Some things are just inevitable. You can see them coming from a mile away. Or, as it happens in the mobile space, months ahead of time. We know something is going to happen because companies announce, unveil, tease, hint, or do whatever else to tell us that something is coming months before it's released to the public. That usually means we get a glorified announcement for a new phone or device, and then we have to wait to actually buy it.

Google took a different route with their latest project, Glass. While they did the normal announcement, showing off the device, its features and functionality, they gave us a pretty broad window as to when we should expect to see the final retail version of the device land on store shelves. (If it does see sales in physical retail locations, that is.) So, that's pretty standard for this industry.

But then the Mountain View-based company flipped the table, and confirmed that the Explorer Edition of Glass would be released to a few folks out there in the wild to test, to see how they function in the real world, and to get feedback from the project. Those "few" turned into "a lot of people," and now you don't even really need to pay attention to see Google Glass being shown off in one way or another.

So, Glass's arrival is inevitable. It's coming, and it's certainly making waves with its arrival.

Glass's camera is the main issue for most, it seems. The fact that it's right there, at eye level at all times, and doesn't take much effort to activate is causing plenty of people to question how private they really are at any given moment. More than that, though, the acceptance of Glass is being tested in big ways in certain locations, like public bathrooms.

At the end of April, Robert Scoble tweeted that he wears Glass into public restrooms. He noted that the unit is off when he does, but that so far he hasn't had any issues while adorning the new piece of technology. Since then, the Internet has been busy talking about whether or not Glass should be allowed in public bathrooms.

Not surprising at all, is the fact that the Internet seems to be quite divided on the subject. There are those who believe that you have to activate Glass by saying, "Okay, Glass" and then tell the unit to take a picture, that any sense of "sneaky behavior" gets tossed out the window. And, sure, that would be the case, but there are already ways to take a picture with Glass using a simple gesture, like winking.

Glass is an Android-based device, and right now Google is shipping the unit open for developers to do what they want with it. There's no telling what Google will do when the retail version of the device is ready to see the light of day, so the camera could be "locked down" in certain ways.

The truth is, cameras are already banned from varying locations, especially here in the United States. I spoke to a few gym owners in my local area, and they all told me that cameras of any kind are banned from their locker rooms. Movie theaters prohibit cameras, too.

As our own Anna Scantlin wrote a few weeks ago, she's worried about the camera always being present. It's easy to take a photo with Glass, and will be even easier if developers are able to make taking photos with just a gesture in the final retail version. It's easier, and less noticeable, than taking a picture with your smartphone. Unless you're paying attention to what a Glass wearer is doing, you may not know that he or she is taking a picture of you, or recording a video (unless you see that little red light for videos).

But, it can't all be doom and gloom, can it? We've accepted smartphones with ridiculously good cameras in them, and the majority has apparently accepted that they don't belong in some areas. Why should this be any different for Glass? Is it because wearable technology is the future, and that we should just "get used to it?" I don't think cinemas are going to get used to it, along with plenty of other locations.

We've already seen a bar ban Glass, and now Caesar's casino in Las Vegas has banned Glass as well for gamblers. In West Virginia, legislators are trying to ban the use of Glass while people drive. These actions won't slow down.

So instead of attacking this from "people need to accept Glass," I want to know from you where you'd think Glass should be banned, or not banned. Do you think restaurants around the country, as well as other businesses that may have a public restroom, should ban Glass's entry from that specific place? What about hospitals, or your bank? Let me know where you think Glass should, or shouldn't be, banned.

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"Do you think there are certain areas where Google's Glass should be banned?"

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Gary Metcalfe One) Cameras (not just google glass) should be banned primarily in places that people expect privacy, such as swimming pools, changing rooms etc and places that safeguard children. Two) It would be incredibly easy to diable a light on such a device and why would google glass be any different to a camera in the first place?
John Agzarian Lol kalebs, spamming this wall post hahahaha
Alan Parnell Josh Henderson do you like John Agzarian's comment? "they should be banned from the earth"
John Agzarian they should be banned from the earth
French Twist Yeah. Because there will always be d..chebags showing up in the public restroom wearing them because they can.
Jason Vargas Well you can film or take pictures of anyone in a public place now and that's the only place I see it happening. obviously places like courtrooms, Theaters,.etc. Basically anywhere you'd ban a phone you'd have to ban Glass. Idk why people are making a big deal about. And its not exactly hidden. If you can't tell Someone has glass on. Your Blind!
Earl E. Scott which could probably get turned off if rooted...
Jabari Whitfield OMG SOMEONE MIGHT SEE MY FACE IN PUBLIC what a wild idea
Jazer B Rn Should be banned to Cinemas. Casinos. Stag parties. Bars. Lol
Andrew Cutrone With movie cameras on most cell phones, I think they finally gave up trying to enforce filming at concerts and even movies. I really don't understand the whole toilette thing.
George Millhouse No Patrice that's gone
Mark Belkowski im really sick of hearing about google glasses.
George Millhouse Bobby you sound old
George Millhouse No if you can bring your cellphone you can bring this
Luis Robles Figueroa Yes it should... where is the question not sure but let me thinking and I will get back to you.
Michael Spotts I'd have to no. There are other ways people can record you without you knowing. A pair of glasses on somebody's head is kind obvious. I'd think most people would remove them when using the restroom anyways. Only places would be those that already ban recording or pictures. No really seeing the issue here.
Amer Ahmed Don't cameras in glasses already exist? Why are you people deciding to just now speak up about it?
Travis Lamar Pachan http://usaspysupply.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=294 At least with Google glass you know there is potential for someone taking video of you. Its amazing how many people worry about privacy but have loud private conversations in public. Yeah to each there own when it comes to company policy but when out in public there is nothing you can really do about it. When you in public there is no legal expectation of privacy, and if you think you have an expectation of privacy in pubic your an idiot.
Johan Gouws Big brother is already watching you, it's called CCTV. If you put fuel in your car you are on camera (with no permission). Yes I belive it should not be used in places like toilets etcetera. In theory I have no problems with it. To be honest who would want this mugshot saved in their galery anyway.
Matthew Swanson I got news for you buddy, if you're on public property, like a bus, a street, a sidewalk, a park, etc. I can take photos and videos of you all I like without your permission so long as I'm not using that media for commercial purposes (profit-making). So think about that the next time you get paranoid and are tempted to start trouble with a photographer. Chances are, they can sue your ass and win big since they have a right to take pictures of anyone on public land.
Adrie Fafi Naessens Actually on the last beta model the notification light is gone, they figured everyone would disable it with software anyways.
Matthew Swanson Why? I can take candid photos with plenty of other devices so why is this any different?
Nick Kathrein Any place you can have your smart phone out you should be able to have glass. #technopanic
Ceohane Chatbad Davidson perverse people will always find ways to do unscrupulous things
Bobby Harvan This would be good to have, so until that happens they should be taken as always recording.
Bobby Harvan The should be banned in all public places.
Lance Hill I know there will be more car accidents we still can't keep people from using their phone while driving.
Darwin Ayala I have never hit anyone with glasses but I will now if they start taking pics or vidz of me without my permission
Bobby Delaney All of you complain about privacy and I am willing to bet not one of you called or email your congressman about CISPA. That is much much worse than Glass. You see Glass as a threat because you can see it but are ignorant to real threats that are words written on paper.
Bill Cassill I assume the main issue is, that it's basically a hidden camera, if people don't realize what you're wearing. The 2nd issue is the mental distraction it creates.
Joey Drew Bucek Just use same rules as phones, everyone freaks out over glass but really when your walking around anyone with a phone could be taking pics of u
Patrice Bates Lyle Actually, on Google Glass there is a notification light that lets people know when the camera is engaged.
Jamille Browne Google Glass should not be banned anywhere besides a public restroom
Patrice Bates Lyle Why do you think people want to take away your privacy when you give it up so freely?
Dan Ryan Dismounts Thrice Yes they should, the difference between them and a smartphone is that they can be filming without you even knowing, whereas when you're filming with a smartphone it's pretty obvious...people notice someone holding their phone up.
Devin Vosburgh But with a cell phone you have to at least attempt to look coy. Like when you try to get a pic of that dude at the gym, you know...that wears the short shorts. Oh, I am texting...but really taking his pic to send to your wife. Just make sure you have the flash off...awkward.
Shardizzle Alford Well vegas already banned them in there Casinos
Ryan Berding Yes, how about from the entire world. A terrible idea to make people even less connected with humanity.
Ceohane Chatbad Davidson no it shouldnt there is no real reason to band the device smart phones pose all the same issues and we live with then quiet comfortably...
Sebastian Arrieta maybe google can make it so that the camera doesnt work in certain places. for example as soon as you enter a public restroom it could disable the camera somehow.
Jay Thee Articool stripclubs, night clubs, bathrooms, dressing rooms, schools, church, damn near everywhere except your home!
Cal-Gene Johnson Yes in short answer....
Dave Bourque Well obviously private companies will have their own rules when it comes to devices such as these. The government certainly won't let people running around filming confidential information for it to be instantly transferred to youtube lol...
Devin Vosburgh Yes, I find them horribly intrusive and if I catch someone taking my picture without asking they will have broken google glasses.
Orion Pax Yes, When I am doing your MOM. LOL
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Yup..everywhere

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