There's no better person to pick out a phone for your than yourself. If you're reading this, then you are more than likely someone who does at least a little research on a phone before you buy a new one. By the time you get into a store, you probably know what you're looking for, what you want, and by the time you walk out you're happy as a bouncing lamb in a field.

You show your phone off to everyone. Maybe even strangers, because you just can't help yourself. This is the phone you've been waiting for. And why shouldn't it be? You'll probably keep this phone for two years. It should be the best phone you've ever owned. (At least until the next best phone you've ever owned.)

But sometimes the honeymoon wears off. After all, you use that phone every single day, and if you really like it, maybe you can't put it down! So maybe things start working just a little differently. Maybe there's a bit of lag here or there. Maybe you realize that the phone's not the easiest thing to hold after a little bit of time.

Anything is possible after an extended period of time with technology. Sometimes it just stops working the way it did before. Or maybe you find out that there aren't as many options on your phone that you thought there were. The battery doesn't last as long as advertised? Weird, right?

I've definitely had an issue or two with the devices I've used. That's actually why I go through phones so often: Because it stops working the way I think it should. It can even be little things, too. These are just simple pet peeves, sure, but they can get annoying over time.

Right now, my biggest pet peeves with the HTC One are the changes the company made to the app drawer, and the ridiculous way you can't turn off BlinkFeed. They're eating away at my sanity, because it's been years of using the app drawer in one way, and now I can'd do that. And why does the bottom app shelf duplicate an icon that you move out of it? It's craziness, I tell you.

Honestly, after holding devices like the One, or even Nokia's Lumia 920, my biggest pet peeve with the iPhone 5 is that it's just a straight-backed device. Sure, it's light and thin, but there's just no comfortability while holding it. Those two other devices, even with their bigger displays, just seem to fit right into the palm of the hand.

Oh, and I really wish the iPhone 5 had a bigger display. Just tossing that out there.

It ultimately ends up being whether or not you can live with the pet peeves you discover over time. Not enough ringtones? So what if your phone sounds the same as all the other people's phones, right? And your phone lags after a month of use? Hey, a reset won't hurt, right? Finding a phone that doesn't have any imperfections is almost impossible, so living with the pet peeves, whether they be hardware or software related, are just part of the package we pay for.

What are some of the pet peeves you have with your phone right now? Do you remember what the biggest issue with another device you've owned in the past was? And, if you have found a phone without any imperfections, the truly Holy Grail of phones, which phone is it? Let me know!

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John Ariola
John Ariola Oh and predictive text...
John Ariola
John Ariola Ehyt don't phones have 4 way orientation... That's my peeve
John-Mark Christmas
John-Mark Christmas The power button placement on the One can frustrating but not a deal breaker.I commend Sony for making the change this year with the placement of the power button to the side.
Neville Hayfield
Neville Hayfield Don't get your hopes up about the battery on the S4 because it isn't any better than the ONE.
Neville Hayfield
Neville Hayfield IPhone 5 is apples flagship and has been for mths because there 18/24 mths behind android. You put the iPhone 5 against the ONE or S4 and it's like a toy. And as for everyone saying how good the screen is and how powerful, well, it's a JOKE.
Mark Belkowski
Mark Belkowski i get frustrated with android yes. but theres no other platform that interests me. if webos was still around id use that.
Robert Salender
Robert Salender I have a Windows Phone. I already has a Microsoft account for Skype, therefore got Win8 and WP and I was able to leave app reviews using my MS account. Google wants you to join Google+ just to leave one. Umm, hello, you already have our name and profile image in your ACCOUNT section. Use that. Wait, they did before? Oh. I just think it isn't necessary to join a social network just to leave a review.
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez yes i got rid of my htc one cause the battery wouldnt last hello gs4
Jacob A Vernell
Jacob A Vernell Above 60% charge peeve.
Lance Hill
Lance Hill My pet peeve with android phones are not with the phones themselves but with android. I waited to upgrade my phone until the day the Droid Razr Maxx came out but after 2 weeks it was no longer the flagship phone for Motorola anymore so software updates took longer so I saved up for an off contract iphone 5 and it been Apples flagship phone for months!!!
Lance Tomlinson
Lance Tomlinson Yes with the xperia line of phones. Beautiful devices but Sony would skip the oleophobic coating in place for these shatter proof films that would scratch easily...so I don't buy them anymore. Also the first Galaxy Note's anti-rain "feature"...it would ruin games that supported multi touch, holding one place on the screen for too long and then pressing another part of the screen would make the note drop input on the first press...that was annoying.

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