What's in your pocket, Chase Bonar?

Published: May 9, 2013

My pants pockets are always full...of phones. I've owned way too many over the years, and I probably still own one too many today. So, without further ado, here's what could be in my pants pockets right now, ya'll. 

The eldest device gracing my outer thigh is a Samsung Galaxy Nexus with an OEM Samsung extended battery and Diztronic TPU Matte black case running AOKP. The GNex (as I call it) has served me very well over the past year. As a matter of fact, it's the first phone I have managed to keep for longer than six months. The GNex has been subject to many ROM flashes and tweaks, as well as a drop in a dog bowl of water, a couple tosses, and countless screen protector reapplications. In the end, though, the GNex has prevailed and remains in good condition which is why I've convinced myself to keep it this long. It's also why I appreciate plastic smartphones!

I also own a Black iPhone 5 64GB. I purchased this device for my fiance, but I use it a good bit of time as my primary device, too. For as much as I rag on iOS, there's something resoundingly simple about iOS which I can't ignore. It works. I can't get this experience anywhere else and it's a wonderful way to outline Android's power after a hiatus. I've kept the iPhone completely lathered in protective film with an Otterbox shielding it from the elements, and I'm looking forward to selling this device to cover that ungodly Early Termination Fee that awaits me when I cancel with Sprint.

My newest device is a Glacial Silver HTC One that I purchased impulsively right when it went on sale. It was the only time I've done such a thing and surprisingly, I have zero regrets. Unfortunately, I was shipped a lemon with a faulty battery and a cracked camera lens, but my replacement One is mint, so I'm a happy guy. All in all, the HTC One has me completely convinced of HTC's end game and I feel it's one of the first smartphones to surprise me upon first grasp...and with some UI tweaks and PA's Halo multitasking, it could quickly become a solid contender for a full-time position in my pocket when the N4 is absent.

My primary device at the time of this writing is a Nexus 4 16GB with an UltraGuard back protector and Google's bumper case. I sporadically purchased the Nexus 4 with a friend after T-Mobile's rebranding as the Uncarrier, and as a result, we are both switching to T-Mobile…our experiences have been that good. Plus, John Legere is the man. The N4 has been subject to a few ROM flashes, but I've managed to stay loyal to AOKP on this smartphone as well. Overall, the Nexus 4 is my favorite smartphone to date and I forsee myself switching between the N4 and the One quite frequently.

Anyways, I'm looking to get a Windows Phone. Does anyone have hands-on time with the Nokia Lumia 521? Recommendations on a solid Windows Phone device, please!

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