Earlier today an advertisement from Nokia popped up on YouTube that revealed some new details about the Nokia Lumia 928 device, which is the newest installment of Nokia’s popular Lumia series and very similar to the popular Lumia 920 device. Some key differences between the two include a slightly differential housing design, AMOLED display on the 928 vs. LCD on the 920, and finally, the 928 is offered exclusively through Verizon while the Lumia 920 is offered exclusively for AT&T.

I’ve been a huge fan of the Lumia devices since hearing about the 920, and especially after testing it out in person I really do enjoy the device. I never thought I would be a huge fan of Windows devices again after my experience with Windows Mobile, but Windows Phone 7 and 8 worked very well in the form of a tablet or a phone. It’s no surprise that sometimes I find myself debating whether I should switch companies in order to get one, but ultimately I always stop myself because, to put it bluntly, of the unknown.

I know how Sprint works for the most part. I don’t necessarily like being locked into a contract but knowing how things work makes it a little less comfortable being locked into one. By switching carriers I would be playing in a very unfamiliar field and may end up even more unhappy than I am here – all in the name of a phone that I just had to have. Would it be worth it? In the end I’ve always decided no because as nice as that phones there’s probably a similar option available to me where I already am – I’ve always looked at the bigger picture. While it’s easy to deduce that I would enjoy X phone over the phone I currently have, it’s not as easy to decide whether X company would be better suited for my needs than what I use now.

When it comes to carrier exclusives I have to wonder why some companies do it. It was once speculated that the HTC One might only be available to one carrier, and thank goodness it didn’t because as great as the phone is I just don’t think it’s anything revolutionary enough to drive that many people to switch carriers to get it. I’ve only ever known one phone with a force so strong that it was able to thrive off of a single carrier for almost four years - the Apple iPhone.

When the iPhone was exclusively launched for AT&T it was such a big hit that people flocked to AT&T, simply because it was the phone to have. It had virtually no competition at the time because it was the most polished smartphone on the market. It gained enough popularity within four years on one carrier alone before it was finally available on Verizon. That’s the biggest instance I can think of when it comes to people switching companies for a phone, but since that debut hundreds of smartphones that have similar functionality have been released and I’m still surprised to see that carrier exclusives still exist.

Do people still switch carriers due to phone exclusives? The Nokia Lumia 928 looks cool, but it’s just not enough for me to want to switch companies for it. It’s nothing more than another smartphone with a different skin covering it. Perhaps if it was another revolutionary phone I would consider moving, but since it’s not I’m just ever-so-confused on why any company would consider that a good business move in the long run. I don’t even think the Galaxy S III would have done nearly as well if it only released on one or two providers over time, but that’s purely speculation.

What I want to know from you, readers, is have you ever switched companies to obtain a phone that you wanted? Did you end up staying with the company or did you end up leaving? Do you think you made the right choice? Tell me the details in the comments below!

Image via WMPowerUser

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"Have you ever switched providers to get your hands on an exclusive phone?"

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Chris Kang
Chris Kang i've ditched nothing for nothing, if that counts
Michael Kergosien Jr
Michael Kergosien Jr Yeah I think AT&T gets the best phones. They have all the phones Verizon has plus more(cough cough HTC One cough cough)
Travis Robinson
Travis Robinson With Verizon being somewhat assholes they pretty much force you to. For example htc one
Lenn Liggins
Lenn Liggins I've always had AT&T and people say they have terrible service, but they've always have been good to me.
Jessica Rodriguez
Jessica Rodriguez Yes I have I want the HTC Evo when it first came out I left Verizon wireless then when my contract was up I wanted the iPhone 5 at the time Sprint didn't have it so I went back to Verizon Wireless
Roger Ohlsson
Roger Ohlsson from tele2 to halebop for my Note 2, best thing i have ever done
Ken McDowell
Ken McDowell Yes but never again. Every time Ive ever left T-Mobile Ive regretted it and always end up back. I will not leave T-Mo again till T-Mo leaves me :P
Michelle Renee Robinson
Michelle Renee Robinson Yep. Finally left Punk Ass Tmobile to go to AT&T to get my hands on the iPhone.
Larry Hanks
Larry Hanks Nope, nor will I so long as eBay has phones.
Ian Walker
Ian Walker I have indeed,back in the day in the UK the only way to get a iPhone was to go through o2 and I wanted the phone so bad I switched networks for it.
Gordon Christie
Gordon Christie I did to get the G1 and get away from three mobile
Rok Vrtacnik
Rok Vrtacnik yes for htc desire
Stefan Franz
Stefan Franz no
Reese Woodson
Reese Woodson I always stayed with AT&T (love or hate them) because they hands down have the best line-up and get the best phones out of the US carriers.
Yau Quasar
Yau Quasar Don't really have that problem in EU :D
Jorge Lopez
Jorge Lopez I switched from AT&T to Sprint back when the original EVO was released.
Patric Pederson
Patric Pederson Back in 2009 I switched from Verizon for an iPhone. I was using a Blackberry Storm and was at my wits end with it.
Kenneth Maneeley
Kenneth Maneeley Nope
Curtis M. Cook
Curtis M. Cook Nope.
Stephen Victor
Stephen Victor I ditched vzw for the Samsung Focus on AT&T. What a torrid love affair.
Mark Belkowski
Mark Belkowski many times.
Luis Robles Figueroa
Luis Robles Figueroa No cause if I want the phone I will out right.
Richard W Krajewski
Richard W Krajewski Nope. Never.
Victor Webb
Victor Webb From Sprint to AT&T for the iPhone. From Verizon to T-Mobile for the HTC One.
Nathan Parks
Nathan Parks Yes. Ditched Verizon for the nexus 4 on T-Mobile and haven't looked back
David DiPilla
David DiPilla Went from boast to at@t for the iphone 3g
Handy Manny
Handy Manny From T-MOBILE and the Blackberry 9780 to AT&T for the Blackberry 9900
Derek Lombardi
Derek Lombardi Dropped Tmo for the Vzw Gnex.. Worst mistake ever.. Dropped Vzw for at&t Note II.. good move..
Kelly Tanaka
Kelly Tanaka No
Matt Pankey
Matt Pankey Nope.
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Always. iPhone then nexus then storm then... Well you get the picture.
CeeGii Borels
CeeGii Borels im guessing the Rock your living under has not internet for you not to know thats the RENDER(came out months and months ago) and the 928 LOOKS NOTHING like that except for WP8 screen
George Millhouse
George Millhouse good riddens. I like my 4G thanks. all that power in a 3g phone, how sad.
George Millhouse
George Millhouse because it is a 928? lol
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams Yes for the lumia 920
Marlin Steel Robinson
Marlin Steel Robinson I once switched to Verizon to get the Blackberry Storm and I switch to T-Mobile to get the HTC HD2.
Miles Justin McNairy
Miles Justin McNairy Yes, I had. I went from Tmobile with HTC HD2 to AT&T for the original Galaxy Note. I now have Galaxy Note 2.
Zac Luna
Zac Luna Yep for my sidekick 2
Kevin Joel
Kevin Joel For Lumia 920 Windows Phone
A Craig Kinard
A Craig Kinard Yes, I switched from Sprint-Nextel to AT&T to get the first iPhone.
CeeGii Borels
CeeGii Borels why are you still using the render of the 928? LTE and HSPA+ Bands match Tmo 4G so....
Mobi Techie Gonzalez
Mobi Techie Gonzalez yeah a long ass time ago! :)
Ezekiel Carsella
Ezekiel Carsella nah
Karl Wuscher
Karl Wuscher yes
Daniel McCarthy
Daniel McCarthy From Verizon to T-Mobile for the Nexus 4 and I'll never have to again. Unlocked GSM is the way to go.
Andrew Bissel
Andrew Bissel Nexus 4. Bye bye Verizon.
Usama Imran
Usama Imran No.
Jomar Lee Streeter
Jomar Lee Streeter No I haven't, but I have AT&T and we usually get all the phones anyways... Except for the RAZR line by Motorola... What's up with that!
Joe Czo
Joe Czo Yes! I left tmo for Verizon just to get the iPhone
Crys Tal
Crys Tal Of course, until the ETF went up !! Not worth switching lol
Nikolas Manuelides
Nikolas Manuelides Yes, with Nokia 5800 back before Android Revolution
Daniel Sullivan
Daniel Sullivan i did for the note 2
Howie Eastin
Howie Eastin I did when the iphone 3G came out

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