone, but that's changed today. AT&T just published the details of the I337UCUAMDL update to its Galaxy S 4 support site, revealing that the following changes are contained within:

  • Touch screen senstivity improvement
  • Enhanced Multi window experience
  • S-Health version updated

Sprint's version of the Galaxy S 4 is also receiving a new software update, and just like the one for AT&T's model, it appears to be rather small. According to Sprint, the update brings its Galaxy S 4 up to version "MDL" and includes the following tweaks:

  • SMS notification improvements 
  • S-Health enhancements

While neither update is likely to get owners of the AT&T and Sprint Galaxy S 4s jumping out of their seats with excitement, it's always good to see carriers and manufacturers releasing new software to make their phones better. If you're rocking Samsung's latest flagship on AT&T or Sprint, you can manually check for these updates right now by heading into Settings > More tab > About device > Software update. And if you're one of the folks that've already managed to update, our comments section below is the perfect place to put finger to key and share your thoughts on the new software.

Via Android Police, AT&T, Sprint

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Roger Ohlsson Im on 2 years contract with a Note 2, it will be the S5 for me
Joey Friedt got a iphone 5. no regrets..
Sambo Chao Waiting on other phone announcements.
Jerimiah Reece Pre-Ordered the "Black Mist" 16GB GS4 from Verizon. They won't ship until May 30th though.
Mark Belkowski Sold mine.
Charles Datdude Knight Aww stop crying!! Lol
Malcom Buckhannon S3 Verizon here
Vicki Figueroa Can't even go on a post talking about a specific phone directed only towards fans of that device without some hater coming on & talking crap about it when nobody asked them. For once I'd like to just go on a post about something I like & not have to read a bunch of hater crap talking about it. If you dont like the phone then why are you coming on here? Just go comment on a post about the device you have or want. Simple as that.
Vicki Figueroa Nobody cares about you not wanting the S4 on this post.. This post is about getting the S4 so why don't. YOU STFU and for troll someplace else!
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Nope. .Galaxy note2
George Millhouse And Vicki you acting like the troll here
George Millhouse O poor Vicki, first world problems
Charles Datdude Knight How you going tell someone to go post some were else, STFU!!! Like this is your post!!
C Bryan Thomas I just bought 2 T-mobile versions and it is a great device. Great screen resolution and really fast. I sold my Note ll for this device. Better camera, screen resolution, faster processor and better software. It's a no brainer!!!
Vivek Jadhav No, got nexus 4 !!!
Vicki Figueroa Then "go buy" whatever one you "will buy" & get off this post
James Norwood I'm waiting for Verizon too.
Neville Hayfield Problem with Galaxy S4 ? I don't know if it's possible or not. Maybe I just can't find it in the settings. I think it's called Text Rendering, im not sure, I could be wrong. On my HTC ONE when im in the browser and I zoom in, no matter how much, the layout changes and the writing/words fit the screen. Now on my S4 I can't find it anywhere in the settings and it's doing my head in. Do you know if its possible ? If not it's a joke. If it is, then how. Thanks in advance.
Fabian Toti Att black
James Norwood I wish Verizon had an earlier release date for the S4. What you're in countering is iPhone convert HTC fanboys who feel threatened by the S4 because it has a very serious shot a dethroning the iPhone like HTC One from the number one slot.
Vicki Figueroa Then go post someplace else if you "will not buy"
Vicki Figueroa Nobody asked about any other phone so if you're not interested in the S4 go post someplace else troll..
Mark J F Makinika I will not buy
Mike Tunac I have the Sprint version love it.
Steve Hartsock AT&T here. Loving it.
Frank Porter I have no intent of buying one until the 32 gb version is available
Bence Mihály Kévés WP8 better than Android. HTC 8X, Lumia 920 rulz. :)
Vicki Figueroa Not yet.. I'm with Verizon so I'm forced to wait till the end of the month.. & I'm kind of ticked off cause I'm able to upgrade as of TODAY.. & if Verizon had released it when everybody else did, I COULD'VE GOTTEN MY PHONE TODAY >:(
Patrick Scot Tmobile
David DiPilla Verizon baby rated number one for years! !!! Fact
David DiPilla Yup waiting for the nations best wireless carrier to get it
Matt Hettrich Waiting on Verizon

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