Late last year, I went through a bit of a dry spell when it came to playing video games on my phone. In fact, it was so dry, that I stopped playing them altogether. I didn't go as far as to delete the titles I already had on my phone, but I never went out of my way to play them. I thought about it from time to time, but ultimately I just decided to do something else instead.

I had considered that this was because I wanted a bit more depth to my games, so I'd just prefer to pick up the Xbox 360's controller and play a game on my TV, but that wasn't really it. I'm someone that can be playing a game on the Xbox, and in between sessions play a quick round of Jetpack Joyride just for kicks.

It ultimately came down to the fact that I was using a Windows Phone 8-based device, the Nokia Lumia 920, and I just didn't like the game selection on the platform. So I stopped gaming from a mobile standpoint. I liked everything else about the 920, but not having a wide selection of games that I actually enjoy playing ultimately led me to pick up an iPhone 5 again.

Gaming on our favorite mobile device has come a long way. It's evolved drastically in a relatively short period of time. I can still remember playing games like Snake, and having a blast with it, too. Now I look at games like Fish out of Water, which look so simple on the surface, yet hold quite a bit of depth in their design, and I can't help but want to tell people to download it so they can experience the fun to.

I try to find new games to play at least once a week. It doesn't always work out, but usually it does. For the last month or so, I've been playing titles like the aforementioned game focused on skipping fish, or racing in Time Shifted Multiplayer thanks to Real Racing 3. But two titles have really grabbed my attention as of late.

At the top of the article you'll see a picture of an awesome unicorn. Yeah, that's right. An awesome unicorn. That's the unicorn I'm using in a game called Robot Unicorn Attack 2. It's from developer Pik Pok, and released through [adult swim]. It's an endless runner-style game, and you have to jump and dash your way through levels with varying level design. You also have to dash through stars frozen in a crystal shell, as well as through giants before they laser you to death.

You get three "wishes," which equal three runs. Then your total score is accumulated, to find out what your high score is. When you reach a certain level you can either join Team Rainbow or Team Inferno, which will allow you to compete with others to win the daily prize, as well as try to complete the ridiculously high daily goal.

I didn't think it would be so fun at first, but now I can probably say I'm addicted. The other game I'm having a blast with so far is Running with Friends. Yep, it's from the same folks who brought us Words with Friends, and it has that same turn-based multiplayer idea in play. This title, like RUA 2, is an endless runner, but it's from the top-down, like Temple Run 2. You're taking part in the running with the bulls event, and have to dodge things like barrels, boxes, other runners, and even bulls on motorbikes, to try and get the high score. Playing it against your friends to see who can get the best score is a lot of fun.

Of course, Fish Out of Water is a title I play multiple times in a day simply because I'm still trying to get a perfect 10. Super Hexagon and Mr. Ninja are titles I don't think I'll ever stop playing if I can help it. And, for my two daughters, Tiny Wings, Monster Dash and Fruit Ninja will always be a fun option.

But, as I said above, I'm always looking for new games to play, so I want to hear what you've been playing recently. It doesn't just have to be on iOS, either. Do you know of some fun games on Windows Phone? Let me know which ones, because I'd love to give them a shot. And what are you playing on Android, or even BlackBerry 10?

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Ian Walker Bejeweled blitz had had me hooked for a very very long time.
Paul Keefe Pokemon Emerald
Usama Nasim Iron man
Milton Gfl Williams Yup , I'm loving avabel online, and real racing 3 :)
Nick Chimento Deadspace
Ernest Marvin Esteban Bejeweled blitz
Ah Loy Beach buggy
Charlie Ebner Fall down 2 on iPhone 5.
Reese Woodson Doodle Jump
Jazer B Rn Candy crush and all versions of temple run. It's just pastime. Not so with heavy ones..
Christopher Stowe Letterpress, chess with friends.
Bryce Yamamoto Candy Crush Saga, Sims Freeplay and Real Racing 3
Jacob A Vernell Homerun battle 2, word feud
Paul Alexandru Faseeh Pervaiz Trolololol
Camar Green Candy Crush... addicted
Dale Junior 4 in a row..
Faseeh Pervaiz im sick of watching iphone all the time in advertisements ! -_-
Luis Robles Figueroa Mines Bejewel Blitz....
Marva Solomon Smack Gugl
DeAndre Ruffin Fun Run, Angry Birds Friends, and Sonic Dash.
George Papazoglou Nothing beats Clash of Clans
Guillermo Lene The Simpson's tapped out....
Thanaraj Jaindren injustice!
SaSi Ramachandran asphalt 7, csr racing temple run subway surfers

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