Mysterious LG phone shows off its thin bezel in new close-up photo

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| May 10, 2013

Mystery LG phone thin bezel

Remember that thin-bezeled LG handset that surfaced last weekend? Apparently the device has decided to show its face once again, this time posing for an angled shot of its upper half. The image was just posted by @evleaks, who adds that the "circumstantial evidence" points to this being the Optimus G2. No other details about the device or its spec list are attached to the photo.

While this new image of LG's upcoming hardware only shows the upper half of its face, the photo that leaked out last weekend gave us a look at its entire front, revealing an LG logo in the spot where the company has placed a physical home button its other recent devices. There were also no visible capacitive buttons on the phone's face, though it's possible that we just couldn't see them in that particular shot.

This new photo doesn't really shed any light on the button situation or reveal much of anything new about the phone, but hey, we're not ones to turn down another look at some unannounced mobile hardware. What do you all think of this LG phone so far? Do you like its thin-bezeled look or would you prefer that LG buck the narrow bezel trend?

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