As you probably saw, a couple of weeks ago I reviewed HTC's One. I did that with my own personal device, and I loved it. But then, this one time, I managed to make it force close something, and so I got rid of it. Because I overreact with devices, and I switch a lot. And by a lot, I mean a lot. A lot, a lot, even. That's why I couldn't help but laugh that our own Editor-in-Chief Aaron Baker asked me to write a piece on what phone, or phones, I'm currently carrying in my pocket.

If it had simply been one day earlier, I would have been able to show the iPhone 5 next to the One, in some weird pose or something. Maybe holding them like cards, as if I'm rolling around in *all the phones*. Instead, you get to see me holding an iPhone 5. Why am I using an iPhone 5 and not, say, a Galaxy S 4? Well, that's pretty easy:

I don't like TouchWiz on the Galaxy S 4, because I don't like TouchWiz on the Galaxy S III. I've played with the S 4 pretty extensively now, and I just can't get into it. Oh, right, I need to tell you why I carry the iPhone 5, not why I'm not carrying something else. It's because the iPhone 5 is my fallback phone. It's the device that I know I'll use every day because of certain applications. It's the device I know that just works, without any extra effort, and without force closures.

It's my "safe phone." You know, like some people have safe words in some specific situations, the iPhone 5 is the phone I fall back on when I don't feel like switching to another device. I was blown away by the device's hardware when I first picked it up, but now I don't really pay it much attention. It's just my iPhone these days. It works, when I need it to work, and it has all the apps that I want. No sacrifice necessary.

So that's why I'm carrying the iPhone 5 right now. Yes, this could change the day after this article gets published. It may have already changed! But, as of the time of this writing --and that ridiculous photo of myself up there-- it's the iPhone 5 for me.

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"Time to find out which smartphone Evan has in his pocket! Are you carrying the same?"

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Ian Walker
Ian Walker The note 2 is in my pocket at the minute and had been for a few months. It's a really great phone and I will be using it until I find a phone worthy of taking its place probably the 3
Giovanni Spagnuolo
Giovanni Spagnuolo I switch phones a lot too. Had the Note II for 4 months and had it crash about 5 times. Bought the IPhone 5 and it crashed about twice a week, so I too was blown away by the iPhone, blown away at how poor it was, that is. Just bought the HTC One and it is a wonderful mix with a lot of functionality of android and the refinement of iOS. Not to mention it feels so much more premium than the pathetic design of the IPhone 5. The glass on the back is just about the ugliest thing I've ever seen.
Dave Bourque
Dave Bourque i left iPhone for the next step blackberry Z10.
Lance Hill
Lance Hill Iphone 5 all the way the GS3 and GS4 has great features but I would find myself turning off all the features to save battery life on a day to day basis. Then I would have a basic smartphone.
Jacob A Vernell
Jacob A Vernell Lol it works..... Imagine that, functionality beats out any gimmick gs4 offers.

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