Motorola XT1058 stops into the FCC with AT&T-friendly LTE, looks similar to recent XFON leaks

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| May 11, 2013

Motorola XT1058 XFON FCC filing

Around a week ago, a mysterious Motorola phone was photographed in the wild with AT&T 4G LTE support and "XFON," suggesting that it could be the "X Phone" that Google and Motorola are rumored to be working on. Now the XFON rumblings are back thanks to a new FCC filing for a Motorola device with the model number XT1058.

The FCC's entry reveals that the XT1058 sports AT&T-friendly LTE support, just like the XFON, as well as NFC and 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi. The most interesting part of the filing is the image you see above, which is a sketch of the XT1058's backside. The rear of the XT1058 looks fairly similar to the back of the XFON that we saw last week, complete with a center-mounted rear camera with a flash resting beneath it. The XT1058 also features the same curve at the top of its rear as the XFON.

There's not exactly a ton of information about the XT1058 contained within the FCC's filing, but what is there definitely makes it seem as though the device could be the Motorola XFON that leaked out recently. One thing that we still don't is when we'll be able to stop ogling images of the XFON in the hands of others and get it into our own mitts, though Google I/O springs to mind as one possible place for an announcement. Based on the leaks and rumors that've emerged so far, does this Motorola XFON sound like a device that you'd be interested in?

Via Engadget, FCC